‘Kirby’ Goes Clay, ‘Pokémon’ Goes Free-To-Play

rainbow curse

Once again I find that one company is monopolizing my meager daily allotment of gaming time, and once again that company is Nintendo. The Big N has recently released a pair of games from two of its prized first-party franchises, and, try as I might, I just can’t get enough. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: ‘Orion Trail’ From Schell Games

Orion Trail

A space parody game of strategic decision making, ‘Orion Trail’ puts you in the captain’s chair to make the hard decisions. Get ready to face Brain Beasts, Warp Weasels, and messy, untimely death in this Kickstarter from Schell Games. Continue reading

Commuter Gamer: ‘Transformers: Battle Tactics’

Transformers Battle Tactics

Like many geek dads, I find I have a pile of video games on my XBox and sitting in my Steam library that I never have time to actually sit down and play. What I do have plenty of time for is commuting to work (via public transportation, standing in line, waiting for and riding in elevators, etc. Commuter Gamer is a new series that focuses on mobile games that can easily be played in bite-sized chunks. Today’s game: ‘Transformers: Battle Tactics.’ Continue reading

‘Darkest Dungeon': Early Access Gaming at Its Brightest

Darkest Dungeon title screen

In Darkest Dungeon‘s most interesting take on the dungeon crawler, you’ll find that your heroes are anything but the indefatigable barbarians and wizards of high fantasy. These warriors, rogues, and priests are fragile creatues of limited health and sanity. Continue reading

‘Skylanders’ Releases Love Potion Pop Fizz for Valentine’s Day


‘Skylanders’ has released another great holiday character. This time it is Love Potion Pop Fizz. Rumor is he was working on a raspberry soda when his recipe backfired and what you see is the result. A raspberry pink Love Potion Pop Fizz, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

14 Tools to Turn Game-Obsessed Kids into Genuine Game Designers


When you look at your kids playing video games, you might worry they’re wasting time and energy passively staring at a screen and pressing buttons. But what if their play time was actually a creative outlet that fostered their imaginations? Continue reading

Computer Club: Playing Adam Cadre’s ‘Endless Nameless’

sign post

I chose this game because I was immediately struck by its nod to the early text adventures, especially bringing in the sense of humor that permeated games such as Zork. I also realized on my first play-through that the map was very very easy to draw. This isn’t always the case. As someone who has been spoiled by Infocom’s maps, being able to draw the map easily is very important to me.
Continue reading

10 Things You’ll Love About the New Nintendo 3DS XL (and 5 You Might Not)

new 3ds xl

We’re still a couple of weeks out from the proper release of the New Nintendo 3DS XL here in America, but I was lucky enough to get an early review unit. Overall I really dig the new design, and I think you will too. Here’s a quick rundown of ten specific high points. Continue reading

Computer Club: Let’s Play Interactive Fiction Together

don't panic button

So I want to start a monthly computer club where we all play the same game at the same time. Bookmark the post at the beginning of the month and then start talking in the comment thread. What do you like about the game? What do you dislike? Where are you stuck? Has anyone figured out how to get the dart out of the bar? What about kill the troll? Get the shield? Continue reading

Playworld Superheroes Combines UK Streets with US Heroes

Playworld Superhero Outfit

A new game for families from the talent that brought us Wipeout and Motorstorm, Playworld Superheroes offers an In-App Purchase free creative experience with high production values. Continue reading

New Nintendo 3DS XL Lands in NA Next Month

new 3ds xl

As expected, Nintendo of America confirmed the release of a newly updated 3DS handheld gaming system here in the States during this morning’s Nintendo Direct broadcast. But that’s not to say there weren’t a few surprises regarding this upcoming hardware roll-out. Continue reading