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Build Your Own Ninja Weapons With Items Found in Your Junk Drawer


The latest book in the “Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction” series offers recipes for building blowguns, shuriken, and all the tools of the trade that any budding ninja needs. Continue reading

Game Trayz Are Everything You Want Game Inserts to Be


For too long, game players have had to suffer with flimsy cardboard dividers and shattered, thin plastic trays to care for their tabletop game components. The time has come to say “No More!” Thankfully, the future of game inserts is here and it is glorious! Continue reading

It’s Not Hawkeye’s Fault!

Jeremy Renner watches Joss Whedon attempt interpretive dance.

Hawkeye’s bad archery is not Jeremy Renner’s fault. The latest photos from the set show director Joss Whedon demonstrating an alleged “archery pose” for actor Jermey Renner, and suddenly it all becomes clear; Renner’s archery mistakes in the first film can be laid squarely at Joss Whedon’s door. Continue reading

Who Stole the Cookie? A Quick Game of Deduction

Who Stole Cookie cards

Here’s a brief break from my all-Kickstarter-all-the-time coverage for a cute little game about stolen cookies. Who Stole the Cookie? is a tiny game by Chris Castagnetto and Victory Point Games. The goal, of course, is to figure out where your cookies are. Continue reading

Now That’s a Rules Lawyer! The Curious Case of a Copycat Card Game

Legends of the Three Kingdoms

I’ve known to be a bit of a rules lawyer myself when playing tabletop games, but that’s just a nickname for somebody who’s nit-picky about following the game rules to the letter. Here’s a recent example of some real rules lawyering that involves some games I’m actually familiar with. Continue reading

Announcements From Calliope Games

Tsuro App

Calliope Games is a GeekDad favorite—I first met Ray Wehrs at PAX Prime several years ago, and since then it’s become a tradition to make a trip to the Calliope booth at the beginning of a convention (and sometimes also at the end). This year at Gen Con, Wehrs made several announcements about some things that Calliope has in store. Continue reading