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11 Things Parents Ought to Know by Now

Photo by Visit Greenwich, 

Used under a creative Commons Licnese

So somebody over at the Huffington Post wrote this thing about raising boys, and the blogosphere went a little crazy. It seems some of her observations were a little on the obvious side, and at least a couple of them read to some folks as more than a little sexist. So let’s take a look. You can read the original over at the Huffington Post; here are my comments. Continue reading

My Summer 2014 Eclectic Reading List – Part 1


Now that summer has ended, I’m staring at a stack of books that I’ve finished at various times and need to share with GeekDad readers. I read a LOT more books this summer, but not all of them grabbed my attention or were even finished. One of the problems I have reviewing books for GeekDad is the sheer volume of books that show up in my box. I wish I had time to read them all. I wish all of them appealed to me. And I certainly wish I could devote lengthier discussions to all of them. But I’m a geek dad… meaning I have two boys who are now putting a much higher demand on my time. This means less time for me to read MY books, and even less time to write them up in a timely fashion. Continue reading

Decide World War 2 by Establishing and Destroying Supply Chains


Armies across continents and navies across oceans, but not without the help of a quartermaster, who keeps them supplied. In this fast-paced and fun new WW2 game, nations survive and are defeated on the turn of their supply chains. Continue reading