Graphic Language: How to Read Comic Books With Your Kid


Comic books can be exciting, rewarding reading material for young readers. But for parents who didn’t grow up reading X-Men or going to Comic Con, they can seem confusing and intimidating. I’ve been reading comics my whole life, and I’ve had more than one parent ask me, “But how do you READ THEM? Do I go panel to panel? Do I have to read the sound effects out loud? I don’t get it.” And that’s a normal reaction. Continue reading

‘Star Wars’ Comics (and One Month Free) Come to Marvel Unlimited


Been on the fence about signing up for Marvel’s most excellent Marvel Unlimited digital comic service? Well how about 500 ‘Star Wars’ comics and a free month to sweeten the deal? Continue reading

GeekDad: The Formative Years III


Continuing in our ongoing series in which the GeekDads reveal the influences that transformed them into geeks, here are the Secret Origins of Jim MacQuarrie and Roger Mullins. I get to go first because I’m older. Continue reading

All in the Family: GeekDad Interviews Hip Hop Family Tree‘s Ed Piskor

hip hop family tree - afrika

Three of my favorite things are comic books, documentaries and hip hop music, so when I discovered Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree I was in heaven. In anticipation of the upcoming HHFT box set, Ed was nice enough to talk with me via email about the project itself and the unique kinship between comics and rap that it represents. Continue reading

Video Games, D&D, and Farting on the Bus: Bad for You Is Good for You

death race_cu

Bad for You: Exposing the War on Fun is an illustrated tour through cultural freak-outs. The book is a historical look at the hysterical horror adults have felt about kids activities, from comics, games, technology, play, and thought. It’s a fun, surprising and biting survey. GeekDad has an interview with authors Kevin C. Pyle and Scott Cunningham. Continue reading

Dallas Comic Con 2014


The Dallas Comic Con 2014 kicks off today with many awesome guests, including, Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Most of the rest of the case of Firefly, Alice Cooper, A large part of the Star Trek Next Generation cast including Jonathan Frakes, LeVAR Burton, and Michael Dorn. If you’re in the area, ping me @AntonOlsen and we can try to meet up and talk geek. Continue reading

Amazon Acquires Comixology


Yesterday’s big news — at least for folks who are fans of drawings with words — concerned’s acquisition of digital comics platform Comixology. The open letter to readers from co-founder David Steinberger didn’t exactly get into the finer points of the deal, but it did specifically mention Amazon’s wildly successful Kindle reader line and the fact that Comixology “will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary.” Continue reading

The First Time I Took My Kids to a Convention

Image: Melissa Ford

This weekend, I packed the kids in the car and we headed for Intervention, the Internet convention covering everything from gaming to comics to cosplay to Wordpress. It required a lot of explanation. When we checked in at registration, my daughter asked why a woman was wearing a rubber horse head at one of the nearby tables. Continue reading

“Worlds Within Worlds”: Shattering Conventions Explores and Exposes Con Culture

The author with Mr.T. Some years ago. (Photo: Bob Calhoun)

Writer Bob Calhoun’s new tome is Shattering Conventions: Commerce, Cosplay and Conflict on the Expo Floor, an insightful and fun romp through what he calls “temporary worlds created in concrete convention centers and hotel conference rooms.” We chat about his book, his take on Comic-Con, and the days he used to wrestle men in Sasquatch suits while drunks tossed food at him. Continue reading

Pow! Super Graphic Is Packed With Comic Book Infographics


Super Graphic, a new book out this week, features hundreds of data visualizations — all relating to comic books. It’s funny and informative and definitely worth checking out. Continue reading

Dig Comics!


Miguel Cima wants you to dig comics. The Argentine-born, New York raised filmmaker has a passion for the comics medium, and his desire to share it resulted in a short documentary, Dig Comics, which won the “Best Documentary” award at the San Diego Comic Con Independent Film Festival and was an official selection at Cannes, Vancouver, LA New Filmmakers and a dozen other film festivals. Now Cima has announced a new Kickstarter campaign to raise at least $250,000 for a feature length documentary that will promote comic books to mainstream America. Continue reading

Five Recent Geeky Things We Like

(Image: Foreigh poicy)

In my nerdy Internet, the forces of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and George Takei act like a powerful tractor beam to suck up geeky stuff and spit it my way. A lot of junk ends up in the trash compactor on my detention level. But some cool stuff floats to the surface. Here are five examples of recent flotsam and jetsam I’ve collected. Stand back! And be amazed. Continue reading

Hey, You Got Your Star Wars Day In My FCBD!


Get out to a comic book store for some free comics today, and snag Dark Horse’s FCBD issue. Included is an all-ages Star Wars adventure that teams Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Also featured is an introduction to the upcoming series Captain Midnight and a bit of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Continue reading

Free Comic Book Day 2013: Tomorrow!

Free Comic Book Day

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Take a moment if you can and snag a few free comics. We’re going to try to make the trek in to Lone Star Comics in Mesquite, Texas tomorrow but if we run short on time or wake up too late we’ll hit the local Hastings book store. Continue reading