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Stack Overflow: End of Summer Recommendations

JK Book Group 1

I am SO far behind in my book reviews. Not quite as far as Jonathan Liu, though. Heh heh. Sorry, Jonathan. Summer was great! So many books! Not only did I get to read many original novels, I got to revisit some series favorites. But now I find myself staring at my stacks. Again. So… time for some recommendations. I hope that one or more of the books below might catch your interest–and if you’ve read any of them, please let me know what you thought in the comments. Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Smash Up Munchkin


I don’t get to play ‘Munchkin’ as often as I’d like to, but I’m a big fan of the writing and artwork that goes into every version and expansion of the game. And since I’d never played AEG’s ‘Smash Up,’ the opportunity to play this year’s new combination of the two–‘Smash Up Munchkin’–was one of many Gen Con 2015 treats. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 015: ‘EMP Museum’


This episode Captain Owen starts us off with singing a little “Baby Beluga.” We then talk about his Batman Painting Book, a trip to the zoo with Papa and Gigima (his great grandparents), and a trip to the EMP Museum and the ‘Star Wars and the Power of Costume,’ ‘What’s Up, Doc?,’ and ‘Infinite Worlds’ exhibits. We finish off the episode playing Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, or as Captain Owen calls it–Dog and Ostrich. Continue reading

‘Project Mc²': Smart Is the New Cool

Project Mc2

This month there’s a new Netflix Original Series about geeky girls: ‘Project Mc²’. It’s targeted at tween girls and is intended to make STEM a bit more popular. I sat down and watched the first season with my daughters to find out if it works. Continue reading

Episode I – A Lost Hope

Imperial Assault - Ep 1 A Lost Hope

Not long ago in a living room approximately 7.2 miles away, four intrepid souls convened a secret meeting to form an alliance with the sole purpose of overthrowing the dark forces of the terrible, infamous Darth Beardicus. Under his iron rule, all strain had been leeched from the people of the Empire. Conflict had ended. There was, in fact, complete and utter peace. But our adventurers grew weary… Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Puro IEM-500 Earbuds

Puro earbuds

When it comes to listening to music using headphones, on-ear or over-ear cans are my thing. I’m not a fan of earbuds. They never seem to fit quite right and always feel as though they’re on the verge of falling out. I don’t like contact lenses either, so maybe it boils down to just an aversion against poking stuff directly at sensory organs. Continue reading

Better Late Than Never? My Gen Con 2015 Photo Recap

Gen Con crowds

Right after Gen Con this year, I left for a two-week family reunion. It was a blast, but remind me not to plan anything so close to Gen Con in the future. I didn’t even have time to host a game night before leaving, so most of those games from Suitcase Tetris are still waiting to be played. So although I did already mention some of my favorite things about Gen Con 2015, here’s a closer look at all the other things that didn’t quite fit there. Continue reading

‘Pokkén Tournament’ Announced for Wii U


Yesterday The Pokémon Company International and Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed that ‘Pokkén Tournament’–an odd mash-up of the titular monsters from ‘Pokémon’ and beloved fighting franchise ‘Tekken’ that had previously been limited to a Japanese arcade release–is coming to living rooms everywhere via Nintendo’s Wii U. Continue reading

Nintendo’s Best Gaming Value Just Got Better


Yesterday it was announced that Nintendo is reducing the price of its 2DS system–the scrappy little brother of the 3DS line and a device that impressed me even at the original $130 price point–to just under $100 American. Continue reading

John Lasseter Studio Collection: Hawaiian Shirts Ahoy!


Today, I’m bringing you an up-close look at a LOT of loud Hawaiian shirts. The John Lasseter Studio Collection occupied a bit of floor space opposite the Pixar booth at the D23 Expo. The exhibit showcased Lasseter’s line of custom-designed, movie-themed Hawaiian shirts. Continue reading

Review: ‘Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn’ App


Dr. Seuss fans rejoice! ‘Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn,’ a digital book app, comes to iOS today. The ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ app is an interactive digital book for children three to six geared toward learning reading, spelling, phonics, and more. Continue reading

Level Up Your Standing Desk With FluidStance

Fluidstance Level

Two and a half years in, I’m still happy with my standing desk. I stand about 90% of the time without lowering the desk to sitting level (though after Gen Con this year I did have to take a seat for a couple of days), and occasionally I’ll lower it slightly to use the Wobble Stool or Focal Upright stool. Recently I got to try another option, one that keeps me on my feet but makes me a little more active while I type: the FluidStance Level. Continue reading