Sherlock Holmes Book Reviews and News Q4 2015

Sherlock Holmes

It’s a good time to be a Sherlock Holmes fan. There’s less than a month before the Season 4 premiere of ‘Elementary’ (CBS), and December is nearing so fans of the BBC show ‘Sherlock’ will get the much anticipated Christmas special that drops Cumberbatch and Freeman into their same roles but jumps back from its modern day setting to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Victorian-era setting. Continue reading

Sandman Slim Returns in ‘Killing Pretty’

Killing Pretty Featured Image

I am absolutely, positively, insanely jealous over anyone who has not yet discovered Richard Kadrey’s urban fantasy series that features James Stark, aka Sandman Slim. Kadrey’s seventh book in the series, ‘Killing Pretty,’ just hit the stands… and it is outstanding. Continue reading

America’s Last Hope for WWIII? ‘Ghost Fleet’ by Singer and Cole

Ghost Fleet Cover

I’ve read a lot of Tom Clancy over the years (his actual novels, not those books where his name was just added to the cover to encourage sales), and there are probably hundreds of reasons for his popularity — well researched military hardware, believable heroes and villains, and descriptive battles are just a few I believe led to Clancy’s success in military fiction. His novels are almost unique in their style, but I’ve recently finished a new novel that had me flashing back to Clancy and his style of writing. Continue reading

It’s the End of World… And I Feel Fine

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.38.58 PM

There’s a good variety of apocalypse across the triptych. We’ve got widespread devastation due to illness, alien invasion, zombies, a comet, environmental degradation, genetically modified foods, A.I., and many more. The sheer variety in the way these authors ended the world was amazing, as was the diversity of setting and voice. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Library at Mount Char’ by Scott Hawkins


I love books that sneak up on you when you’re not looking. I especially enjoy it when it’s from a new author with a debut novel that offers up something unique. Scott Hawkins’ has done this with ‘The Library at Mount Char,’ a mind-bending tale that delivers a contemporary fantasy story complete with its own mythology and rules for how the world works. Continue reading

2 Spooky New Novels for Your Summer Consideration

Book Review

Summer is here, and with it comes a flood of new novels. It’s like Christmas on my doorstep–it seems every summer day one or two (the record is four) new novels arrive at my door. The covers scream READ ME, READ ME! My work calendar says NO TIME, NO TIME! I’ve got a pile building on my desk right now, and so far my only summer review was for Ernest Cline’s ‘Armada.’ Time to change that. Continue reading

‘Armada’ Arrives Soon — Will Geeks Save the World?

Armada Feature

We all knew the day was coming, and now it’s almost here. I’m talking about the release of geek-guru Ernest Cline’s second novel, ‘Armada’. For those of you who read ‘Ready Player One’ and have waited and wondered whether Cline could deliver the goods again… I’m about to answer that question. Continue reading

‘The Machine Awakes’ – A Sci-Fi Military Thriller Whodunit

Feature Image - Machine Awakes

I’ve been a big fan of Adam Christopher since I first discovered his novel ‘Empire State’ and its world-twisting take on superheroes. Two additional superhero novels followed (sequel ‘The Age Atomic’ and the stand-alone ‘Seven Wonders’) that are also solid recommendations, but I’m really quite taken with Christopher’s science fiction/supernatural/horror universe that he created with the eerie ‘The Burning Dark’ and now continues with sci-fi military thriller ‘The Machine Awakes.’ Continue reading

‘The Very Hungry Cthulhupillar’ — Who Said Evil Can’t Be Cute?


Sometimes, people just don’t know when to leave things well enough alone. Take Signal Fire Studios in Georgia. They just about caused the end of the world when they released ‘The Lovecraftian ABCs,’ exposing children around the globe to a number of ancient secrets and creating thousands of new acolytes bent on waking untold evils. Thankfully these plans were interrupted by a few well-timed naps and On-Demand episodes of ‘Caillou.’ (Of course, we parents are beginning to suspect that even ‘Caillou’ is a minion of some of the most foul creatures ever to swim the dark ether of outer space.) Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Whittling Down the Collection

Review Image

I don’t think I’ve got it quite as bad as fellow GeekDad Jonathan Liu, but occasionally my book stack starts to get a bit high again and I feel the urge to whittle it down a bit. My reading interests are all over the map, and it’s sometimes difficult to grab enough books in a particular genre to review together… so please forgive me for the mishmash of books below, of which I hope at least one or more grabs your interest and proves a worthy purchase. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Touch’ by Claire North

Touch Feature

Anyone who read last year’s surprise hit, ‘The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August,’ by Claire North has probably been eagerly awaiting her next story. Released last week, ‘Touch’ is a similar-style story in that it focuses on a special group of individuals who have a unique talent. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Mort(e)’ by Robert Repino


Here’s the setup — the ants have had enough of humans. Over thousands of years, one particular colony has grown in size and intelligence, and the Queen has finally decided to take back the Earth. I know just enough about ants to understand how they communicate and I’ve read here and there (and watched a few video snippets) about their hierarchy and how they declare war on other colonies. This Queen is very intelligent, and she has managed to gain sufficient knowledge of chemistry to grow car-sized Alphas to act as soldier. Oh, and she’s also figured out how to grant intelligence and self-awareness in most every animal type on the planet including pig, dog, bear, raccoon, and cat. Continue reading

My Summer 2014 Eclectic Reading List – Part 1


Now that summer has ended, I’m staring at a stack of books that I’ve finished at various times and need to share with GeekDad readers. I read a LOT more books this summer, but not all of them grabbed my attention or were even finished. One of the problems I have reviewing books for GeekDad is the sheer volume of books that show up in my box. I wish I had time to read them all. I wish all of them appealed to me. And I certainly wish I could devote lengthier discussions to all of them. But I’m a geek dad… meaning I have two boys who are now putting a much higher demand on my time. This means less time for me to read MY books, and even less time to write them up in a timely fashion. Continue reading

Book Reviews: Four for the Fourth!

