Quidditch World Cup 8 Comes to Rock Hill, SC


US Quidditch–our own national governing body of the International Quidditch Association–has just announced the location of this year’s Quidditch World Cup. World Cup 8 will be held in Rock Hill, SC at Manchester Meadows on April 11-12. Continue reading

Jim Kay Reimagines Harry Potter

Hermione Granger by Jim Kay

Harry Potter fans, start saving up your pennies! Starting this fall, Scholastic and Bloomsbury UK will be publishing a new deluxe hardcover edition of the Harry Potter series, with new illustrations by Jim Kay. Four new images were released earlier this week. Continue reading

Amazon Presents 100 Children’s Books to Read in a Lifetime

100 childrens books

It’s no secret that children’s books aren’t just for kids, and it’s with this fact in mind that our friends at Amazon compiled a list of “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, Children’s Book Edition.” Continue reading

The GeekDad Guide to Geeky Ties

The GeekDad Guide to Geeky Ties

Geekdads aren’t like other dads. By our very nature we’re passionate about our interests and like to show them off whenever we can—and that means when it comes to neckwear, we like our ties geeky.

Necktie Icons by by Michela Tannoia from the Noun Project. CC BY 3.0.
Continue reading

Harry Potter – Diagon Alley Details Revealed by Universal Orlando

Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment

Today, Universal Orlando Resort released a ton of details about Diagon Alley, the new addition to the awesome Wizarding World of Harry Potter, opening this summer. Continue reading

E-Reader, Tablet or Paper: How Are Your Kids Reading These Days?

Reading used to be so simple.

The primary questions around kids and reading used to be: What do they read? And how much? These days – stuck in some sort of netherworld between competing technologies and traditional paper books — I find another question is being asked just as frequently: How are they reading? I fully transitioned to digital reading years ago, doubling up my book collection to regain some shelf space and buying only e-books going forward. But with the kids, the situation has been far more complicated. Continue reading

Blockbuster Stew of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight: A Review of The Bone Season

27book"The Bone Season" by Samantha Shannon.

Into the cauldron that is her debut urban fantasy novel, The Bone Season, Samantha Shannon has wisely sprinkled every element for potential success. Continue reading

New Covers for Harry Potter Books 5 and 6


The sixth new Harry Potter cover by Kazu Kibuishi was revealed today at Comic-Con International in San Diego. David Saylor (Vice President, Creative Director, Scholastic) unveiled the cover, which shows Harry and Dumbledore standing on a rock, near the entrance to a particular cave. Continue reading

Have Geeklets, Will Travel: Storybook Vacations

Image: Chrisbulle via Flickr

Actively going to where a story is set opens a fantastic starting point for discussing a book: Why here? Location can become an integral part of a story, as important as the characters themselves. Harry Potter simply wouldn’t be Harry Potter without Hogwarts. (And yes, you can go to Scotland and ride the Hogwarts Express right now!) Eloise couldn’t be Eloise anywhere other than New York. And yes, you can even sort of visit Middle Earth if your goal is to get inside Tolkien’s head and see how environment can influence the plot line (even if… uh… Mr. Tolkien wrote those books in Oxford, England and not New Zealand). Continue reading

Harry Potter Book 4 Cover Revealed


So while I’ve been attending bits and pieces of LeakyCon in Portland, some other big Harry Potter news happened in Chicago. The new cover of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi, was revealed at the American Library Association convention. Continue reading

Have Geeklets, Will Travel: Exploring Conventions

Image: Jason Persse via Flickr by creative commons

There are gatherings for every imaginable fandom — from Minecraft to anime to Doctor Who. You can hit a comic convention and see a plethora of characters, or zero in on a particular television show, such as Star Trek. We’ve rounded up a few that will take place in various parts of the US this summer, but start Googling to find out if people are gathering to discuss and celebrate your favorite things. Or better yet, throw together your own informal convention at home by trying to get a critical mass together to discuss a particular show, movie, superhero, or video game. Continue reading

Universal Orlando Announces New Harry Potter Attraction Diagon-Alley Opposite the Wizarding World


Universal Studios Florida in Orlando will be getting a new Harry Potter attraction next year, to go along with The Wizarding World in Islands of Adventure. This Potter fan can’t wait! Continue reading

Exclusive Family Hands-on With Wonderbook: Book of Spells

After putting some development builds of Wonderbook through its paces with my family, I took the finished game on the road to some friends for them to try it out. It was interesting to see their reaction not only to … Continue reading

A Visit to London Studios to See Wonderbook: Book of Spells

I was lucky enough to be invited to visit London Studios last week, just as it was finishing up Wonderbook: Book of Spells. It was fascinating to see how the studio was closing out the game that is hotly tipped … Continue reading