Hasbro Unveils Fan Built Combiner Poll

combiner wars

Yesterday Hasbro announced the theme for the 2015 Transformers Generations line, Combiner Wars, as well as a new related crowdsourced project. The official Transformers app–available for both Android and iOS–has been updated with the Fan Built Combiner Poll. Continue reading

Modular Robotics: Emergent Behavior, Complexity and Beer


Not long after opening its doors, Modular Robotics of Boulder, Colorado found itself in crisis: “The six-packs went incredibly fast,” says Education Director, Christie Veitch. Continue reading

Hot Toy Short List Review

Xmas Feature

Needless to say, as a GeekDad we get lots of toys to review during the year, so I matched up a few that we have been using in my own household to the hot list. Here is the few that I can tell you about… Continue reading

Five Gift Ideas for the Geek Who Has Everything


You are currently down to the proverbial wire. You’re in a gift-shopping crunch, and likely the folks remaining on your list aren’t still they’re because they’re your least favorite; they’re likely just difficult to shop for. With that in mind, here are a handful of helpful suggestions. Continue reading

New Apps for New Mathematicians

Children playing Gracie & Friends apps

An unusual set of apps just started rolling out at iTunes. At first blush, Gracie and Friends may look like many other math apps for little guys. But a look under the hood reveals a unique and multi-year endeavor to create a breakthrough in evidence-based, educationally rich digital games for preschoolers. I asked my colleague Christine Zanchi to walk me behind the scenes. Continue reading