10 Reasons the History of Science Matters
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One Rock, Two Birds — The TP-LINK WiFi Range Extender With HomePlug

HomePlug - WiFi Range Extender

I have a basement that is not wired for Ethernet, and I’m no mood to run any more cable. The WiFi signal strength down there has never been good, and I’ve had no luck with range extenders. My sons like to play video games and watch Netflix (on the Smart TV) down there, and I frequently join them and bring along my MacBook Air (with no Ethernet port) to do some writing. For my boys, I had previously installed an older TP-Link HomePlug system that worked great… but my laptop wasn’t able to take advantage of the connection. Fortunately, TP-Link has a new solution. Continue reading

Explore Middle-earth, Brick by Brick, in LEGO The Hobbit


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. He was a very well-to-do hobbit with a next-gen console and a lot of free time, which was fortunate, because he couldn’t stop playing a new game about dwarves, and orcs, a dragon, adventure, and a lot of LEGO bricks. Read on to learn about the newest LEGO video game. Continue reading

10 Reasons the History of Science Matters

Camille Flammarion, L'Atmosphere, Meteorologie Populaire, Paris 1888  (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Studying the history of science allows you to have a glimpse into both the history of the world and into just how we discovered everything we know about the world. Those moments of discovery may seem anti-climactic to us now, but imagine not having discovered them at all. Imagine living without that knowledge. Continue reading

Meeting the Moms of ABC, or How I Managed Not to Sound Like an Idiot Talking With Jami Gertz and Ming-Na Wen


Interviewing celebrities is not usually the most comfortable of processes for anyone involved: either you’re doing it remotely via phone or Skype, or you’re sitting in a room in a hotel trying to make the most of the 15 minutes you’ve got. And in either case, the celebrity in question is often either already tired from doing a dozen interviews before you, or is a bit apprehensive because he or she knows there are a dozen more interviews to follow, or both. So it was a hugely refreshing change of pace on the Los Angeles blogger trip I was on a month ago to have the chance to sit down and really chat with a group of ABC TV actresses on a sunny balcony in Burbank. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Eggs & Empires

Eggs & Empires

The downside to writing about Kickstarter projects is that sometimes there are games that I really wish you could just go out and buy right now because I’m having so much fun playing the prototype versions. Eggs & Empires is one such game. Continue reading

Don Bradman Cricket 14 Review


Cricket has always been a sport that has fascinated me. I learned how to play in High School, and living in the Silicon Valley, there are folks playing all over. Indeed, our neighbors across the street built a cage for their son to practice bowling in. So it’s cool to see that, just like all the big sports titles we see for games like Baseball, Football, and Hockey, there’s a real top-notch Cricket videogame as well. Continue reading

Yuri’s Night Is a Time to Celebrate and Reflect on Why We Must Go Into Space

Yuri's Night 2014

Fifty-three years ago today, Yuri Gagarin pierced the veil of Earth’s fragile atmosphere in his Vostok 1 space capsule, becoming the first human being to enter “outer space.” His trip was barely even dipping the tip of a toe into the ocean, but what he began should always be remembered in the annals of human history. In 2001 George and Loretta Whitesides (nee Hidalgo) threw a party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Yuri’s flight. That party has grown into a yearly event, with over 300 parties around the world being held today and this weekend. Continue reading

Amazon Acquires Comixology


Yesterday’s big news — at least for folks who are fans of drawings with words — concerned Amazon.com’s acquisition of digital comics platform Comixology. The open letter to readers from co-founder David Steinberger didn’t exactly get into the finer points of the deal, but it did specifically mention Amazon’s wildly successful Kindle reader line and the fact that Comixology “will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary.” Continue reading