Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run


Shadowrun: Crossfire, a cooperative deck-building game set in the Shadowrun universe, is currently on a ship headed toward the US and should be in stores by the end of August. But here’s your chance to win an early copy that Catalyst Game Labs has sitting in their office now. Continue reading

Crowdfunding Basics: A Primer

Crowdfunding Basics

Here at GeekDad we write about a lot of crowdfunding projects—mostly on Kickstarter, but also on Indiegogo and various other platforms. We often assume you already know all about Kickstarter. But if you haven’t ever backed a campaign, you might not be familiar with crowdfunding works and what you should expect. Here’s a primer on what you should know before you pledge. Continue reading

Rejected Princesses: Too Much for the Mouse


A former effects animator at Dreamworks, Jason Porath has created Rejected Princesses, a website devoted to notable women who are too awesome, awful, oddball or horrifying to ever appear in an animated musical. The site is not at all appropriate for children (Jason’s a bit, shall we say, blunt and colorful in his language, and some of the featured ladies are sure to raise a lot of uncomfortable questions from young readers), but several of the stories, particularly the real-life women, might serve as subjects for school assignments for high school students. Continue reading

Truth, Justice & Stuff Like That

Splash screen featuring the Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation. Image: WGBH 2014

While everyone is enjoying superhero origin stories this year with X-Men, Spider-Man and Gotham, I thought I would (self-)indulge with my own trip down memory lane. Harking back to 2002, I and a handful of chums (Gentry, Kevin and Rick) formed the FFFBI, the Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation: a motley crew of animal agents led by Agents Elbow and Wrist guided kids on adventures to foreign lands and some closer to home in valiant attempts to thwart (there was a lot of thwarting) the strangely charismatic Skip Intro and his Cyber-Toothed Tigers, not to mention C.R.U.S.T. and the Sandwich Faced Daddy’s Boys. Continue reading

Video Games, D&D, and Farting on the Bus: Bad for You Is Good for You

death race_cu

Bad for You: Exposing the War on Fun is an illustrated tour through cultural freak-outs. The book is a historical look at the hysterical horror adults have felt about kids activities, from comics, games, technology, play, and thought. It’s a fun, surprising and biting survey. GeekDad has an interview with authors Kevin C. Pyle and Scott Cunningham. Continue reading

Zombies, D-Bags & Cutting-Edge Content Marketing: Q&A With Estately’s Ryan Nickum


Maps of kale preference, Crossfit, livability for hippies and more are the brain child of one man, Ryan Nickum, blogging for the real estate site Estately. Is content marketing via the inane intersection of data and geekified awesomeness genius or madness? We called Ryan Nickum to find out. Continue reading

Crowdfailing: The Downside of “Successful” Crowdfunding

Brooklyn Bridge Kickstarter

For every Veronica Mars Kickstarter success story, there are crowdfunding projects that just didn’t work out—and I’m not just talking about projects that don’t hit their funding goals. In fact, some of the most dispiriting stories may be the ones about a successfully-funded project unraveling. Continue reading