Gamora and Drax Get Animated


Following up on the success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney XD has added the animated spin-off series to their schedule. A few months ago, I got the opportunity to meet the cast. I sat down with Vanessa Marshall and David Sobolov, the voice actors who portray Gamora and Drax on the series. Continue reading

Halloween Costumes and BSG On Sale at Amazon Today!


Two nice daily deals at Amazon today. First, in a rather timely manner, they have a bunch of Halloween costumes on sale today, for kids and grown-ups. Second, they have special deals on the complete series DVD and Blu-Ray sets of Battlestar Galactica (both the modern series AND the classic!). Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2015: A Day-By-Day Planning Guide


This Thursday marks the beginning of New York Comic Con, the biggest pop culture convention on the East Coast, rivaling even San Diego Comic Con in size. With more than 150,000 guests to contend with and a beastly, albeit incredible schedule of panels, events, signings, and booths to consider, NYCC can be a daunting undertaking without the proper planning. Continue reading

‘DC Super Hero Girls’ First Look


Today Warner Bros and DC Entertainment released the first look at the upcoming ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ with an exclusive animated clip, ‘Welcome to Super Hero High’, and photos of some of the figures. Continue reading

Adventure Scents Will Add Another Level of Realism to Your Next RPG Campaign, Board Game, Book, or Movie


If you’re like most gamers, you’ve been waiting patiently for a way to make your game room smell like a fetid swamp or a moldy crypt. Well, good news, gamers–the long wait is finally over. Read on to find out about a way to add environmental smells (both good and bad) to your next campaign. Continue reading

The Truth Is Still Out There in First Trailer for ‘The X-Files’ Return

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.17.01 AM

The truth is still out there, and this January, ‘X-Files’ fanatics like myself will have the opportunity to dive back into the intrigue and conspiracy when Mulder and Scully make their return to primetime. In the first look at the six-episode event, FOX teases thirty seconds that hint the series return may play into some very real and current events. Continue reading

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Gets Animated on XD

The Guardians are off again to do a little good a little bad, a bit of both, in the animated Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney XD.

Marvel’s mega-hit ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ returns in an animated version on Disney XD. The action-packed epic space adventure debuted with a one-hour special featuring back-to-back episodes on Saturday evening. In addition, Disney has posted a series of 2-part short films giving the back-story of each of the main characters on the Disney XD website. Continue reading

Bring Home More ‘Clarence’ With the ‘Dust Buddies’ DVD

dust buddies

Okay, I’ll admit it; Clarence Wendell may not be the best cartoon role model. I mean, he’s not brave or noble like Finn. He lacks the empathy and drive of Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems. And yet still we love him because, despite his many flaws, he also possesses a can-do attitude, unquestionable loyalty, and positively boundless optimism. Continue reading

‘Sherlock Chronicles’ Delivers the Details on the BBC Hit Show

Feature Sherlock Chron

This will be an easy decision to continue reading or not–if you’re a fan of the BBC show ‘Sherlock,’ then do keep reading. If you’re not a fan (of the show or Sherlock Holmes in general), then this book will be of little interest to you. And finally, if you’re not sure because you haven’t watched the show (or have only watched a few of the nine 1.5-hour episodes spread over three seasons), this book AND review are full of spoilers. Continue reading