11 Rules for When Your Geeklet Starts Dating

Trekkie Dating

What dating advice can we take out of eleven geek culture quotes? Lots. The trick is limiting ourselves to just eleven. Continue reading

Same Geek Channel: Best of 2015 Awards

Image by Brad K. Flickr CC.

GeekDad and the team at Same Geek Channel proudly present the best and worst in geek TV of 2015. Continue reading

Ryan Britt Will Open Your Eyes to a Galaxy of Illiteracy with ‘Luke Skywalker Can’t Read’


Ryan Britt is a guy with a wealth of geeky knowledge, yes, but he also comes with a wealth of love for most of the franchises, books, shows, and films he discusses in his new book: ‘Luke Skywalker Can’t Read: And Other Geeky Truths.’ Each of the essays in this book takes on various geeky properties from a unique perspective: a slightly twisted, slightly tongue-in-cheek, but wholly sincere angle. Continue reading

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 4: Never Quite Prepared

RFH logo

This episode is all over the place. We get a little playlist advice from my 10-year-old, we enjoy a couple of early sneak-peeks at some summer releases, we explore Lich King’s current search for a new vocalist, and we eulogize a friend of the show who is gone but certainly not forgotten. Continue reading

Midwest Media Expo Find: The Geekiest Music

M2X Music Logo

A write-up of the fantastic bands showcased at the 2015 Midwest Media Expo including: The Harp Twins, Time Crash, Steam Powered Giraffe, DJ Vorteque, Aurelio Voltaire, and the Silent Hill Band. Continue reading

Celebrate a Decade of ‘Doctor Who’ with This Beautiful Fan Film


On March 26, 2005, “Rose” first appeared on televisions across the UK, and ‘Doctor Who’ was reborn. Christopher Eccleston was the Ninth Doctor, Billie Piper was his companion Rose Tyler, and the rest is history… or the future… eh, it’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey, isn’t it? Continue reading

Doctor Who Rewind – “Edge of Destruction”

Edge of Destruction featured image.

This week, the Doctor Who Rewind team tackles “Edge of Destruction,” the transitional episode between “The Daleks” and “Marco Polo.” This episode features the TARDIS crew stuck on the ship and turning on each other, while the ship is moving closer and closer to destruction. Continue reading

Doctor Who Rewind: “An Unearthly Child”/”100,000 BC”


This week, myself and co-contributor Jamie Greene bring to you the first week in a series of Doctor Who Rewind reviews. We’re going to be going chronologically, one serial each week, through the iconic classic series of ‘Doctor Who.’ Continue reading

Help, My House Is Becoming Over-run by Whovians

Doctor Who infiltration

Let me get this out of the way upfront. Unlike many of my GeekDad peers, I am not well versed in all things Doctor Who. Up until last summer, my primary exposure to the series was watching old reruns on TV whenever I was sick, home from school and nothing else was on. Continue reading

12 Comics for a 7-Year-Old Girl: A Response

Adventures of Superhero Girl

Have you seen the story about the guy who couldn’t find comics for his seven year old daughter? We want to help. Continue reading

A.K.A. Jessica Jones Casts a Technicolor Doctor


For you Marvel fans who’ve been dying to ship the Marvel-verse with Doctor Who, I have some good news. David Tennant has been cast to play the Purple Man in A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Continue reading