Best of GeekDad 2015: Our Most Popular Articles

GeekDad 2015: year in review

As parents and geeks, we write about a wide variety of topics we hope you enjoy as much as we do. Some topics, however, are more popular than others. Here’s a list of several of our most popular GeekDad articles from 2015! Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Rush Gets the Fantoons Treatment in a Book of Comics and Art


The Holy Triumvirate gets the Fantoons treatment in this Kickstarter project for a book celebrating the band Rush in beautifully illustrated and humorous comic strips, cartoons, and illustrations. Continue reading

Tonight’s New Gravity Falls Takes a Trip Through Grunkle Stan’s Mind (With First-Look Clip!)


The heroes of the brilliant Disney Channel cartoon show Gravity Falls – Mabel, Dipper, and Soos – have been to lots of strange places before, and seen all sorts of scary things. But in tonight’s new episode, “Dreamscaperers,” they’ll be going to the most bizarre, unsettling place possible: into Grunkle Stan’s mind. Continue reading

Transformers, Connecting the Generations


There are plenty of card and board games that have endured for generations — many of them that arguably didn’t deserve to. But, because of the evolution of the technology behind toys, relatively few classics have made it through the years to appeal to today’s kids as much as they did to their parents when they were kids — at least, not without fundamental changes to the way they work.

And then there are Transformers. Continue reading

Google Doodle Honors Macabre Cartoonist Charles Addams on His 100th Birthday

Before Gomez and Morticia snapped their fingers, before Thing fetched the mail, before anyone was “altogether ooky,” Charles “Chas” Addams created the Addams Family and other strange characters in his many cartoons. Over a nearly 60-year career, Addams drew more … Continue reading

ThunderCats Roar Back With ‘Epicness,’ Moral Lessons

The rebooted animated series’ inaugural season resumes Friday night with “Berbils,” in which the band of refugees encounter a village of robot bears in need of assistance. Watch an exclusive clip from this week’s episode and get producer Michael Jelenic’s … Continue reading