‘Chainmail’ vs 5th Edition ‘D&D’ — Miniature Combat Compared

Chainmail Rulebook

While I enjoy playing (and DMing) Dungeons & Dragons, I have an even bigger interest in the history and rules development of my favorite RPG (and so many others). Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Clairvoyance’


‘Clairvoyance’ is a fast-paced, psychic card game from Eye4Games studio, creators of ‘AlakaSLAM.’ Based around a unique mechanic of turning the die rather than rolling it, it’s a humorous contest of furniture tossing with a lot of character. Continue reading

Doctor Who Rewind: “An Unearthly Child”/”100,000 BC”


This week, myself and co-contributor Jamie Greene bring to you the first week in a series of Doctor Who Rewind reviews. We’re going to be going chronologically, one serial each week, through the iconic classic series of ‘Doctor Who.’ Continue reading

Switchmate for the Super Simple Internet of Things


Switchmate is a smart lighting solution that snaps magnetically onto a standard light switch, allowing the switch to be flipped remotely via smart device. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Play With This Too – Lost Protectors

Play With This Too Group Shot

Staffed by a collection of former Mattel and Hasbro talent, Play With This Too has launched Lost Protectors on Kickstarter: finely-detailed action figures that come with robot companions that break down to become armor and weapons. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 003: Aquarium and Zoo


In today’s episode we talk about Captain Owen’s friends Sebastian, Eli, Sufi, and Mason, a visit to the Aquarium, the latest issue of National Geographic Kids, a visit to the zoo, and sing Old MacDonald. Continue reading

Doing the Two-Smartphone Shuffle

2 iphones

You know who I’m talking about even if I’m not specifically talking about you. This is the person that comes into a meeting at work and plops down a stack of smartphones on the conference room table. I have recently joined the two smartphone club, and because I see so many others like me struggling to do this dance properly I thought it was time to help make things a little easier. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: It’s Tile-Laying With a Twist in ‘Between Two Cities’


Stonemaier Games returns to Kickstarter with a new project that features an easy to play tile-laying game that pits you against your partners as you compete to build cities. Continue reading

Disney Cruise Line to Take ‘Star Wars’ to an Island Far, Far Away


Last week, Disney announced that their Disney Cruise Line would be offering ‘Star Wars’ Days at Sea, featuring everything from favorite characters like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, and Stormtroopers, special effects shows, a shipboard version of the Jedi Training Academy experience, film screenings, a Mos Eisley nightclub, and ‘Star Wars’ celebrities. Continue reading