Kinect Sports Rivals Captures the Family

Kinect Sports Rivals Target Shooting

Kinect on Xbox 360 is a love it or hate it kind of affair. On Xbox One though Kinect Sports Rivals shows that the quibbles are gone, to leave a highly competitive and reliable way to play sports in the family. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Drones: Parallax ELEV-8 & AR.Drone 2.0

[Parallax ELEV-8] [Parrot AR.Drone 2.0]

As we come out of a cold and bitter winter into spring, you may look towards the sky yourself and think of getting a UAV or drone of your own. There are lots of great smaller models of drone out there but in this article, I take a look at two of the heavier hitters, the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 and the Parallax ELEV-8. These are two very different commercial options, in a similar class, and both are outstanding for their different uses. Continue reading

What Developers on Kickstarter Can Learn from Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Months ago, I started sending out what I call a canary-in-a-coal mine email when it comes to Kickstarter. People are asking me for money, and if they are, they better take the time to be accessible. If they don’t have the time or energy to deal with the outreach necessary to raise funding for a project, they probably shouldn’t undertake the project at that time. And frankly, with the fact that there is little recourse if the project isn’t delivered after raising the money, it behooves investors to do some research into what sort of developers they’re funding beyond the basics of the project: are they reliable, accessible, and most importantly, will they have the emotional bandwidth to see the project through to its end? Continue reading

Back to the Lab: Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage

Robot Army Rampage

Robots. Say that word to kids and watch their eyes light up. Mine still do! I’ve had a fascination with robots since 1977 when I decided in the first five minutes of Star Wars that I wanted my own R2 unit. Now my workshop is full of them, and I’m even getting to teach a camp this summer for 20 lucky kids who are going to learn to build, program, and take home their own robot. My camp does have an age limit, however — we’ll be using breadboards, lots of small electronics components, and some coding will be necessary. I have an almost-7 year old son who is a bit upset that he can’t take the class, but I’ve got some other ideas in store for him this summer, and one of those includes reading through the latest book in the Nick and Tesla series from “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steven Hockensmith. Continue reading

Perfect All-in-One Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (UK Only)

Deluxe Kit

I’ve been tinkering for some time with the Arduino family of micro controllers, but lately I’ve been wanting to start investigating the new Raspberry Pi credit card-sized computer. When the Pi first arrived, users simply purchased the small circuit board and provided their own add-ons like a keyboard, mouse, and display. But now, the Pi has arrived and is finally being bundled in kits that allow beginners to jump right in with a minimum of fuss. One of these is the U:Create Raspberry Pi Deluxe Starter Kit available in the UK for £99.99. Continue reading

Facebook for Middle-earth: Six Degrees of Sauron, Another Project from LOTR Project


With the release of the second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug, comes the latest insane offering from the LOTR Project—-Six Degrees of Sauron, which shows the connections between characters in Tolkien’s works. Users can type in two characters from Tolkien’s vast legendarium and see the chain of who-knows-who. Perfect for the next time you need to sneak into a Mordor night club. Continue reading