Holiday Gift Guide #3: Those Glorious Games!


With Black Friday just around the corner, here are some ideas to think about. And all are available online, so you can avoid being trampled. This edition of the GeekDad holiday Gift Guide examines games, both tabletop and videogames. Continue reading

Run Your Own Craft Brewery in Brew Crafters Board Game

Brew Crafters featured image

In this new board game from Dice Hate Me Games, players strive to manage ingredients, brewery equipment, and staff, all in the name of bottling and shipping new and unique beers to their thirsty customers. We had a chance to demo the game and see how a real world brewing operation translates to cardboard. Continue reading

The Campaigner: A Great Publication for Tabletop Games


I met the folks who publish The Campaigner at the very first PAXAus. They had dropped in to listen to the Geek Parenting Panel — as we from Down Under happily took the opportunity to share the GeekDad and GeekMom love. They presented me with a beautiful-looking magazine and asked that I have a read, especially pointing to their “Gamer Dad” section. Quickly, I saw the connection. This is a magazine that any GeekDad would love. Continue reading

DC-Area Geeks: Come to Intervention This Weekend, and Bring the Kids!


If you can make it to Rockville, in Maryland’s suburbs of Washington, D.C., this weekend, there’s some seriously geeky fun to be had. An excellent convention, dubbed “Intervention” by making a portmanteau of “internet” and “convention,” starts tonight, and unlike so many cons it’s a great place to take kids because the staff has gone to great lengths to make it fun for them, too. Continue reading

Kickstarter to Reality: Settlers of Catan Gaming Board

Photo from Catan Gaming Board Update

Like pretty much every geek that I know, I love Settlers of Catan. It’s seated firmly in my top 10 games ever and it gets more play time at our house than any other tabletop game. However, there is one aspect of the game design that always irritates me, and that’s the problems everyone has with keeping the hex tiles aligned. Continue reading

It’s No Mirage — Forbidden Desert Is Finally Here!


Forbidden Desert releases this week. The game, a follow-up to the critical hit Forbidden Island is fun to play and very challenging, too. Can you search a lost city in the desert to find pieces of a legendary plane, before a storm buries you and the city? Or will the scorching sun take you first? Continue reading