GeekDad Giveaway: ‘My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic’ DVD New Release


That’s right! In honor of the new release on DVD, our friends at Shout! Factory are going to give one lucky GeekDad reader their very own copy of My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Continue reading

Amazon Studios Picks Up ‘The Man in the High Castle’

The Man in the High Castle

Amazon Studios has made many fans of Philip K. Dick happy with the recent announcement that it has ordered a full season of the alternate-history science fiction drama ‘The Man in the High Castle.’ Continue reading

‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ on Discovery Tonight – Exclusive Clip!


Discovery has a new show with two guys building things, trying out stuff they’ve seen online, and having a blast. No, it’s not MythBusters, but it’s well worth watching. Continue reading

GeekDad Interviews ‘Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero’ Co-Creators Jared Bush and Sam Levine


Tonight, Disney XD premiers ‘Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero’, a new animated comedy adventure series about Penn Zero, a boy who falls into the job of part-time hero with his best friends Sashi, part-time sidekick, and Boone, part-time wise man. Continue reading

Help, My House Is Becoming Over-run by Whovians

Doctor Who infiltration

Let me get this out of the way upfront. Unlike many of my GeekDad peers, I am not well versed in all things Doctor Who. Up until last summer, my primary exposure to the series was watching old reruns on TV whenever I was sick, home from school and nothing else was on. Continue reading

Same Geek Channel Review ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 215 “What Lies Beneath”

Do not open if seal is tampered with.
Source: FOX.

Sleepy Hollow is back! Sure, it’s been back on the air for weeks now, but with this episode, the surprise genre hit of last season is really, finally, truly back.

We missed you guys. Continue reading

Dadvertising: Super Bowl Recap

MetLife Hong Kong ad

Last week I complained about the Similac ad that pulled a bait-and-switch on dads: “Hey, we’re all parents here! … And by parents, we mean moms.” But there were a couple of dad-centric ads this year during the Super Bowl, and for once dads weren’t portrayed as bumbling idiots. (Baby steps!) Continue reading

Same Geek Channel Review: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 215 “Spellcaster”

The reason we watch the show.
Source: FOX.

Last week’s Hawley-centric episode is followed up by one with a bit more focus on Katrina. Wait, don’t tune out. It’s not quite that bad. Spoilers within. Continue reading

GeekDad Interviews ‘Miles From Tomorrowland’ Creator Sascha Paladino


An interview with Sascha Paladino, creator of the new Disney Junior animated series ‘Miles From Tomorrowland,’ partially based on Walt Disney’s futurist visions of tomorrow. Continue reading

‘Same Geek Channel’ Arrow episode 311 ‘Midnight City’

Source: CW.

Ollie is still missing, a criminal is running amuck in Starling City, Laurel’s lies to her dad get worse, and Felicity/Ray gets shipped hard. All these spoilers and more snark in the latest installment of ‘Same Geek Channel.’ Continue reading