Batman and Aliens Meet the Real World: GeekDad Interviews Nate Ball

Nate Ball power ascends.

I spoke recently to uber-geek and new dad Nate Ball about his inventions, his books, and his role in helping a new generation of makers get inspired about engineering. We didn’t get to discuss his beatboxing, but you’ll find a link to his Ted X talk on that here also. Continue reading

He Said/She Said: Gotham Episode 112 “What the Little Bird Told Him”

Source: Gotham 112 "What The Little Bird Told Him".

In our last article I kept ripping on Gotham. Which might give the impression that I hate the show. Untrue. I quite enjoy it. I just don’t feel like there are flaws that pull me out. Continue reading

The Man in the High Castle Shines in Amazon’s Pilot Season


I was pleasantly surprised (and a little wary) to see that an hour-long The Man in the High Castle pilot, an adaptation of the award-winning book by Philip K. Dick, was released on January 15th as part of Amazon’s newest pilot season. Continue reading

Daddy-Daughter Binge Watching: Young Justice

Young Justice

My daughter loves spending a bit of quality TV time with me as we unwind from the day. Finally tired of watching interminable replays of Good Luck Charlie and iCarly, I suggested we pop over to Netflix and give something there a try. There’s been no turning back. Continue reading

He Said/She Said: Gendered Genre in Arrow and The Flash


It’s supposed to be the golden era of geek television with The Flash and Arrow leading the mass audience to superheroes. But we have our issues with these shows. They’re decent but they could be so much better. Continue reading

Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons as a Dad

Saturday Morning Supplies

My son calls for me from his crib at 6 am. It’s Saturday, so he slept in. His mom stays comfortable and warm in bed while the two of us quietly make our way down the stairs. He gets a juice, I get a coffee, and we sit on the sofa together to watch a morning of cartoons. Continue reading

Lando Calrissian Returns for Star Wars: Rebels


What have we here? It looks like one of the most famous characters in the Star Wars Universe is set to make his return to that galaxy, far, far away in next week’s all new episode of Star Wars: Rebels. Continue reading

A Special Christmas Episode of TableTop Features Not Just One, But Two Games


Done unwrapping presents today? Wait! There’s one more — a special two game episode of Geek & Sundry’s TableTop. Continue reading