Sphero – The Ball That Does It All (With Brent Spiner!)

Sphero Feature

I would say that it is great to have a toy that not only the kids enjoy but I also like, but that is nearly all of them! I should probably say that it is great when I get a toy and the kids enjoy playing with it also – at least when I let them play with it. So is true with my latest acquisition, Sphero! Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Boreal 21 Folding Bow Saw

Boreal 21 folding saw

March is winding down, and that doesn’t just mean the snow is beginning to disappear (at least where I live), it means that camping season is fast approaching. So I was pretty excited when the Agawa Canyon team offered to send me one of their Boreal 21 folding bow saws to try out. Continue reading

Review: Kidz Gear Headphones With Mic

Image: Kidz Gear

If your kids aren’t just listening, but are also learning and creating with their devices in such a way that requires them to speak, they will need headphones that can do the complete job. But you’ll still want to protect their young ears from loud volumes. Continue reading

Kickstarter Review: MudWatt Getting Dirty With STEM


MudWatt is a microbial fuel cell kit that is intended to teach and spark an interest in energy, biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering across a wide-range of ages. Continue reading

Grovemade Maple and Leather iPhone Case: Handcrafted Awesomeness

Grovemade handcrafted iPhone 6 case

I have another iPhone 6 case to write about his week, but this is one that I’m really excited about. I first heard about it just after the iPhone 6 launch, and I’ve been waiting ever since then for it to get past the prototyping stage. A few weeks ago, the Grovemade Maple and Leather iPhone Case finally arrived and man, was this one worth the wait. Clever design, handcrafted from 100 percent natural materials, flawlessly finished and a perfect fit. It’s not cheap, but this iPhone 6 case is worth the investment. Continue reading

5 Great Podcasts for 5 Kinds of Geeks

Five Tasty Podcasts

With time scarce, I find podcasts to be the best tool to help me find out about the things I might want to explore further. GeekDad of course has its own but I thought I might outline five more that I really enjoy for five flavors of geek. Continue reading

Calling All Makers: Be a Part of the Denver Mini Maker Faire


Fire up your soldering irons and sharpen up your scissors. The 2015 Mini Maker Faire is returning to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science June 13-14, and they want you. Continue reading

Unboxing Wil Wheaton With Quarterly.co


Quarterly Co. is another contender in the surprise-in-a-box arena. Their unique take is that they have different subscriptions based on curators. When I heard that none other than Wil Wheaton was becoming a curator, I signed up immediately. Continue reading

News Websites for Kids

Common Sense Media logo

Parents don’t always want their kids to watch unfiltered news because of vulgarity, violence, and other inappropriate content. Here are some tools to help you get your kids engaged with the news while paying attention to which articles they see. Continue reading

Two Budget Tablets Worth Your Time

NextBook and Kurio

My dear grandfather, the man who instilled within me a love of technology (and specifically consumer electronics), is fond of telling me that you just can’t skimp on hardware. Frank Zappa, on the other hand, famously declared “If we can’t be free, at least we can be cheap.” Continue reading