Geek Camp: Finish Day

Geek Camp Finish Day

Finish Day is an event where designers, coders and startup types come together and spend the day helping each other finish their projects. Geek Camp held our own Finish Day, resulting in over a dozen video projects. This is a report from the field. Continue reading

The Music of Calvin and Hobbes Available Online

The original soundtrack for Dear Mr. Watterson is available online

Director Joel Schroeder made sure to elicit the appropriate emotional responses from viewers of his Calvin & Hobbes documentary with a soundtrack provided by Washington, D.C. band, We Were Pirates. The original film score, now available online, can’t help but conjure images of boy Calvin romping through the woods with his tiger, or fighting evil space aliens as his alter ego Spaceman Spiff. Continue reading

Dear Mr. Watterson Explains Why Geeks Love Calvin and Hobbes

Exploring Calvin’s inner life with his pet stuffed tiger, Hobbes, is a foundational experience for geeks. Director Joel Schroeder spent five years trying to discover how a comic strip could have this kind of impact, explaining the Calvin and Hobbes … Continue reading