Kickstarter: The Dreamland Chronicles Digital Trading Card Game

Cover Flow - Seraphopolis Centurion_scale

What the Dreamland Chronicles trading card game intends to do is provide a fun, and safe environment for kids to play online with the Dreamland characters. Game rules are simplified and while there is combat, the battles are sanitized with no actual gore. The game rules are geared for 6 to 12 year old kids, but seem like they could keep an adult interested if you want to play a round or two with your kids. Continue reading

BandFuse: Rock Legends


BandFuse: Rock Legends was released this week as yet another offering in the real-guitar music games. Bandfuse isn’t just a game. It offers a complete series of lessons starting with the basics and progressing through string bending and finger picking. Click through to see my first impressions and how this game stacks up against Rocksmith. Continue reading

Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films

Schmovie - Photo by Anton Olsen

Schmovie is the independent game from Galactic Sneeze that I’ve been waiting for since February. I first met Bryan and Sarah, the creators, back then at the NY Toy Fair. They had a demo of the game in their booth and were playing it with anyone and everyone. It was a great hit and managed to captivate me for half an hour — an eternity compared to the time I usually spend in a booth when trying to see a few thousand exhibitors in just three days. Continue reading

Disruptus from Funnybone Toys — Creativity-Boosting Game Not Just for Adults

Disruptus Game

I’m always on the lookout for games or books that help inspire some creativity in my children, and I’ve recently stumbled upon an interesting game that, although more likely to be pegged as a game for adults, has a lot of potential with a younger audience. The game is called Disruptus, and my oldest (age 6) has been enjoying playing a round or two each day. Let me show you how it works. Continue reading

aMud:3k – 3 Kingdoms MUD On Android


Here’s a blast from the past, updated, and resurrected for Android. MUDs were all the rage in gaming starting back in the 70s and running strong for a solid two decades before popularity started to wane. Fancy graphics and detailed animations have lured players away from the text only world of MUDs, but many still exist and a few still thrive. Continue reading

Kickstarting What The Food?!


“What the Food?!” is a card game where players take on the role of one of over a dozen classmates caught in the middle of a classic cafeteria fight. The opportunity to pledge “What The Food?!” is currently available on, and the project is fully funded. Continue reading

Pixel Press on Kickstarter: Great App for Young Game Designers

Pencil skecth of a game level compared to the finished Pixel Press video game.

My kids love to draw and love to play video games (like many of yours, no doubt). So they’re pretty excited about Pixel Press, a new app from Robin Rath, founder of St. Louis-based software creation company Roundthird, that’s currently available for funding through Kickstarter. Continue reading

TEK Recon, The First Real Life Video Game


Unlike a typical foam dart gun, the TEK Recon blasters shoot a special rubber band. They call it the NRG Round, and it is a small thick rubber band that can shoot over 75 feet. I test fired one of the prototypes in their booth at Toy Fair this year and it was quite accurate and powerful. Magazines come in 25 or 72+ round clips and load as easily as a regular ammo clip. Continue reading