Super Deals Today on Preschool Toys, Computer Components, and Madden ’16


The holiday shopping season, though not officially begin, is already starting to ramp up, and Amazon’s daily deals are quite reflective of that. Plus, they’re giving us some great choices and deals on stuff for a wide range of family members, making it really easy to get some shopping out of the way early. Continue reading

The ACME Detective Agency Reopens for Business as Carmen Sandiego Returns


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is bringing Carmen Sandiego back to life and optimizing everything for mobile. Available on iOS devices, ‘Carmen Sandiego Returns’ brings back a lot of familiar gameplay and tosses in some new and exciting features. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #4 Video Games


Today we take a peek at our favorite video games of the year. These are the games we’ve reviewed, played, loved, and sometimes hated. The games that spoke to us and pulled us in and kept us engaged for many hours. Most of these titles are suitable for all ages, but there are a couple that you may want to reserve for the older kids or parents. Continue reading

This Full Tour of ‘Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival’ Uncovers More Than You Expected

‘Amiibo Festival’ is more than a ‘Mario Party’ knockoff. It’s an unusual blend of board gaming and all ages challenges. Ahead of our full review, here’s a look at the nuts and bolts. Continue reading

10 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Yo-kai Watch’

yo-kai watch logo

Nintendo’s first big bet of the holiday season, ‘Yo-kai Watch,’ is both an established property and a virtual unknown. The supernatural Yo-kai can make you laugh, cry, and fart, but can they make their way into your family’s 3DS systems? Read on to find out. Continue reading

Tour Every ‘Lego Dimension’ Open World

If you are having a job decided which of the LEGO Dimension open world expansions to purchase, this list of videos offers a guided tour of each in turn. Doctor Who world has just been added with Wave 2: Continue reading

Virtual Experiences: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Cast AR

A scene from Final Approach showing an aircraft coming in for a landing, port engine on fire. On the right is a HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies get more exciting every day. Comparing them by spec sheets doesn’t tell the whole story. Here are my experiences with three big products coming our way based on game demos I played at PAX Prime. Continue reading

Gameroom Junkies #56: Confessions, Quests, & More

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 56

Our Halloween show isn’t very spooky, but in this episode of the podcast we do share some Halloween stories and plenty of gameroom updates to get you in the spirit. Plus: Soviet-era arcade games, Nintendo Quest, and arcade “confessions!” Continue reading

Review: ‘Just Dance 2016’ and ‘Just Dance Disney Dance Party 2’

Just Dance 2016

As a faceless avatar appeared on screen to guide me through this journey into the unknown I thought back to my days in high school show choir and thought, ” You’ve got this.” Nope. Not even close. What happened next could only be described as a criminal assault against both rhythm and dance for the next three minutes. Continue reading