For Indie Books, The Only Choice Is to Immerse or Die

Immerse or Die Bundle from

The literary world is on fire with the controversy surrounding this year’s Hugo awards. But on the indie book scene, writers struggle for recognition of their devotion to the craft. Writer and creativity hacker Jefferson Smith believes he’s found a way to help, and has challenged indie books to Immerse or Die. Continue reading

Donate to Worldbuilders, Feel Good About Yourself, Get a Chance to Win Some Really Cool Stuff


Patrick Rothfuss’s charity, Worldbuilders, is hosting its annual fundraiser. Here’s your chance to make a difference and maybe get some really cool stuff at the same time. Continue reading

Dark Crystal Comic-Con News: Panel, New Fan Site with Production Images

February 6, 1978: 
Jim Henson, snowed in at the Howard Johnson’s at Kennedy International Airport, writes the basic story of The Dark Crystal.(Image: © 2013 The Jim Henson Company)

There’s a Comic-Con panel Saturday about The Dark Crystal, as well as the launch of the new official Dark Crystal fan site, which includes a pretty cool “The Making Of…” section with production images, photos, and a peek into Jim Henson’s creative process. Continue reading

Dark Crystal Contest to Revive Franchise


The Jim Henson Company and Grosset & Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group, are re-booting The Dark Crystal franchise — or so it would seem — with a contest called the Dark Crystal Author Quest. The deal? Fans are encouraged to send in ideas for the “first book in a new young adult series based on the world of the classic fantasy film.” The winner gets a $10,000 contract to write the book. Continue reading

The 10 Best Dads in Fantasy and Science Fiction


There are so few good dads in science fiction and fantasy. Fathers in so many stories are absent for one reason or another (death being fairly common), and sometimes they even turn out to be the villain! So where are the Mike Bradys of science fiction and fantasy? The Cliff Huxtables? You do happen upon dads of those stripes, or roughly equivalent ones, every now and then. Here’s our list of the top 10. Continue reading

The Magical Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Coming to BBC America


Fans of the mysterious Raven King and his alternate fantasy history of England will get a chance to see their favorite characters brought to life next year. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, is being co-produced by BBC America as a new drama series to premiere in 2014. Continue reading

Hobbit Week: A Review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is perhaps the most expected journey audiences will go on this year. We’ve all been madly waiting to venture back to Middle-earth — back to Peter Jackson’s cinematic version of Tolkien’s world. The anticipation, and … Continue reading

Speak ‘Friend’ and Eat It: Making a Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria Birthday Cake

For my nephew, I made this Mine of Moria-themed cake, which I managed to put together in about two hours. Making this monstrosity, about 12″ x 18″ in the end, was actually not that hard, and as you can see, … Continue reading