DREDDwatch Bonus – #DayOfDredd


Some late breaking news for Dredd fans everywhere, I got word of this after I’d already posted my last Dreddwatch, but I couldn’t let it go by without doing my bit to help the cause. What follows is the message from the fan-run Make a Dredd Sequel campaign about the #DayOfDredd! Continue reading

DREDDwatch #4 – Videos, Comics and a Fab Tee!

Last Exit to Nowhere's latest t-shirt - an official collaboration with 2000AD

Hello again Earthlets and welcome to the next instalment of our Zarjaz news round up from the world of 2000AD, this time featuring an awesome new t-shirt, tons of digital comics and some fan-made films. Continue reading

DREDDwatch #3 – A Sequel! (Sort Of)

DREDDwatch #3, image from Rebellion/2000AD

Welcome to the third of our irregular rounds-ups of all things Judge Dredd and 2000AD, this time featuring more movie sequel news, a new Dredd graphic novel and another from John Wagner, plus new Slaine stories in the weekly progs. Continue reading

DROKK – A Soundtrack to a Film That Doesn’t Exist (But Actually it Does)

If you recognize the word ‘DROKK’, then you’re already halfway to understanding what this post might be about. For those that don’t, it’s a made up, sci-fi expletive along the lines of BSG’s ‘Frak’ or Red Dwarf’s ‘Smeg’. It’s found … Continue reading