Child with ingredients for science fair project.

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Astronauts, Aliens, and ‘Argo’


You’ve just been revived from cryo-sleep aboard Station Argo, but not where you expected. Alarms signal that there are xenos on board—time to get to the escape pods! Continue reading

PDP’s PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote Puts You in Control

pdp remote

The thing I missed most about my PS3 was its perfect Blu-ray remote. When I upgraded to the PS4 last year, I was disappointed that it wasn’t compatible, and so I waited for Sony to release another exemplary first-party equivalent. That never happened. Continue reading

Same Geek Channel: ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter,’ 2.4 “Smoke and Mirrors”

I want that blouse. And those sunglasses. Image via ABC/Disney

Besides the flashbacks, “Smoke and Mirrors” featured one murder, one interrogation scene, one tranquilized Jarvis, a romantic scene between Peggy and Wilkes, and Peggy being threatened with deportation. Not bad for a quieter episode. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Aether Captains’

Aether Captains

The skies above Arkady are filled with airships: pirate warcaptains are eager to wrest control from the Grand Compact, but the Emperor has tasked the Navy with its defense. Pick a side and join in the conflict of ‘Aether Captains’! Continue reading

{ DeviceDiary } Vol. 7 Isn’t All About CES


The { DeviceDiary } is our place to share some of the devices and accessories that rank high in the “cool, I need that” category. Continue reading

GeekDad Interviews ‘Magic Tree House’ Author Mary Pope Osborne

Mary Pope Osborne Books

GeekDad interviews Mary Pope Osborne, author of “The Magic Tree House” about her latest book in the series, “Balto of the Blue Dawn”, the harrowing tale of the 1925 diptheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska, and the brave trip by dog sled to deliver life-saving medicine to the town. Continue reading

Why Math and Reading Skills Usually (But Don’t Always) Go Hand-In-Hand

Image: Flickr/John Flannery cc license

In elementary school the kids in the “redbird” and “bluebird” reading groups tended to be grouped together for math too. Why is that? Why do math and reading ability go hand-in-hand? And why do some kids break this mold to excel in only one? Continue reading

6 Animated Shows You’ll Actually Like Watching With Kids

Watching TV with the family is a time-honored tradition... there must be something we'd all like to watch.

These 6 animated shows are perfect to watch and enjoy with your kids. Get some family time with stories and characters that are interesting and fun to watch for everyone! Continue reading