A Scientist’s Curiosity Cabinet


A friend of mine sent me a link to this site: A Scientist’s Curiosity Cabinet. Professor T. Ross Kelly teaches chemistry at Boston College, and has been collecting little oddities for over two decades. Many of them illustrate various scientific principles; he has motors, cannons, flash paper, illusions, and more. Continue reading

This Thursday: Social Media Blackout Day

Social Media Blackout

Knock Knock, purveyor of fine paper goods (like funny checklists) and oddities (like Clump-o-Lumps) has declared this Thursday, October 16, the first ever Social Media Blackout Day. Continue reading

Toyota Targets Geeky Families With New 2015 Sienna Video Ad


For the launch of the new 2015 model Sienna minivan, Toyota has worked with well-known Internet video personalities to produce a series of soft-sell online ads. The first two have been released, and one is aimed straight at geek families, and geek dads in specific. Continue reading

Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run


Shadowrun: Crossfire, a cooperative deck-building game set in the Shadowrun universe, is currently on a ship headed toward the US and should be in stores by the end of August. But here’s your chance to win an early copy that Catalyst Game Labs has sitting in their office now. Continue reading

Crowdfunding Basics: A Primer

Crowdfunding Basics

Here at GeekDad we write about a lot of crowdfunding projects—mostly on Kickstarter, but also on Indiegogo and various other platforms. We often assume you already know all about Kickstarter. But if you haven’t ever backed a campaign, you might not be familiar with crowdfunding works and what you should expect. Here’s a primer on what you should know before you pledge. Continue reading