Kid’s Imagination + DreamWorks Animator Dad = Action Movie Kid


What if the living room rug really were lava? What if a light saber at the toy store worked? What if a pretend rocket ship at a playground could really take off? DreamWorks animator Daniel Hashimoto has created a series of imaginative videos, starring his son and a little special sauce called CGI. Continue reading

Disney Trip: Playing with Frozen’s Rigging Tech


Geek Dad Matt Forbeck went to the Disney Animation Studios to learn about how they made Frozen and to play with the rigging machines. Get an inside look at the tech Disney artists use to bring their character models to life in the Oscar-winning film. Continue reading

5 Frighteningly Wonderful Classic Halloween Specials

the halloween tree cropped

Submitted for your perusal are these five classic examples of old school animated specials. Before The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror changed the game, they were all we had. And we loved them in spite of their unbridled cheesiness. Continue reading

A Cautionary Tail: A Star-Studded App

A Cautionary Tail image

This film-turned-app contains beautiful animation, a story with a strong message and some of the best voice talent around to add to the collections of those who like the subtlety of fine story-telling through animation — like the apps of Moonbot Studios. Continue reading