Camping at Arrowhead: Gear Stress Test Results

Stubb's Falls

I just wrapped up two weeks of camping at Arrowhead provincial park (a few hours north of Toronto). While there, I took advantage of the time and activities to put some of the gear I’ve accumulated recently through extended, real-world tests. Continue reading

Day One at GenCon: The Big Picture


GenCon is big. Whether you count in attendance (more than 120,000 people), events (more than 11,000), or dollars (more than 50,000,000), it’s the largest annual consumer fantasy, electronic, sci-fi and adventure game convention in North America. Continue reading

Fun Dungeon Crawling and Building With ‘Guild of Dungeoneering’


Gambrinous recently released ‘Guild of Dungeoneering,’ a PC and Mac game that combines dungeon crawling, dungeon building, and roguelike elements in a fun, light-hearted way with a unique, hand-drawn look and feel. Continue reading

Running Geek: Ultra X Training Camp With Eric Orton


As a continuation of my running training, I visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming last week to take part in Eric Orton’s Ultra X Training Camp. I ran over 50 miles, climbing almost 18,000 feet in the Teton Mountains. Continue reading

The Science of Becoming a Math Person


What caught my ear wasn’t the fact that a young, hipsterish guy struggled with subtraction Captchas; it was the fact that he excused it, saying, “Hey, I’m not a numbers person…” Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: ‘Evolutionary Tales': A Child’s First Book on Evolution


‘Evolutionary Tales’ is a new book by Matt Cubberly with beautiful illustrations from May Villani that just launched on Kickstarter. ‘Evolutionary Tales’ showcases ten very different animals and how they evolved and is a great introduction to evolution for young children. Continue reading

Clothes Make the Man: Get Shoe Furious

shoe fury

I, like many people, have been a fan of Converse All Stars for a long time–even if they are the footwear equivalent of perfectly mussed hair. For me, though, the new, comfort-focused changes to the line come a bit too late, as I’ve already found a new favorite flavor in the iconic canvas high-top. Continue reading

When Connected Lighting Meets TV: Oh Hell Maybe.

Syfy Sync + Hue w/ Sharknado
Image Credit: Syfy

Does the campy ‘Sharknado’ use the Philips Hue lighting system to signal the first sparks of the integration enhanced environment in daily life? Continue reading

Otakon Begins and the Otaku Converge on Baltimore


Otakon is this weekend in Baltimore. It’s a convention for fans of Asian popular culture. It originally began as an event for fans of Japanese animation, but has since expanded to include fans of all Asian culture entertainment. It also happens to be the largest and longest-running Japanese animation convention on the East Coast of the United States. Continue reading

Tasty, Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly From VeganCuts


It seems everywhere you turn nowadays, there is a new monthly subscription box to fulfill some niche. Instead of just providing “stuff,” VeganCuts is actually providing something everyone needs–healthy snacks! Continue reading

Meet the Cast of ‘Ant-Man’

"Let's get small." (Obligatory Steve Martin reference.)
Photo © Disney-Marvel

Marvel’s twelfth feature film, ‘Ant-Man,’ opened Friday; the studio held a press conference on Saturday, June 27, at which the cast discussed the film and answered questions from the audience. Paul Rudd also answered somebody’s phone. Continue reading