Enlist for Duty With This Captain America: the Winter Soldier Figure


Haven’t seen the new Captain America movie yet? Well you should, it’s rather pretty damn good. One part of the movie that I loved, were the new threads that the good Captain sported, a massive improvement over his costume from The Avengers. Continue reading

Consequences of Over-Parenting

The Atlantic Monthly cover

This month’s cover story in The Atlantic is “The Overprotected Kid,” and Hanna Rosin writes about the shift from the time the Baby Boomers were kids until now: kids are rarely out of sight of their parents, nobody is allowed to talk to strangers, playgrounds have become safe but sterile. But what are the consequences of overparenting? Continue reading

Family Gaming News Round-Up Feb 27th

This video-game news round up is designed to help keep mums and dads up to date with the latest gaming developments. If you want to play a more active role in the gaming life of your family, it’s a great way to become more informed. Continue reading