Remembrance of The Doctor: A Personal Journey Through Time and Space

Dashiel and Jocelyn Meet Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Alred

We need heroes. I need heroes. In the wake of the death and the disillusionment of living heroes, we make up stories with heroes who live up to our values and expectations, heroes who idealize our aspirations and can only let us down if we let them. The Doctor is, in my opinion, the epitome of the hero archetype. Continue reading

Google Doodle Celebrates Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary


The Google Doodles often pay homage to great scientists or other historic events, but today they’ve let their geek flag fly, and are celebrating the Doctor Who 50th anniversary with 8-bit versions of the doctors, and a timed game where you lead the Doctor through levels to collect the letters in Google. But there are Dalek’s about, so be careful, and don’t use up all 12 regenerations! Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide #2 — Page After Page of Wonderful Books!


This week, the GeekDad holiday gift guide turns the page to an area of interest, many of us are fanatical about — books. Check out our list and see some of our favorite choices we found on our bookshelves this year. Continue reading