Five Gift Ideas for the Geek Who Has Everything


You are currently down to the proverbial wire. You’re in a gift-shopping crunch, and likely the folks remaining on your list aren’t still they’re because they’re your least favorite; they’re likely just difficult to shop for. With that in mind, here are a handful of helpful suggestions. Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Material6 iPhone 6 Case Upgrades Your Look Without Adding Bulk

Material 6 iPhone 6 Case in Curly Figured Cherry

Despite some initial misgivings about its thinness and a personal preference for the chunkier form factor of my old iPhone 4s, I’ve grown to love my iPhone 6. In fact that thin profile is part of the new iPhone’s charm. I’ve never been a bulky case guy, but I do like some protection from scratches. I’m a sucker for natural materials and I think wood, metal and glass look pretty nice when used together. All of which lands me in the target demographic for the iPhone 6 case from Material6. Continue reading

Hands-On With the $200 OneUp 3D Printer


I first spotted the OneUp 3D Printer at the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire (San Mateo, CA) this last May. What caught my eye was not just the simplicity of the printer but also the colors… a variety of colors of laser-cut acrylic made the little 3DP really stand out. Both kids and adults were gawking and squeezing in for a closer look. I made a note to myself to keep an eye on this company… Continue reading

Gadget Review: MobileLite Wireless G2 Media Reader


On our most recent family vacation, we ran into an offline storage dilemma. My son wanted some movies on his mobile device and my daughter wanted a few on hers – all while not deleting any of the apps or photos that they had stored… Continue reading

Hacking the Holidays


One of my favorite things about the maker revolution is the availability of tools that a decade ago were out of reach of the average hobbyist. Sure, magazines like Nuts & Volts catered to the die-hard hobbyists, but before the internet, and before e-commerce it was difficult for the average guy to find the parts for their projects. It wasn’t just availability either, the price of these things was high. Development boards for microcontrollers cost upwards of $100 and more, and small parts often had a minimum order of 100 units.
Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Aether Cone, a Futuristic Intelligent Music Player

Aether Cone speaker is portable

I’m a big music geek, someone who follows technology closely and a guy with an appreciation for premium sound and industrial design. I’m the curator of an ever-increasing collection of speaker docks and wireless speakers — always in search of a great listening experience. You can bet I jumped at the opportunity when GeekDad sponsor Aether offered to send me one of its Aether Cone wireless speakers. The Cone is billed as an intelligent music player, one that not only takes your voice requests, but learns your preferences. It looks like nothing else out there, too. I spent a few weeks getting to know the Cone. If you’re a serious music fan, someone with a keen interest in technology or you appreciate interesting design, the Aether Cone should definitely be on your wireless speaker short list. Continue reading

Meze Headphones Review and Giveaway (No, Really, You’ll Want to Enter!)


I’m a fan of Meze Headphones, indeed a very big fan ever since Antonio Meze contacted us two-and-a-half years ago asking if we’d like to test his new line of high-quality and high-design headphones. Antonio has sent me four different sets now, and each one has been a winner, but the most recent are my favorite. Continue reading

ZAGG Slim Book: Turn Your iPad Mini Into the Tiniest MacBook Air Clone

ZAGG Slim Book case beside MacBook Air

In recent months, I’ve reviewed several ZAGG keyboard cases for Apple iPads. The ZAGG Folio was the keyboard case that finally convinced me my iPad Mini could actually be useful as a productivity tool. The Rugged Book let me turn an iPad Air into a kids’ laptop, perfect for school and with toughness to survive being carted around in a bag and suffering the occasional collision with a wall or piece of furniture. ZAGG sent me their latest iteration, the Slim Book, and I have to say, this is the best one yet. A keyboard case that combines the best elements of the Folio and the Rugged Book, and an aluminum finish that transforms an iPad Mini into a miniature — but functional — iPad Air clone. Continue reading

Geeky Gadget Roundup

Creative Soundblaster Roar

I’m kinda slow with gadget reviews—it usually takes me a while to see how well (or whether) a device fits into my life and really becomes useful. There are some devices that immediately become indispensable, and others that seem incredibly cool but just aren’t for me. And, of course, there are some duds that just don’t live up to the buzz. Here are a handful of gadgets and gizmos that I’ve gotten to try out in the past few months. Continue reading

Kobo Aura H2O: Last Year’s Top Premium E-Reader Goes Waterproof

Kobo Aura H2O is waterproof

Last year I wrote a review of the Kobo Aura HD, a premium e-reader with an ultra-sharp display. Many people thought Kobo was losing it for releasing an e-reader that cost more than many tablets instead of focusing on releasing models cheap enough to be impulse buys. A year after the Aura HD and Amazon was in the premium game too, with the $219 Kindle Voyage. Rather than enter an all-out spec war with Amazon, Kobo opted for a different strategy with its followup: take the Aura HD and make it waterproof. Continue reading