So, About That Wonder Woman Lunchbox…


A couple of days ago, a user on Reddit posted photos of a Wonder Woman lunchbox with a letter allegedly sent from a school to the parents of the child who brought said lunchbox to school. The story was immediately picked up and recirculated across the internet. Every site that posted it simply pointed back to the same story on another site, all of which come back down to a single post on Reddit that links to images on Imgur, posted by the same person. Continue reading

Critical Flaw in Smart Homes and Internet of Things

Graphic of IoT with ZigBee logo

Security researchers identified a critical vulnerability in the wireless standard used for connectivity in many Internet of Things and smart home devices. Continue reading

5 Great Podcasts for 5 Kinds of Geeks

Five Tasty Podcasts

With time scarce, I find podcasts to be the best tool to help me find out about the things I might want to explore further. GeekDad of course has its own but I thought I might outline five more that I really enjoy for five flavors of geek. Continue reading

‘Pacific Standard’ Profiles GeekDad Matt Blum

Matt & Muppets

Noah Davis of Pacfic Standard has an ongoing Q&A column called “What Makes You So Smart?” This week’s interview subject is our very own Matt Blum, editor-in-chief of GeekDad. If you’ve ever wondered what makes Matt tick, here’s a little peek inside his brain. Continue reading

The Home of Tomorrow Today


As I made my way through CES 2015, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that I’d been lied to. Allow me to explain: the future I was promised was big and shiny and festooned with silver lamé jumpsuits. And also robots. Lots of robots. Continue reading