Help for Crowdfunding Addicts

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Do you spend money on things and then forget that you’ve purchased them until they arrive on your doorstep? Do you frequently pester your family, friends, and even total strangers to patronize the arts? Does your heart beat a little faster at the mention of unfinished prototypes?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be suffering from turbafiscitis. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Continue reading

Turning Off The Conair CD108 Infiniti Curling Iron Via Email

Problem - Solution

My wife sometimes leaves things plugged in and turned on. Dangerous things. Like her curling iron. It’s not unheard-of for her to be a couple miles down the road, heading out to run some errands with the boys in the back seat all buckled in. “Did I leave the curling iron on?” she wonders. This problem called for a drastic solution. A solution that would justify four years of engineering school. A problem that so many of us geek spouses wait 20, 30, or even 40 years of marriage to encounter… and then take down with extreme prejudice. Continue reading

Randall Munroe Announces What If? Book

What If?

Randall Munroe, creator of the brilliant xkcd webcomic, also answers hypothetical scientific questions on his What If? site. Munroe announced earlier today that he will be publishing a book based on the site. The book will include some revised versions of his favorites from the site, plus questions that he has collected over the years of “particularly neat questions.” Continue reading

The GeekDads Guide to SXSW 2014: 10 Must-see Events at the Nation’s Largest Interactive Festival

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I can’t tell you every session or event to be at, but I can recommend ten events that every geek dad should go to. Continue reading

Parenting Olympics

Parenting Olympics

I’ve long thought about writing a “parent exercises” post but have never gotten around to it. Well, thanks to The Ugly Volvo (a parenting humor blog), now I don’t have to. Earlier this week she posted the Parenting Olympics, explaining several medal-worthy events that parents train for every day (like Unacknowledged Weightlifting, pictured above). Continue reading

10 Things Sci-fi Promised Us That DID Happen in 2013 (or Thereabout)


Last week I published a list of top 10 things science fiction promised us that didn’t happen in 2013. So, lest you think I’m completely negative, let’s take a look at a few things that did happen in 2013… Continue reading

Kids Rule in Keepers of the Lost Art

Keepers of the Lost Art

I’ve been asking myself a serious question for the past few days since reading Issue #1 of Keepers of the Lost Art, a new comic book that is looking to raise funds to put the comic book in 5000+ kids’ hands and support a website full of activities, adventure, and more: How can I encourage my two young boys to stretch their imaginations and explore their world with more physical play and less digital/virtual experiences? Continue reading

What I Learned from Hour of Code (x12)

Image: Melissa Ford

Each day, when I returned to the school like the Pied Piper of Circuits to lead another round of workshops, more and more kids started gathering at the computer lab door. I think that’s a sign of how interested kids are to keep exploring STEM fields. I had a fifth grader who told me at the beginning of the workshop that she didn’t really like computers who informed me later that she’s now thinking about studying computer science. I think that’s an hour well spent. After all, there are going to be 1.2 million new jobs in STEM fields in 2018. Who is going to fill them if we don’t raise the next generation with that information? Continue reading

Have Yourself an Angsty Little Christmas: 12 Geeky Holiday Tunes to Raise Your Spirits


The winter solstice is a time of joy and merriment. It’s a time to visit family, to renew old friendships, and commune in a spirit of love, brotherhood and sisterhood with our fellow Homo sapiens. It’s no wonder, then, that this season has produced some of the most angst-filled music ever heard, and no one knows how to throw down the angst like a geek.

Here are 12 great and geeky holiday tunes to help you alleviate your holiday angst. Continue reading