GeekDad Review: Grain Audio OHEP Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones

Grain Audio's wlanut cup OHEP headphones

If you follow the world of Kickstarter campaigns, you’ve probably heard of Grain Audio. The brainchild of “two ex-Altec Lansing guys, an architect/furniture designer and a liquor industry operational expert,” Grain Audio raised over $155k (well over the $120k goal) to produce a line-up of premium audio gear featuring solid wood design. I was sent a pair of OHEP Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones featuring FSC certified walnut ear cups to try out. The wood certainly makes for an attractive set of headphones, but does it make them sound better? Continue reading

Paper Cut: Replacing Paper With the Boogie Board

Boogie Boards

We use a lot of scrap paper: my wife writes notes for the kids before she leaves for work in the morning; I’ll grab paper to jot down a correct spelling or help my kids work out a math problem; my kids doodle constantly and their drawings accumulate around the house like fallen leaves, eventually to be scooped up and tossed into the recycling bin. While I doubt I’ll ever be a totally paperless house, the Boogie Board can replace at least some of those uses. Continue reading

Follow Your Child’s Progress With LoveMath™


Just like you, I’m a busy parent. I make it a point to try and keep my kids motivated to learn throughout the summer, but I don’t exactly have the time (or the skillset) to develop full lesson plans. Thankfully LoveMath™ from GPA Learn, GeekDad’s latest sponsor, does this heavy lifting for me. Continue reading

Go Solar With Today’s Amazon Daily Deal


Amazon challenges us to go solar with our portable and emergency power today, featuring deep daily deals on three Goal Zero solar-based power systems, and more discounts on Goal Zero’s range of products, from portable solar panels to large back-up battery/inverters that can be charged by those panels. You can get everything you need to keep life running off the grid. Continue reading

3D Printing Tips and Tricks: PLA vs Humidity


I haven’t used my 3D printers much since February, so most of my filament has been sitting on the shelf since. This has not been an issue in recent years as this part of Texas is reasonably dry, and unusually so the last 5 years. This winter and spring, however, have conspired to teach me a lesson about the proper treatment and storage of PLA printer filament. Continue reading

Get the Ultimate Rechargeable Battery — For Your Car


Today’s Amazon daily deal is for the Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger Power Bank, which is basically a portable, rechargeable battery like you might have for traveling with your gadgets. However, the Anker has the ability to jump start your car (as well as recharge your phone, tablet, and act as a flashlight). Continue reading