A Beginner’s Guide to CES


This year marked my first ever International Consumer Electronics Show, and what a week it was. Still, I emerged from the experience with some hard-fought knowledge I really wish I’d’ve had going in. If you’re thinking of attending next year – or if you’d just like a peek behind the curtain – read on for a handful of helpful tips. Continue reading

Are Your Kids Ready to Run a 5K?


When I first told people that I had signed up my 5-year-old daughter for a 5K, they thought I was crazy. Those with kids around that age were especially incredulous. No one could believe that a 5-year-old would be able to run 3.1 miles. Continue reading

Strange Magic at Skywalker Ranch

The Technical Building, home of Skywalker Sound, reflected in Lake Ewok.
Photo by the author.

After Star Wars became a box office giant, George Lucas decided he wanted to make movies outside the studio system. He found a perfect spot on the coincidentally-named Lucas Valley Road, 40 minutes north of San Francisco, and set about creating Skywalker Ranch. Continue reading

Skylanders Day at GameStop, Sunday January 10th, 2015


From open to close, all local GameStop stores will be hosting a Light & Dark Skylanders Day. Stop in for some great deals and exclusive traps and characters. Eon’s Elite Stealth Elf and Elite Terrafin will be on sale for $20 and if you haven’t joined the Trap Team, all starter packs will be $30 off.
Continue reading

Happy Holidays From the Great White North

Christmas lights

Every family has its holiday traditions. One of ours is to pile the kids into the SUV the night before Christmas Eve for a tour of the city and its holiday decorations. Hot chocolate is a requirement, as are blankets — even though it’s warm in the vehicle, something about being wrapped in blankets makes the drive a little more festive. Canadian weather doesn’t always cooperate. Some years have seen blizzards that push the four wheel drive sled to its limits while cutting visibility; this year was rather green, drizzly and dreary (so much for The Great White North). Methodology has changed tremendously, too. Many of the more popular displays are synchronized, computerized light and music shows (I still have a soft spot for the old school decorations that have clearly been collected over the course of decades). Instead of word of mouth or random exploration, there’s now an app that maps the holiday light hotspots. And, of course, my kids have grown. There’s a high school student riding along with us now — when did that happen? No matter what traditions your family celebrates, here’s hoping this holiday season finds you healthy and happy. Continue reading

Photos From London’s Brick 2014 Lego Show

The Incredible Steampunk/Pirate Land Diorama

Over the weekend, the munchkin and I were lucky enough to attend Brick 2014 at London’s Excel Centre. It was the biggest Lego show the UK has seen, running for four days and attracting thousands of Lego fans of all ages. And we took lots of photos! Continue reading