New Vice Short Explores ‘The Mystical Universe of Magic: The Gathering’


When it comes to compelling documentary programming, Vice have really stepped up into the spotlight as one of the most interesting, thorough and investigative news sources out there. Now, they’re taking on geek culture with a look into the mystique of and obsession with Magic: The Gathering. Continue reading

Warner Bros. and DC Announce ‘DC Super Hero Girls’


Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are listening to us folks and they are launching a complete line–toys, books, LEGO, apparel, etc.–all based around female super heroes and super villains from the DC universe. Continue reading

Impressive Archer Shows Real Skills


YouTube channel Smarter Every Day has posted a video of Alabama archer Byron Ferguson demonstrating his skills. In contrast to some other archers, he doesn’t spend any time making grandiose claims about his own skills or offering insulting assertions about modern target archers; he just steps up and shows what good instinctive archery looks like. Continue reading