Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener With a WeMo Maker

Maker Feature

How’d you like to ditch your garage door remote control and move that functionality to your mobile phone? If you’re thinking to yourself “sounds cool, but way beyond my technical abilities,” then I’m going to tell you that you’re wrong. Continue reading

Architechnologist’s { DeviceDiary } Vol. 6


The { DeviceDiary } is our place to share all the devices and accessories that come from the cutting-edge tech that change the way we experience the world. Continue reading

Lunchbox Electronics: Fun DIY Kits and Components for Kids (and Their Parents)


Alicia Gibb is an inventor with a background in art education and information science, which puts her in a sort of sweet spot when it comes to STEAM education. She started her company, Lunchbox Electronics, to sell products she’s created to help fill an underserved niche in kids’ learning: Making learning about electronics easy, accessible, and most of all fun. Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Sound Cover for iPad Air

Onanoff Sound Cover

Do you need an iPad cover that does double duty as a kickstand-style Bluetooth speaker? Sounds good—perfect for watching video or viewing your music playlist—but this cover must be popped off the iPad first… Speaker or tablet case, but not both at the same time. It’s a bit of a head scratcher… Continue reading

Meet Buzz, a “Pixel Pal” You Can Build and Program

Soldering Sunday's Buzz -  A New Pixel Pal

Soldering Sunday’s new Pixel Pal Buzz is a cute robot-shaped circuit board with two LED lights for eyes and a belly button buzzer, available now through Kickstarter. Pixel Pals are fun and educational kits that develop STEAM skills. Buzz starts with a few easy components to solder, but unlike most starter kits, it keeps growing from there. Continue reading