Cheaty Mages Is a Good Bet

Cheaty Mages

From Seiji Kanai, the designer of Love Letter, comes another small game that packs a big punch. Cheaty Mages, released this fall by AEG, is about arena battles between mythical creatures: dragons and minotaurs, ghosts and goblins. But you don’t play these fighters; instead, you play the mages who bet on the fights … and cast spells as insurance against your wagers. Continue reading

All Aboard: Deck-Building + Rail-Laying = Trains


Trains was one of AEG’s big releases this year, and I’ve finally gotten a chance to sit down and play it a few times. It’s a great blend of deck-building (like Dominion) and track-laying (not quite like Ticket to Ride), and I have a feeling I’ll be playing this a bit more in the near future. Continue reading

Love Letter: Now Available in Kanai Factory Limited Edition

Love Letter Kanai Factory Limited Edition

Love Letter is a clever little game that consists of nothing more than 16 cards and a few tokens for keeping score. When AEG released it last year, it was part of their Tempest line of games which have a shared storyline and cast of characters. They’re now re-releasing the game in a Kanai Factory Limited Edition which reproduces the look of the original design by Seiji Kanai, with artwork by Noboru Sugiura. Continue reading

Smash Up Expansion: Awesome Level 9000

Smash Up Awesome Level 9000

You may have seen Wil Wheaton & Co. playing Smash Up on TableTop last month. The first stand-alone expansion, Awesome Level 9000, adds four more fun factions to the mix. Continue reading

TableTop Finally Plays a Deck-Building Game with the Totally Awesome Smash Up


Wil and friends take on “the shufflebuilding game of total awesomeness”, Smash Up, in this episode of Geek& Sundry’s TableTop. Ninjas, robots, wizards, pirates, and more do battle in this hilarious episode of the tabletop game show. Continue reading