A Great Weekend Project — DIY Arcade Controller


While writing projects are in full swing, I often tend to collect small DIY projects that remain stacked on shelves until I have some of that free time… I’ve recently finished up writing two books that are now heading to the printer, and I find myself with some free time. I should be putting together a proposal for my next book, but instead I’ve reached for a small box of parts.
This past weekend’s project was quick and simple (relatively speaking), and I had a very easy gauge for determining its success or failure … would I be able to play the classic Atari 2600 game, Adventure, as it was meant to be played? Continue reading

Kickstarter Reminder — DuinoKit Jr. Electronics/Arduino Project Kit

DuinoKit Jr2

This is just a quick reminder that the DuinoKit Jr. Kickstarter project is down to less than a week. It’s already reached its funding goal, so any stragglers out there who might be looking for a fun all-in-one electronics style kit that teaches Arduino and programming, take a look at the DuinoKit Jr.

Project owner, Dan Alich, has finished two successful Kickstarter projects previously, both larger versions of this kit called the DuinoKit Essentials. Dan understands the issues with manufacturing and shipping, so he’s got the experience needed to delivery the products on time for a May 2015 delivery. Continue reading

Hobbyist Kits — Yesterday (200-in-1) and Today (DuinoKit)!

The DuinoKits

I must have been around twelve years of age when I began developing an interest in electronics. I started taking electronic gizmos like alarm clocks and kitchen appliances apart (often without permission) and examining them more closely. Rather than discourage me, my parents switched gears and birthday and Christmas presents moved from toys to more fun and advanced project-like gifts. One of the more memorable ones was a 200-in-1 electronics kit from Radio Shack. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert – SAM: The Internet of Everything for Everyone

The prototype SAM modules

SAM is a new project which has just launched on Kickstarter, taking the idea behind individual electronic components that connect together – pioneered by littleBits – and freeing them from the need to be physically connected by adding a battery and wireless chip to each module. Continue reading

Mooshimeter: Funny Name, Cool Product


A few different friends pointed me at this Dragon Innovate project last week and I had to check it out. Mooshimeter seems like a silly name, but the product behind it promises to change the way we diagnose electrical problems. Equipped with a dual channel circuit tester, Bluetooth, and your smart phone, you can use this meter to measure voltage and current up to 30 feet away. Continue reading

8 Tricks for Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

Tips for Waking Up

I’m not a morning person. I’ve tried. Really. But I stay up too late and I’d sleep in every morning if I had the chance. But there aren’t enough hours in the day for kids, hobbies, work, and sleep, but life’s far too short to spend it all in a drowsy haze. So here are 10 tips I use for getting up early every morning. Continue reading

OpenBeam — It’s Like Lego Parts and Pieces for Makers!

OpenBeam is for tinkerers, makers, fast prototypers, and anyone looking for a method to quickly and easily assemble structures. OpenBeam is a collection of parts — beams, joining plates, fasteners, and more — that allow you to assemble structures using … Continue reading

Kickstart Your Own Space Program With Firefly, A Flexible Mission Control Board

We’ve previously highlighted the Firefly, an Arduino-compatible system with onboard power, charging, data logging, and radio communications–all the standard stuff that can take a while to piece together individually. The flexible “mission control” board can be used for a variety of projects … Continue reading