The Meze 11 Classics Earbuds Will Put Wood in Your Ears


Earbuds and I don’t get along. I’ve been through countless pairs, and I’ve hated them all. Some fall out, some have crappy audio quality, some look like they were made for 4-year-olds. But if you’re in the market for high-end earbuds that deliver fantastic audio and just look downright stunning, you can’t go wrong with these. Continue reading

The Science of Becoming a Math Person


What caught my ear wasn’t the fact that a young, hipsterish guy struggled with subtraction Captchas; it was the fact that he excused it, saying, “Hey, I’m not a numbers person…” Continue reading

BattleBots Week 5 Recap – The Great Eight, Fire Flips, and the De-Icer


BattleBots Week 5 – aka the quarterfinals. As always, Anton Olsen and Kishore Hari are here to breakdown the best bouts, worst moments, and everything in between. Spoilers galore, so just watch the embed bouts before reading the commentary. Continue reading

A.I. Research Mines ‘Minecraft’ to Mimic Human Learning

Image: Flickr/ToiletPro cc license

“The whole of ‘Minecraft’ is what we refer to as ‘A.I. complete.’ If you can do all of ‘Minecraft’ you could solve anything,” says Brown University researcher. Continue reading

Review: HybridLight Solar Lantern, Flashlight, and Charger


Two things are fairly scarce when you’re in the wilderness or at a campground–light and power. The HybridLight Solar Lantern is a great all-in-one that works as a flashlight, expands to a lantern, and can even charge your phone or other USB powered device. Continue reading

Spire: Track Your Body and Mind


There’s been an explosion in “wearable tech” recently, and I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t jumped on that particular bandwagon. The idea of doodads clipped to my body that constantly measure various vital signs is at first a fascinating idea and very science fiction-y…but it quickly becomes a rather frightening prospect. Spire is one of the latest of such doodads, and I had the opportunity to give it a test run over the past few weeks. Officially, it is “a wearable device made for body and mind, tracking how you move and breathe.” Continue reading