Food processor Metamorphosis Alpha 2015 Cover spirited away

Unboxing the ’80s With Wil Wheaton and


As luck would have it, my Quarterly Co. Wil Wheaton box was delivered the day I went out of town last week, so, as soon as I got home yesterday, I tore into it to see what magical wonders of the ’80s awaited me. I was pretty happy with the first box and was very hopeful for this second, much larger box. Continue reading

Nanoleaf Reinvents the LED Bulb

Nanoleaf Bloom Product Photo

Nanoleaf created an LED lightbulb two times more efficient than those made by larger competitors. Not a small feat when those competitors have been making light bulbs for over a century. Not content with just building a better bulb, they’ve continued to innovate by creating a dimmable bulb that doesn’t need a dimmer switch, a wirelessly connected bulb, and low-power spotlights. Continue reading

8 Things Parents Should Know About ‘I Am Big Bird’


Caroll Spinney is a living legend. Even if you don’t know his name, you know his alter egos: Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. There’s a new (largely Kickstarter-funded) documentary out about his life and work — ‘I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story’ — and it is magical. Continue reading

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 8: Joyous Rapture

RFH logo

The last couple of weeks have been–What’s the word?–oh yeah, brutal. However, in this episode I have elected to play totally against type and focus on the positive. For the most part. Hey, I’m as surprised as you are. Continue reading

‘Nevermore': Hate-Drafting at Its Finest


There’s an art to drafting—obviously you hope to keep whatever’s best for you, but sometimes it’s worth keeping something just because you know your opponent really needs it. That’s called “hate drafting,” and it really shines in ‘Nevermore.’ Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Geeky Coffee Tables


This week’s Stack Overflow includes a few recent (and a couple not-so-recent) oversized, coffee table art books that cover a range of geeky interests. Lock up your wallet if you have as little self-control as I do. Continue reading

Follow Your Child’s Progress With LoveMath™


Just like you, I’m a busy parent. I make it a point to try and keep my kids motivated to learn throughout the summer, but I don’t exactly have the time (or the skillset) to develop full lesson plans. Thankfully LoveMath™ from GPA Learn, GeekDad’s latest sponsor, does this heavy lifting for me. Continue reading