Have Superheroes in Pop Culture Become Too Much of a Good Thing?

Superheroes: A Never Ending Battle

Superheroes are everywhere these days. This is true even in the adult world, but for children they are ubiquitous. You can’t swing a cat in a Baby GAP or Toys”R”Us, without hitting a Batman onesie, Ironman lunch box, or Superman Mr. Potato Head. All of this has led me, a devoted comic book fan since I was old enough to read, to ask a previously unthinkable question. Have superheroes become too big a big a part of the popular culture? Continue reading

Study: Only Popular Kids Care About Popular Kids

Queens of attention: of all combinations, popular girls give popular boys first and longest gaze. Image: Flickr/OpenSkyMedia

A study on early view at the journal Child Development asks an interesting question: who cares about popularity? Really what the study asks is who most cares about popular people? Sure, everyone gives popular kids more attention, but who is most likely to give the most attention? Continue reading

Geek Camp

Geek Camp 2013

Our family Geek Camp is a couple years old, originating as a way to kill some time while watching a friend’s kids for the week. We’re turning it up to eleven this year with a dozen-plus kids and multiple tracks for project work. The week of making, gaming and coding will be accompanied by daily articles on our progress. Continue reading