Charity Auction: Autographed ‘Alien’ Egg

Alien Eggs

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is auctioning off a replica Alien egg autographed by Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Paul Reiser, Carrie Henn, Michael Beihn, Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein, Mark Rolston, and Ricco Ross. Continue reading

‘D&D’ Encounters DM Report — ‘Sholla’s Dream’ Part II

D&D Logo - Stacked

I continue to enjoy my return to the DM’s chair, and I hope my players are enjoying the custom adventures I’ve been developing to hold them over until the new campaign starts up in a few more months. Last week, my six players found themselves on the water. They are on a mission to intercept a caravan of cultists that will be arriving in Baldur’s Gate a few days after they are scheduled to arrive via the River Chiontharr that runs between Elturel and Baldur’s Gate. First, a small abandoned raft (with cargo still in place) was investigated — the party was attacked by a single ghoul and two zombies. The mystery starts. The next evening, the sloop almost collided with a large cargo ship anchored in the middle of the river. An investigation of the cargo ship provided some clues to a larger mystery yet to reveal itself. We wrapped up last Wednesday night’s event with the players fighting a wave of ghasts and ghouls on the top deck. While victorious, a few of the players were injured… and there were still two lower decks to investigate. Continue reading

Acer Seize the Idea Contest


Acer is offering up some cool products for their Seize the Idea contest. You have from now until February 28th to submit your essay on what you would do with Acer Idea Kit which includes an Aspire Switch 11, Aspire AZ3 Touch All-in-One, and the Acer H6510 3D Projector.
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Patreon Update: Even More New Rewards – Supporting GeekDad Is Easier Than Ever


We’re looking for your help. If you’ll pledge to help GeekDad grow, we’ll create even more stories and podcasts. Plus, we’ll send you rewards – and we’ve just added two more! Continue reading

Computer Club: Let’s Play Interactive Fiction Together

don't panic button

So I want to start a monthly computer club where we all play the same game at the same time. Bookmark the post at the beginning of the month and then start talking in the comment thread. What do you like about the game? What do you dislike? Where are you stuck? Has anyone figured out how to get the dart out of the bar? What about kill the troll? Get the shield? Continue reading

GeekDad Patreon Update: $10 Away From Radio Free Hipster


We are that close, people! If we get just $10/month more in patronage, the amazing Radio Free Hipster podcast will be re-born. And we’re still working on more rewards for our patrons, so be assured that getting in now will bring you more geeky rewards in the future! Continue reading

Merrell Captiva Launch Mid 2 Waterproof Boots: Teen and Parent Approved

Merrell boots that teens and parents can agree on

My daughter started high school this year and, among other things, that means a 20 minute walk to and from school. That’s a bit of a hike compared to her former five minute trek. As a parent, I want to make sure she’s wearing sensible footwear, especially in the five months of the year where snow is a possibility. As a teen, she wants something fashionable and “cool.” That could have meant an impasse, but Merrell came to the rescue with a pair of women’s Captiva Launch Mid 2 Waterproof boots to try out. Continue reading