Sherlock Holmes Book Reviews and News Q4 (Part 2) 2015

Holmes Collection

With just over a month until the premiere of the BBC’s ‘Sherlock Christmas Special,’ I’m sure that fans of the show are getting anxious to see how Cumberbatch and Freeman handle being tossed back to Doyle’s original setting for the pair. If you’ve not yet seen the trailer, I’m including it below so you can see what all the fuss is about. I’ve also got some news about the new season of ‘Elementary’ that’s just kicked off on CBS, and a few books below that Holmes fans might be interested in checking out. Continue reading

GBBP 38: Atticus Shaffer


This week, we turn our attention to the Pride Lands, and Atticus Shaffer joins us to chat about the upcoming Disney Channel special ‘The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar.’ We also talk about voice acting versus on-screen acting, surviving Hollywood as a child actor, and how he manages to balance everything in life. Continue reading

Catching Up With ‘Automan’ Himself, Chuck Wagner

Chuck Wagner; Automan

Sure, you may remember Chuck Wagner as the star of ‘Automan,’ but he’s been enjoying success throughout the entertainment industry in the thirty-plus years since the television series ended. GeekDad was fortunate enough to connect with Mr. Wagner to satisfy some questions we had about ‘Automan’ and what he’s been up to in the intervening years Continue reading

’80s Cult Classics ‘Manimal’ & ‘Automan’ Finally Arrive on DVD

Manimal & Automan DVD Release

With ‘Manimal’ and ‘Automan,’ the effects make you appreciate how far we’ve come, the pacing makes you long for more substance and better plot and character development in our current television lineup, and the stories just make you feel like a kid all over again. Continue reading

Get to Know Miss Fisher on Blu-ray and DVD

Miss Fisher season 3

I’m not what you’d call a mystery hound, nor am I a fan of period pieces. Yet somehow I cannot get enough of Essie Davis as the title character in the ABC—that’s the Australian Broadcasting Corporation—hit ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.’ Continue reading