Smash Up Expansion: Science Fiction Double Feature

Smash Up Sci Fi Expansion

Since the first time my robot dinosaurs systematically devoured my son’s zombie wizards, quickly followed by his robot tricksters eradicating my pirate ninjas, I’ve been a fan of Smash Up. When I heard there were going to be Cyborg Apes in the Science Fiction Double Feature Expansion, I really couldn’t resist. Cyborg Apes, people! What am I, made of stone? Continue reading

10 Tips for Teaching Younger Gamers More Complex Games

My article spread

Yesterday, Jonathan offered up 10 reasons to play board games with your kids… and today I’d like to offer up 10 tips for teaching your young children to play more complex board games. These tips are reprinted (with permission) from an article I wrote for the Winter 2014 issue of Casual Game Insider, a magazine dedicated to casual board gaming. Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Play Board Games With Your Kids


If you still think of Chutes & Ladders and Candyland when somebody mentions playing board games with their kids, then you should know that the world of board games has changed a lot since you were a kid. Heck, it’s changed a lot even since you’ve been an adult. There are so many great reasons to play games, particularly if you’re a parent, though some of them work better in theory than in practice. Continue reading

Run Your Own Craft Brewery in Brew Crafters Board Game

Brew Crafters featured image

In this new board game from Dice Hate Me Games, players strive to manage ingredients, brewery equipment, and staff, all in the name of bottling and shipping new and unique beers to their thirsty customers. We had a chance to demo the game and see how a real world brewing operation translates to cardboard. Continue reading

Games Parents Play

Agricola Family Growth

My wife and I just welcomed our third baby last month, and since it’s been several years since the last time, I’m becoming reacquainted with the lifestyle of a new parent. One thing I quickly realized was that I haven’t had as much time lately for playing games—and that the games I do have don’t really seem very relevant to my day-to-day obligations. Here are a couple of games inspired by real-life parenting. Continue reading

Visit the Dystopian Future of Euphoria


Board games that are traditionally sold at the mainstream level are not really games at all. Instead, they are simply task-oriented linear time-wasters that teach children very little about competition, problem solving and strategy. That is why now, after attending numerous Penny Arcade Expos, I look to games like Stonemaier Games’ Euphoria to open up our minds. Continue reading

Zooreka and the Odds of Winning


I thought about that this week when I made a bet with the twins as we played Zooreka. If either of them won, they could both stay up 15 minutes later that night. If I won, they would go to bed five minutes earlier. The odds were in their favor as there were two of them and only one of me, but they still agonized over whether to accept the bet. Simple math, I explained to them: they could win more than they could ever lose. Continue reading

Hunting Down Tabletop Games in Taiwan

Phantasia Chingchin Diau

Board gaming is alive in Taiwan, though it’s still in its early, awkward stages. It’s not widespread yet, for reasons I’ll get to, and there are some distinct differences in the hobby from what I’m used to in the States. Read on and I’ll tell you a little about the game stores I encountered … and how to say “board games” in Chinese. Continue reading

Flickin’ Awesome: Catacombs and Knights of Crylail

Catacombs components

There’s something inexplicably fun about flicking wooden discs across a table. If you’ve played dexterity games like Crokinole or PitchCar you’ll know what I’m talking about. All the planning and strategy in the world won’t save you if you’ve simply got bad aim. On the other hand, just having good aim isn’t enough if you don’t know what you’re shooting for.

Here are two games I’ve discovered recently that put your flicking finger to work, and they’re both terrific: Catacombs is an RPG-style dungeon crawl and Knights of Crylail is a simpler shuffleboard-inspired game. Continue reading