GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution – Black Eye Odds

Did you correctly simulate or calculate the odds for each player winning a game of Black Eye? Is the $50 ThinkGeek certificate prize for this week’s GeekDad Puzzle of the Week have your name on it? Continue reading

Guildhall—Now With Job Faire!

Guildhall Job Faire cards

Guildhall: Job Faire is a stand-alone expansion to AEG’s Guildhall, with six new types of workers that can either be played on their own or mixed in with the original game. Like the original, Job Faire is an engaging and quick card game that offers more depth than you might expect. Continue reading

Smash Up Expansion: Awesome Level 9000

Smash Up Awesome Level 9000

You may have seen Wil Wheaton & Co. playing Smash Up on TableTop last month. The first stand-alone expansion, Awesome Level 9000, adds four more fun factions to the mix. Continue reading

Shuffle Up a Tale With Storyteller Cards

Storyteller Cards

If you’ve been reading GeekDad for a while, you may already be familiar with Rory’s Story Cubes, a set of dice with little pictures that can be used to create stories. I’ve seen a lot of other similar types of writing prompts, from the StoryWorld Create-a-Story sets to Daniel Solis’ Writer’s Dice to the Storymatic. Here’s a new one that caught my attention: Storyteller Cards by Jason Tagmire. Continue reading