Kickstarter Alert: Play With This Too – Lost Protectors

Play With This Too Group Shot

Staffed by a collection of former Mattel and Hasbro talent, Play With This Too has launched Lost Protectors on Kickstarter: finely-detailed action figures that come with robot companions that break down to become armor and weapons. Continue reading

LEGO Fusion Is Augmented Reality for Tweens

LEGO Fusion

Augmented Reality (AR) is not just the stuff of wearable displays (like Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens), ghostly virtual assistants, and floating keyboards any more. In a perfectly appropriate blend of real and virtual innovation, LEGO has found a way to use AR that embellishes the building blocks and increases creativity and real-world play (rather than take away from it) with the LEGO Fusion group of sets. Continue reading

Commuter Gamer: ‘Transformers: Battle Tactics’

Transformers Battle Tactics

Like many geek dads, I find I have a pile of video games on my XBox and sitting in my Steam library that I never have time to actually sit down and play. What I do have plenty of time for is commuting to work (via public transportation, standing in line, waiting for and riding in elevators, etc. Commuter Gamer is a new series that focuses on mobile games that can easily be played in bite-sized chunks. Today’s game: ‘Transformers: Battle Tactics.’ Continue reading

Toy Fair 2015 Funko Booth

Funko Booth Toy Fair 2015

As usual, Funko had one of the most interesting booths at Toy Fair this year. I didn’t take an official tour, but I did take a ton of photos. I managed to quickly snap photos of most of the figures. I had to delete a few that were blurry, and missed a couple small sections because a tour of buyers was in the way, but I still got over 240 photos of figures. Continue reading

Top 10 Highlights of Toy Fair 2015


One GeekDad’s take on the Top 10 innovative and exciting products at Toy Fair 2015. Continue reading

‘Toy of the Year’ Awards Suggest Boys Like Dinosaurs, Girls Like Shopping (#FAIL)

Photo Feb 14, 9 13 15 AM - Copy

In 2015, the debate over “boys toys” versus “girls toys” is so old as to almost be cliche. But two categories in the Toy Industry Association’s Toy of the Year Awards haven’t gotten the memo. Continue reading

Unboxing 3 Months of Geek Fuel


As the subscription box trend continues its growth, another contender takes to our mailboxes in competition for our hard earned money and intrinsic desire for surprise. Its time to put Geek Fuel to the test for three months of unboxing. Continue reading

TinkersToys vs K’nex: Gendering American Classics


There was a lot of silly and random gendering at ToyFair 2015. I saw the same foam bows and bikes painted pink, and lots of building toys like the TinkerToy sets above. One place did it the other way–their soap making kit had girls on it, but their one for boys was for making “prank” soap. Because cleanliness is for girls. Continue reading

Hasbro Unveils Fan Built Combiner Poll

combiner wars

Yesterday Hasbro announced the theme for the 2015 Transformers Generations line, Combiner Wars, as well as a new related crowdsourced project. The official Transformers app–available for both Android and iOS–has been updated with the Fan Built Combiner Poll. Continue reading

Modular Robotics: Emergent Behavior, Complexity and Beer


Not long after opening its doors, Modular Robotics of Boulder, Colorado found itself in crisis: “The six-packs went incredibly fast,” says Education Director, Christie Veitch. Continue reading