Two Nissan Leafs in Harrowing Suburban Game of Chicken


This video of ice-veined chicken played between two middle-aged suburbanites driving electric vehicles is sure to be an instant viral hit. So you might want to share it quickly before your friends beat you to it. Twisted metal! Total carnage! Total entertainment! Continue reading

OK Go’s Latest Amazing Video


OK Go is known for, among other things, really elaborate music videos, from stop-motion animation with toast or people, Rube Goldberg machines (some involving cars), and the Muppets. Their latest video, for “The Writing’s on the Wall,” features a lot of fun perspective illusions—things that look a certain way only from one particular point of view—and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Continue reading

Dads in Ads, Changing Trends in Fatherhood

Dads in ads

I’d planned to write a post about some of my recent musings on fatherhood, but we’re experiencing end-of-school craziness (particularly because it’s my oldest daughter’s last week of elementary school ever), and over the weekend I was busy taking my kids to birthday parties and the park, and my one-year-old is teething so she hasn’t been sleeping at nights. You know, the usual work stuff. Continue reading

Wrapping Up Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month


Did you know that May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month? I didn’t until about halfway through the month, but, hey, now that it’s almost over here are a couple fun ways to celebrate with your kids. Continue reading

Fraggle Rock Finally Gets a Spin-Off in Hulu’s Doozers – & WIN a Year of Hulu Plus and a Roku 3!


Learn about the new Hulu Original show Doozers, spun off from the ’80s classic show Fraggle Rock. And put your entry in to win a 12-month subscription to Hulu Plus and a Roku 3! Continue reading

Star Wars Journeys Game Starts Kids With Episode I

Star Wars Journeys Episode I

Where to start your children in the Star Wars cannon is, perhaps, the most difficult of all parenting decisions. The new Star Wars Journeys games make it easier to introduce youngsters to the fiction, but will require patience from any family wanting to start at Episode IV. Continue reading