‘Pokkén Tournament’ Announced for Wii U


Yesterday The Pokémon Company International and Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed that ‘Pokkén Tournament’–an odd mash-up of the titular monsters from ‘Pokémon’ and beloved fighting franchise ‘Tekken’ that had previously been limited to a Japanese arcade release–is coming to living rooms everywhere via Nintendo’s Wii U. Continue reading

Nintendo’s Best Gaming Value Just Got Better


Yesterday it was announced that Nintendo is reducing the price of its 2DS system–the scrappy little brother of the 3DS line and a device that impressed me even at the original $130 price point–to just under $100 American. Continue reading

Review: ‘Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn’ App


Dr. Seuss fans rejoice! ‘Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn,’ a digital book app, comes to iOS today. The ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ app is an interactive digital book for children three to six geared toward learning reading, spelling, phonics, and more. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Use My Computer for Gaming


When you work out of the house, it can be difficult to separate work time from play time, especially when work and play use the same tools. At the heart of this conundrum is the computer. If I’m sitting in front of it, I get the feeling that I should be working. Sure, I use it to surf the web and read blogs and check Twitter. But mostly, I’m working. Continue reading

GeekDad and GeekMom at PAX Prime


PAX Prime is coming to Seattle in a couple of weeks, August 28-31, and GeekDad.com and GeekMom.com will be hosting a panel you won’t want to miss! Continue reading

‘The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land’ Starring Norman Reedus


‘The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land’ is a new mobile game from Next Games launching in October to coincide with the Season 6 premiere of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead.’ Norman Reedus, as fan favorite Daryl Dixon, will guide you through learning the game and help you out along the way. Continue reading

Felicia Day’s New Book Lets Us All Be Weird Together


‘You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost),’ Felicia Day’s memoir, was released today and is the perfect book for every geek. Continue reading

‘LEGO Dimensions’ Reveals New Adventure Worlds, ‘Ghostbusters’

Let's see how well the Nazgul stand up to a neutrino wand attached to an unlicensed nuclear accelerator!

‘LEGO Dimensions’ reveals Adventure Worlds, open-world environments where players will be able to explore, race, collect gold bricks and unlock secrets, and explore classic locations from all of the entertainment properties in the game.
Continue reading

Fun Dungeon Crawling and Building With ‘Guild of Dungeoneering’


Gambrinous recently released ‘Guild of Dungeoneering,’ a PC and Mac game that combines dungeon crawling, dungeon building, and roguelike elements in a fun, light-hearted way with a unique, hand-drawn look and feel. Continue reading