Smalltalk: Building a Network for Parents Like You


Ours is a world of social networks. There’s Facebook and Twitter, sure, but it also seems as though we’re moving more toward smaller, more specialized services. While there are a myriad of options for everything from cultivating business contacts to online dating, Smalltalk, GeekDad’s newest sponsor, seeks to create a special place just for parents. Continue reading

A New Type of Tabletop Gaming: ePawn Arena

ePawn Arena

I love the mash-up of digital and analog, particularly when it comes to games. It hasn’t always been done well, but I love to see the ways that people are experimenting to combine the fun of playing board games with the powerful capabilities of smartphones and tablets. The latest device to come across my radar is the ePawn Arena. Continue reading

‘A Sailor’s Dream’ Is Like Going on Vacation Through Your iPad

Screenshot from A Sailor's Dream by Simogo

I don’t really want to tell you any part of the story because part of the joy is finding each clue on your own, but I can tell you that if you can’t get to the beach, spending a half hour with ‘A Sailor’s Dream’ is the next best thing. It will make your heart ache while it simultaneously makes you hopeful that there are still gorgeous, unique games to be made. Continue reading

Dear Kickstarter, Please Fix Your App


Your app sucks. There’s no other way to say it. I have an iPhone and I’ve used your iOS app for quite some time now, but this latest version that appeared earlier this year? Just horrible. I’m sure there are some folks out there who like it–probably the same group that maintains the Jar Jar Binks Fan Club. Anyway… I digress. Continue reading

Your Young Scientist Will Love Playing in This Sandbox (App)!

Opening Screen

If you’ve got a young and budding scientist like I do, you may find yourself having to hit the internet for all kinds of questions — Why is the sky blue? How does a battery work? Can we make a volcano? (Yes, that last one came as a surprise.) My problem is that while I often enjoy sitting down and investigating hows and whys with my 7-year-old, I often wish he’d do a little self-study and digging. That isn’t always easy, however, when I limit his Internet access or if we lack the book on the subject-of-the day. My son likes to discover things by himself, and while I’ve done my best to put small kits and experiments in his reach, often times I just can’t sit with him 24/7 and monitor both his safety and his progress. But a new app is helping me with this problem… Continue reading

New Apps for New Mathematicians

Children playing Gracie & Friends apps

An unusual set of apps just started rolling out at iTunes. At first blush, Gracie and Friends may look like many other math apps for little guys. But a look under the hood reveals a unique and multi-year endeavor to create a breakthrough in evidence-based, educationally rich digital games for preschoolers. I asked my colleague Christine Zanchi to walk me behind the scenes. Continue reading