Where’s Rey? Ask the Marketing People

One of the toy sets that sparked the #WheresRey campaign

There has been a lot of talk online about the conspicuous absence of major female characters in toys and licensed merchandise. What’s going on here? The obvious answer is sexism and misogyny, but the fact is, that’s more an effect than cause. It’s about spreadsheets and demographics and market segments. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide #10: Gift Card Liquidation


We all know that Black Friday is the name of the most frenzied shopping day of the year, but is there a name for the day everyone returns their gifts to exchange for something they actually wanted? As a family we’ve scaled way back on how much we spend for Christmas so there are no gifts for us to return, but we did end up with some cash and gift cards to liquidate. Read on for our suggestions of things that you most likely did not receive for the holidays, but may make your 2016 a little geekier than 2015. Continue reading

Bring the Saga to Life With Animatronic ‘Star Wars’ Toys

Thinkway Star Wars toys

‘Star Wars’ is pretty big at the moment. Have you heard? The merch is abundant, and there are some pretty incredible toys available. Not to be outdone by any of its competitors, Thinkway Toys has released a line of animatronic toys that bring a little bit of the saga to life on your living room floor. Continue reading

littleBits Kits on Sale Today! Get Your Kids Into Electronics for the Holidays


We’ve talked about littleBits a LOT on GeekDad, because they’re great portals into the world of electronics, engineering, and programming for kids. Well, today’s Amazon Daily Deal, JUST in time for Christmas, is on a variety of littleBits kits. Continue reading

Playmobil: Plastic Knights Bring the Fun


While I was at Toy Fair back in February, I made it a point to tour through the Playmobil booth. Hands down, the theme that grabbed my attention was Knights. And it was the castles that did it. The Royal Lion Knight’s Castle is the big one, and – I’ll be honest – as soon as I saw it at Toy Fair, I wanted one for myself. Continue reading

Jurassic-Sized Fun for All Ages


Have a dino-loving kid (or adult) on your list this year? Chances are you do. Well, it just so happens that there was a rather major movie out earlier this year that centered on dinosaurs. Remember that one? ‘Jurassic World’ may not be entirely appropriate for young kids, but that doesn’t mean some of its merchandise isn’t perfect for all ages. Continue reading

Review: Smart Anatomy: Interactive Human Body


Smart Anatomy from Oregon Scientific is the perfect way to teach kids about human anatomy. Smart Anatomy is packed with tons of information and activities of various levels so that it can be a learning tool for children of all ages and will provide years of educational experience. Continue reading