DREDDwatch Bonus – #DayOfDredd


Some late breaking news for Dredd fans everywhere, I got word of this after I’d already posted my last Dreddwatch, but I couldn’t let it go by without doing my bit to help the cause. What follows is the message from the fan-run Make a Dredd Sequel campaign about the #DayOfDredd! Continue reading

DREDDwatch #4 – Videos, Comics and a Fab Tee!

Last Exit to Nowhere's latest t-shirt - an official collaboration with 2000AD

Hello again Earthlets and welcome to the next instalment of our Zarjaz news round up from the world of 2000AD, this time featuring an awesome new t-shirt, tons of digital comics and some fan-made films. Continue reading

DREDDwatch #3 – A Sequel! (Sort Of)

DREDDwatch #3, image from Rebellion/2000AD

Welcome to the third of our irregular rounds-ups of all things Judge Dredd and 2000AD, this time featuring more movie sequel news, a new Dredd graphic novel and another from John Wagner, plus new Slaine stories in the weekly progs. Continue reading