{ DeviceDiary } Vol. 7 Isn’t All About CES


The { DeviceDiary } is our place to share some of the devices and accessories that rank high in the “cool, I need that” category. Continue reading

HTC Vive: Your Own Personal Holodeck, Pre-order February 29th

HTC Vive Pre

News that the HTC Vive will be preordering February 29th, with an April release, rekindled memories of my most substantial experience from PAX Prime 2015. Continue reading

A History of Computer Entertainment

Adapted from an image by Paul J. Rush.

Recently, at the Christmas party at work, talk turned to our first computers, and from there to the computer games we played back then. “Ah,” says one, “‘Defender of the Crown’ on my Amiga, that was something.” “‘Monkey Island,'” says another. “Those Infocom games,” says I. As we continue reminiscing, I realize that none of my colleagues is aware of ‘The Digital Antiquarian,’ who during the past years has thoroughly researched these and many more computer game classics. Continue reading

littleBits Kits on Sale Today! Get Your Kids Into Electronics for the Holidays


We’ve talked about littleBits a LOT on GeekDad, because they’re great portals into the world of electronics, engineering, and programming for kids. Well, today’s Amazon Daily Deal, JUST in time for Christmas, is on a variety of littleBits kits. Continue reading

Nvidia SHIELD TV: A Cord Cutter’s Dream


Nvidia’s SHIELD TV, based on Android TV, is one of the latest devices to make your TV smarter and is a gaming cord cutter’s dream. Continue reading

AppLights Projection Spotlight: Inexpensive, App-Controlled Christmas Lighting

AppLights Projection Spotlight programmable Christmas lights

It’s holiday decorating season and as I do every year, I was keeping my eye out for interesting outdoor lights. I’ve been quite happy with connected lights like the Philips Hue series and when we saw the AppLights Projection Spotlight at Home Depot, we thought we’d give it a try to supplement our usual assortment of LED Christmas lights. Here’s how it’s worked out. Continue reading

Review: Smart Anatomy: Interactive Human Body


Smart Anatomy from Oregon Scientific is the perfect way to teach kids about human anatomy. Smart Anatomy is packed with tons of information and activities of various levels so that it can be a learning tool for children of all ages and will provide years of educational experience. Continue reading

PowerUp 3.0 Bluetooth Controlled Paper Airplane Conversion Kit Review, Giveaway, and Kickstarter Announcement!

PowerUp 3.0

Are you obsessed with flying? Does your kid use up reams of paper making airplanes? PowerUp 3.0 is an inexpensive drone that lets you combine hobbies! Enter to win one and find out about their new Kickstarter. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener With a WeMo Maker

Maker Feature

How’d you like to ditch your garage door remote control and move that functionality to your mobile phone? If you’re thinking to yourself “sounds cool, but way beyond my technical abilities,” then I’m going to tell you that you’re wrong. Continue reading

Architechnologist’s { DeviceDiary } Vol. 6


The { DeviceDiary } is our place to share all the devices and accessories that come from the cutting-edge tech that change the way we experience the world. Continue reading