After-School Minecraft Camp Teaches Coding, Tree-Punching


Getting our kids a leg-up with STEM-related activities is key to us GeekParents, and we know very well that if we can raise our kids with an intrinsic technical savvy, as well as knowing how to do things like code, we’ll be doing them a tremendous service. But the question is always how to do it while making sure they’re having fun. Continue reading

Running Geek: SafSounds Earbuds for Safer Running


I recently received a set of SafSounds alternative earphone safety tips. You may be asking yourself, what the heck are earphone safety tips? If you wear your earbuds when being able to hear background noise is a good idea, then Safsounds are for you. Continue reading

Record Anywhere With the iRig Mic Studio

irig mic studio

As a longtime podcaster, I imagine I think a lot more about microphones than, say, your average man on the street. I’m also a bit of a gadget guy, so if something functions better or packs more features into a smaller footprint or, hell, just looks cooler, I’m usually down. Suffice it to say the iRig Mic Studio from IK Multimedia hits all the aforementioned high points. Continue reading

Kickstarter Gadget Heads-up: PUGZ Wireless Headphones

Today I wanted to give all our Kickstarter fanatics, Lord knows I’m one, a heads up on what looks to be a cool gadget. The PUGZ wireless headphones. They’re small, even for wireless headphones, and packed with all the features expected of headphones in today’s world of smartphones. Continue reading

Gadget Review: Inateck Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

MercuryBox cover

The last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of testing the MercuryBox by Inateck. This compact Bluetooth speaker is splash-proof in all directions, making it the perfect Bluetooth speaker for those situations when it would be dangerous to bring most speakers. While not perfect, this speaker took very little time to become part of my routine and has become one of my most relied-upon musical devices. Continue reading

The GoBox – Subscription Robot Kit With Parts Delivered Monthly


Years ago, I wrote some books about LEGO Mindstorms robotics. During my research and investigation of third party sensors and other components, I stumbled upon Dexter Industries and was quite impressed with the quality of their products. I became a fan, and continue to be impressed by everything they do… including their most recent Kickstarter. Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Taco Dual, Stereo Bluetooth Speaker(s)

ideaUSA Taco Dual Bluetoothspeaker

One of the cooler tricks that some higher end wireless portable speakers are able to pull off is pairing two units for stereo sound. I’ve tried out this feature with speakers like the Vers 1Q and various Sonos products and it’s great—having a pair of wireless speakers for true stereo separation adds a lot to the listening experience compared to a single speaker. However, it’s also expensive. Continue reading