Four for Fourth

With the Fourth of July holiday coming up, I wanted to give GeekDad readers a few book possibilities to entertain them before the fireworks and afterwards. These four are in no particular order — I enjoyed each and every one of them. Have a safe and fun Fourth of July to those celebrating this coming weekend! Continue reading

Read This Post? Turn to Page 53. Skip It? Turn to Page 71.

Covers CYOA

If this post’s title doesn’t quite make sense, then you’re probably unfamiliar with the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) book series that started a phenomenon back in the 80s for young readers. Other book series that follow its format exist (or have come and gone), but the CYOA brand, now over 30 years old, continues to find new young readers as parents discover not just reprints of the older titles on bookstore shelves but new titles as well. Continue reading

The Robot Uprising Continues in Daniel H. Wilson’s Robogenesis


Robogenesis, while a sequel, is both a retelling of the events in Robopocalypse as well as the fallout. The entire novel is broken into three parts, with each part focusing primarily on one of the major characters from the first book. I have to be careful here, because there’s a huge spoiler opportunity that looms… just know that the New War may be over, but there’s a True War that has also been raging in the background, with two parties vying for control of planet Earth. Continue reading

The Expanse Series Moves Further Outward — Cibola Burn

Cibola Burn

Cibola Burn, the fourth book (of six) in The Expanse series from James S.A. Corey (pen name for authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) is out.

It’s outstanding.

Scale of 1 to 10? That dial needs to be upgraded to 11.
(Haven’t read the first trilogy? Congrats — you’ve now got four books, averaging about 600 pages each, to add to your reading list.)

Superb plotting.
One-more-chapter, nail biting tension.
Scoundrel heroes versus law-abiding villains.
Political intrigue that’s not annoying.
Space-travel discussions that don’t bog you down.
Technology that you’ll believe will be available (and needed) in a few hundred years. Continue reading

When I First Held You — 22 Dads, 22 Essays On Being A Dad

When I First Held You

My oldest son turns 7 in two weeks. Where did the time go? And my youngest is just a few weeks after that, with him approaching the big 4. As birthday parties are being planned and requests for birthday gift ideas are made, I find myself sitting alone in my office, contemplating the job I’ve done as a dad and what waits for me in the years ahead. The reason for this contemplation is that I’ve been enjoying reading a series of 22 essays from a number of popular dad writers, all collected in a new book titled When I First Held You, and edited by Brian Gresko. Continue reading

Hey, GeekDad — Whatcha Reading?

Fifteen Lives

We GeekDad writers often find ourselves buried in piles of books and games and software/apps – sometimes all three (looking at you, Jonathan Liu). Between the stuff we buy and the stuff we request for review and the stuff we did NOT request but absolutely love anyway, we sometimes get a bit behind in what we want to share with our readers.

Below you’ll find some books that one of our staff has finished or is close to finishing and needs to clear off the TO REVIEW list. Continue reading

The Enceladus Crisis — Alchemy Meets Hard SciFi

Enceladus Crisis

Imagine two universes: one where British sailing ships in 1798 are able to leave Earth using the wonders of alchemy to sail between the planets, and another where astronauts in the year 2134 hitch rides on fusion-powered spaceships to explore the moons of Saturn. Got it? Now toss in an ancient alien warlord attempting to open a doorway to conquer both worlds and you’ve got the general idea of Michael J. Martinez’s follow-up novel, The Enceladus Crisis, in his Daedalus series of novels. Continue reading

When the World Ends, You’ll Need The Knowledge

The Knowledge

I’m not a sky-is-falling kind of guy. I don’t have a bunker behind my house and a decade’s worth of food stocked away for my family (although I do sometimes think about it). Every generation has had its concerns about the world ending, but I’m one of those optimists that hopes we’ll be able to solve our problems — water shortages, global warming, pandemics — and not be despised by our great-great-grandkids.

But who really knows? Asteroids are flying around our universe with sufficient mass and speed. New and scarier viruses seem to pop up every few years. So many countries seem to want their own nuclear bombs these days. Experts seem to think a major financial collapse lurks around the corner. Just how prepared are we if the world we know it stopped functioning normally for an extended period of time? How long would we last without the modern conveniences of electricity, medicine, clothing, food, and clean water? Continue reading

Dungeons & Dreamers — A Book Review

I’m very nostalgic when it comes to my inner-geek. At least once a year I read Neuromancer. I enjoy playing the original Infocom games on my iPad. I still get a wide grin on my face when I pull my copy of Tomb of Horrors (S1) off the shelf to occasionally read it through and remember the first time I ran this most hated module as a DM. I never tire of trying to get my almost-7-year-old to sit down and play a few of the Atari 2600 games with me (and he does actually enjoy both Adventure and Yars Revenge — he flipped out when I showed him the Easter Egg in Adventure, something I discovered all on my own before there were ever walkthroughs or bulletin boards to share the info.) Continue reading

The Latest Sci-Fi Novel From Daniel Suarez — Plus Interview!


I distinctly remember the day back in 2009 when I was wandering through Barnes & Noble and my eyes caught the title of a new hardback sitting in the New Arrivals section. Fresh from leaving the world of networking, servers, and operating systems, the distinct spelling of the title was still familiar to me as I picked up Daemon and read the blurb. It sounded interesting enough, so I purchased it and took it home. Little did I know that I was about to discover a new writer who would immediately be added to my Must Read List. Continue reading