‘Storm Hollow': A Storytelling Game for the Whole Family


‘Storm Hollow’ is clever in a child-appealing way, without being adult-alienating. In other words, it’s a great game for parents who enjoy roleplaying games to enjoy with their children. Continue reading

Sharing Classic Films With Your Kids

'Frankenstein': Traumatizing children for 84 years.

A lot of geeky media includes references to older, less-geeky media. It’s not enough to just show our kids the geek standards; they need to see the films that the geek standards are referencing. So I started compiling a list of classic films that I think kids ought to see. Continue reading

The 15 Best (or Worst) Pixar Movies of All Time Ranked


With the release of Inside Out giving Kleenex stock a boost, a discussion began to brew behind the scenes here at GeekDad HQ. What’s your favorite Pixar film? What’s your least favorite? What’s your thirteenth favorite? Continue reading

Computer Club: Let’s Play Interactive Fiction Together

don't panic button

So I want to start a monthly computer club where we all play the same game at the same time. Bookmark the post at the beginning of the month and then start talking in the comment thread. What do you like about the game? What do you dislike? Where are you stuck? Has anyone figured out how to get the dart out of the bar? What about kill the troll? Get the shield? Continue reading

A Geek Dad’s Year-End, Get-It-Done Self Review for 2014


I just googled a few items and discovered I haven’t done a year-end, get-it-done review since the end of 2012. I’d done one for 2011 and 2012, but somehow 2013 came and went and I have no idea what happened there. I’ll just blame it on my kids.

My hope is that some of the information below might be useful to you in your own personal and work lives. And trust me… for every item I seem to have under control, there’s a matching item that is completely chaos. I’m looking at my kids again. Continue reading

11 Things Parents Ought to Know by Now

Photo by Visit Greenwich, 

Used under a creative Commons Licnese

So somebody over at the Huffington Post wrote this thing about raising boys, and the blogosphere went a little crazy. It seems some of her observations were a little on the obvious side, and at least a couple of them read to some folks as more than a little sexist. So let’s take a look. You can read the original over at the Huffington Post; here are my comments. Continue reading

When I First Held You — 22 Dads, 22 Essays On Being A Dad

When I First Held You

My oldest son turns 7 in two weeks. Where did the time go? And my youngest is just a few weeks after that, with him approaching the big 4. As birthday parties are being planned and requests for birthday gift ideas are made, I find myself sitting alone in my office, contemplating the job I’ve done as a dad and what waits for me in the years ahead. The reason for this contemplation is that I’ve been enjoying reading a series of 22 essays from a number of popular dad writers, all collected in a new book titled When I First Held You, and edited by Brian Gresko. Continue reading

“Hawkeye, World’s Worst Archer” – The Rest of the Story


Back in March of 2012, when GeekDad was still part of Wired, I wrote an article about Hawkeye’s actual archery ability as seen in the trailers and publicity photos for the Avengers. The article got a lot of page-views, and I heard from some readers; I got some nice emails from people who liked it, a few from people who wanted to argue some of my points, and one hilarious message full of invective and profanity from somebody who was outraged that I would malign his favorite superhero. Recently I got an email from somebody who read it and had a different reaction. Since it is the nicest response I’ve ever received from anything I’ve ever written, I thought I would share it with you (with the author’s permission, of course). Continue reading

Sweet Mother of Preston Tucker! More Middleman?!


When The Middleman was abruptly canceled by ABC Family after 12 episodes in 2008, fans were left without closure. Now, Middleman creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach has launched a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo with three goals in mind: to reissue all of the Middleman comics in new large-format editions and set them up on a print-on-demand service to keep them available; to produce a new graphic novel in which the TV and comic book continuities merge; and to stage a cast reunion and reading of the script of the new comic (titled The Pan-Universal Parental Reconciliation) for a live audience in May 2014. Continue reading

Geek Dads, Please Help! — Library For All

Library For All

Time is short, so this will be a short post. There’s a Kickstarter project that needs help — they’re SO close to their goal, but need some more assistance. It’s called Library For All, and the goal of its team “is to build a digital library providing e-book content to those living in impoverished communities, using technology specifically adapted to the low bandwidth internet connections of these communities and the lack of technology familiarity among the intended users.” Continue reading