Kickstarter Alert: ‘JourneyQuest’ Season Three


Zombie Orpheus, is seeking funding for the third season of their epically hilarious series following Perf, a wizard so incompetent he’s actually useful, his dysfunctional companions, and a sarcastic-wise-cracking talking sword on their hero’s journey through the world of Fartherall. Continue reading

PaizoCon 2015: A Newbie’s Perspective


Not only am I a PaizoCon newbie, but I’m a ‘Pathfinder Adventure Card Game’ newbie as well. PaizoCon was the perfect introduction to both the game and the company. Continue reading

Passing the Everburning Torch

Photo courtesy Russ Linton.

Recently my son and his friends sat down to play ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ This isn’t a new thing–they’ve played before. And these aren’t new friends–these kids have known each other since elementary school. They joined Cub Scouts together, and, when they were old enough, decided against joining one of the larger troops in the area and asked me to help them form their own troop. They also, in the past, have asked me to be their Dungeon Master. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Darkplane 5e Campaign Setting

Darkplane Logo

A review of the Kickstarter “Darkplane,” a campaign setting for the fifth edition of ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ This setting combines Gothic Horror, weird almost Lovecraftian touches, and a gritty world to create a setting that just begs to be played in. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Handbooks — 1978 AD&D and 2014 D&D

Players Handbook

Here’s the deal — there are no middle versions of D&D for me. With the exception of a few rare games played over the last 10-20 years, I really stopped playing AD&D consistently in the mid-80s. I only have the D&D Basic Set and AD&D as a comparison with the newest 5e. You’ll get no 2e, 3e, or 4e commentary or debates from me — I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything. In a sense, any feedback I provide here on the new D&D rules should be treated the same as if it were coming from a new player (but a player with experience with RPGs). While I feel it’s a bit unfair to pit the 1978 AD&D Players Handbook against 2014 D&D Player’s Handbook, the reality is it’s not really a battle. AD&D was a product of its time, and it was outstandingly fun. AD&D had its problems (some of which I’ve shared above), but we still played it. A lot. With grins on our faces. Continue reading

Geekery: Is it Better to Go Wide or Go Deep?

Image: Nomadic Lass via Flickr

I’ve been internally debating whether it’s better to go wide or go deep when it comes to Geekery. Is it better to dabble, trying dozens of games and books and projects? Or is it better to seriously commit to one thing — Python, let’s say — and immerse ourselves in it fully? Continue reading

Balancing Board Games and Babies, Part II

My Pokemon mentor once said to me, “The family that games together, stays together.” He couldn’t be more correct. A few weeks ago I shared with you how my husband and I balance being parents and gamers. My husband and I … Continue reading

Ask GeekDad – May 25, 2010, Twitter Edition

Ah, behold the joys of Twitter. It makes our job even easier at Ask GeekDad when we get quick questions via our Twitter account (that’s @AskGeekDad of course!). Today’s queries run the gamut from questions about music and kids’ interests … Continue reading