Geeks Assemble for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend in 2014

Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend

Even for those of us that are crazy enough to have paid to run to exhaustion through a Disney park before, the latest addition to the RunDisney lineup is exciting! Continue reading

How to Make a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow for Disney’s D23 Expo


Disney’s D23 Expo was a lot of Disney fun, but Whit Honea has some ideas to make it even better! Continue reading

Teaching Your Kids Physics on a Roller Coaster

California Screamin' Roller Coaster (Image by Ken Denmead)

There are people who are passionate about roller coasters, who travel the world to ride each and every one they can find, rating them and even breaking world records on them.  I am not one of those people.  I do, however, enjoy a good roller coaster.  My older son may well be on his way to becoming one of the former, passionate coasterphiles, however, and I often get to join him as he tries new rides out.  Continue reading