Creativity in the Membrane, Creativity in the Brain


Researcher: “Cultivation of the basic personality features of openness to experience in children and adolescents may increase an individual’s trait creativity and, thereby, facilitate divergent thinking and creative achievement.” Continue reading

Caine’s Global Cardboard Challenge 2013

Caine and filmmaker Nirvan

This coming Saturday, join thousands of people all over the world in the 2nd annual celebration of cardboard creativity in aid of the Imagination Foundation, set up after the Caine’s Arcade viral hit video. Continue reading

Disruptus from Funnybone Toys — Creativity-Boosting Game Not Just for Adults

Disruptus Game

I’m always on the lookout for games or books that help inspire some creativity in my children, and I’ve recently stumbled upon an interesting game that, although more likely to be pegged as a game for adults, has a lot of potential with a younger audience. The game is called Disruptus, and my oldest (age 6) has been enjoying playing a round or two each day. Let me show you how it works. Continue reading