Kickstarter Alert – SAM: The Internet of Everything for Everyone

The prototype SAM modules

SAM is a new project which has just launched on Kickstarter, taking the idea behind individual electronic components that connect together – pioneered by littleBits – and freeing them from the need to be physically connected by adding a battery and wireless chip to each module. Continue reading

A Great Weekend Project — DIY Arcade Controller


While writing projects are in full swing, I often tend to collect small DIY projects that remain stacked on shelves until I have some of that free time… I’ve recently finished up writing two books that are now heading to the printer, and I find myself with some free time. I should be putting together a proposal for my next book, but instead I’ve reached for a small box of parts.
This past weekend’s project was quick and simple (relatively speaking), and I had a very easy gauge for determining its success or failure … would I be able to play the classic Atari 2600 game, Adventure, as it was meant to be played? Continue reading

Mooshimeter: Funny Name, Cool Product


A few different friends pointed me at this Dragon Innovate project last week and I had to check it out. Mooshimeter seems like a silly name, but the product behind it promises to change the way we diagnose electrical problems. Equipped with a dual channel circuit tester, Bluetooth, and your smart phone, you can use this meter to measure voltage and current up to 30 feet away. Continue reading

8 Tricks for Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

Tips for Waking Up

I’m not a morning person. I’ve tried. Really. But I stay up too late and I’d sleep in every morning if I had the chance. But there aren’t enough hours in the day for kids, hobbies, work, and sleep, but life’s far too short to spend it all in a drowsy haze. So here are 10 tips I use for getting up early every morning. Continue reading

London Gets Its Own (Mini) Maker Faire – Finally!

London's Mini Maker Faire

This coming Saturday (July 6th), London finally gets its own Maker Faire, to be held from 10am until 6pm at the London College of Communication, in Elephant & Castle. Come along and make some stuff with your kids! Continue reading

SparkFun Electronics Presents According to Pete – Filtering


Have you ever wanted to understand electronic filtering better? Here is a favorite According to Pete segment from SparkFun Electronics that addresses that topic in one of the best, easiest to understand, descriptions I’ve ever seen. Continue reading