Bose Solo 15 TV Sound, Preschool Toys, Black + Decker Matrix, and More Great Deals Today


Really, it’s as if Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already happened as far as many of the retailers are concerned. Amazon is really ramping up their daily deals, and today has a whole batch of products that will make great gifts for the kids and kids-at-heart on your shopping list. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #2 Books

Art of Dave Seeley cover

As GeekDads we have spent countless hours reading for ourselves and our kids, and sometimes we like a book well enough to recommend it to our readers. Read on as we feature some of our favorite books that we’ve discovered this year. Many of these have been, or soon will be, reviewed on GeekDad or GeekMom.
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Holiday Gift Guide #1: Toys


Halloween is over, and it is once again time to turn our full attention to that which we call the Holiday Season! First up is a list of toys that we’ve played with, geeked out on, and raved about to our friends. Read on to see what we liked, why we liked it, and where you can pick one up! Continue reading

Halloween Costume Round-up 2015


For many of us here at GeekDad, Halloween is a great time of year to show off and share our favorite geeky pursuits through costuming. Here is the Halloween round-up of some of our costumes from this year for you to enjoy. Continue reading

Making a BB-8 Pumpkin With littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets

littleBits BB8 Finished

My son decided to reuse his Comic Con costume, so this was the first Halloween in years that I didn’t get to help make one. Since it doesn’t feel quite like Halloween unless I’m rushing around trying to finish some project, I decided to build a BB-8 O’ Lantern with the help of the littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets kit. Continue reading

Top 10 #Halloween Movies With More Laughter, Less Slaughter


Finding horror movies for a Halloween marathon is easy — there’s the occasional good one, and the rest are usually somewhere in the bad to so-bad-it’s-good range. What if you’re a parent of a pre-teen, though, and don’t want to risk a month of nightmares? Finding something good to watch that still feels properly Halloween-y can be tough. Continue reading

Science Finally Proves Superiority of Geek Brain

Image: Flickr/JoshWedin cc license

Studies show that “cultural dysfluency” — Halloween plates on Labor Day, a purple wedding tux, a “good riddance” obituary — jolts brains from complacency and makes people perform better on cognitive tests. This, my friends, is why the geek brain thinks while the mainstream brain coasts. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Spooky Reads for Halloween


I have to admit: I’m not much of one for horror. I like my zombie pop culture but I tend to stick to things that are at least halfway humorous and not out-and-out terrifying. Since Halloween is approaching, I figured today I’ll focus on a few of the titles from my stacks that fit the season, though maybe not quite THAT scary. Continue reading

Why Halloween Is Good for Your Kids

Yes, we're taking candy from strangers!
Photo by Steven Depolo, used under Creative Commons license.

Let’s talk about Halloween. It’s creeping up on us again, as it should, and sadly, while its popularity among adults continues to grow, trick-or-treating continues to decline. For many parents, the notion of letting their children participate in this tradition is practically unthinkable. If you know some of these people, I encourage you to share this post with them. Continue reading

Halloween Costumes and BSG On Sale at Amazon Today!


Two nice daily deals at Amazon today. First, in a rather timely manner, they have a bunch of Halloween costumes on sale today, for kids and grown-ups. Second, they have special deals on the complete series DVD and Blu-Ray sets of Battlestar Galactica (both the modern series AND the classic!). Continue reading

Camping at Arrowhead: Gear Stress Test Results

Stubb's Falls

I just wrapped up two weeks of camping at Arrowhead provincial park (a few hours north of Toronto). While there, I took advantage of the time and activities to put some of the gear I’ve accumulated recently through extended, real-world tests. Continue reading

11 Geeky Choices for Independence Day Video Entertainment


It’s Independence Day in the United States of America, so patriotism is in the air. In case you feel that the urge to be patriotic conflicts with your usual urge to be geeky, we’re here to help.
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How-To: Cardboard Robots and Rocketships

Final rocketship with shiny paint job.

We just had our son’s second birthday party. He’s already a geek-in-the-making, so the theme we decided on for him was Robots and Rocketships. He already loves both, thanks to a bounty of robot and rocketship toys he’s received in the past two years plus my own collection of both that I willfully share with him (yes, I’ve even let him play with vintage Transformers). Continue reading

GeekDad’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

new 3ds xl

Valentine’s is next weekend, so your window for finding that perfect gift is rapidly closing. Thankfully our crack team of GeekParents has compiled a quick list of ideas that are sure to appeal to your geeky significantly other. Continue reading

Geeky Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries Today, Tomorrow, and Forever


People have always had problems picking out gifts to give each other (or friends and relatives) for wedding anniversaries. At least, it would seem so considering the rather detailed lists that have existed for centuries all over the world to help puzzled gift-givers in their annual purchases. And while there have been attempts to create “modern” lists, they still always seem to be a little out of touch. Continue reading

A Geek Dad’s Year-End, Get-It-Done Self Review for 2014


I just googled a few items and discovered I haven’t done a year-end, get-it-done review since the end of 2012. I’d done one for 2011 and 2012, but somehow 2013 came and went and I have no idea what happened there. I’ll just blame it on my kids.

My hope is that some of the information below might be useful to you in your own personal and work lives. And trust me… for every item I seem to have under control, there’s a matching item that is completely chaos. I’m looking at my kids again. Continue reading