The Nerdy Dozen: 12 Indispensable Albums of 2014

nerdy dozen

I probably reviewed fewer albums in 2014 than I have in, like, a decade. But that doesn’t mean I was at all short of quality music over the past 12 months. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a dozen of my favorite releases from calendar year 2014. Continue reading

All in the Family: GeekDad Interviews Hip Hop Family Tree‘s Ed Piskor

hip hop family tree - afrika

Three of my favorite things are comic books, documentaries and hip hop music, so when I discovered Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree I was in heaven. In anticipation of the upcoming HHFT box set, Ed was nice enough to talk with me via email about the project itself and the unique kinship between comics and rap that it represents. Continue reading

Adam WarRock and Supercommuter Catch ‘Em All

Dem Eyes Doe

I know two things for certain: Espurr is straight-up freaky and Wheelie Cyberman is the Pokémon Poet. You’ll find proof-positive of both below in this new take on “X & Y” by my pal Adam WarRock — with a little help Wheelie of Supercommuter. The dope chiptune remix of WarRock’s original Pokémon anthem was orchestrated by none other than Stenobot, also of Supercommuter. Enjoy! Continue reading

Sam Haynes, Schaffer and More Bring You Music of the Season

sam haynes monster mashup schaffer

Halloween just isn’t Halloween without parties, and parties aren’t parties without music. Thankfully, internet, you have me looking out for you. Here are my prime picks for this season’s best musical offerings, easily available for your digital consumption. Continue reading

Wordburglar Welcomes You to Cobra Island

welcome to cobra island

Back in March Canadian hip-hopper SJ the Wordburglar released a sneak preview EP that became an integral part of my own summer soundtrack. At long last the full version of this project, Welcome to Cobra Island, is finally available. Continue reading

Adam WarRock Raps Gravity Falls (Again)

Updated Gravity Falls Song

Nearly a year ago, pop culture rapper Adam WarRock released his original musical tribute to Disney Channel’s Gravity Falls. At the time the fledgling animated series was a mere four episodes in, but even then the fierce fan community welcomed the track and Adam with open arms. Continue reading

Adam WarRock Embarks on No Friends Tour 2012

Internet hip-hop sensation Adam WarRock (AKA: Eugene Ahn) is a longtime ally of GeekDad, and the blog recently gave back in the form of sponsorship. His current tour – he’s on the road throughout September with fellow members of the … Continue reading

GeekDad Exclusive: Bug Out With Rapper Random’s Newest Video

Since retiring his Mega Ran persona, Philadelphia-born/Phoenix-based rapper Random has set his sights on an even grander project. His current undertaking, Language Arts, consists of a narrative spread throughout three separate EPs, a comic book adventure and a video game. Continue reading

Nerdcore Rising: GeekDad Interviews MC Frontalot

MC Frontalot is, by his own admission, “the arch criminal for some reason not / sought by authorities, though [he’s] been running wild for days.” This (intentionally humorous) characterization, however, quickly fades upon meeting the man himself. Front – real … Continue reading