Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: WordTov


If you like variations on Scrabble, here’s one that has an interesting twist: WordTov is an area-control game that happens to use words as weapons. Use your tiles to spell words, and then flip tiles over to your color. Your score isn’t based on which letters you use, but rather on which letters you own by the end of the game. Continue reading

Grab Your Car Keys and Some Ammo — Outrider Comes to Kickstarter

Outrider Cover

If you’re itching to really know how you might stack up against your fellow drivers if car combat were a reality, a new Kickstarter has just gone live that will allow you and up to seven other players take to the open highways and duke it out with small, medium, and artillery-sized weaponry. It’s called Outrider, and here’s some basic info on how it’s played.
Continue reading

See the World! Expedition: Famous Explorers

Expedition: Famous Explorers

It’s a big world, with lots of places to visit, people to meet, sights to see. In Expedition: Famous Explorers, you and other players direct the routes of three expeditions, trying to guide them to the locations that are important to you. Expedition: Famous Explorers is a new version of one of Wolfgang Kramer’s earlier designs, Wildlife Adventure. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup: Building Up, Tearing Down


Well, I’ve done it again—I’ve found a whole bunch of Kickstarter board games that look like fun, and not left myself enough time to review them all before the campaigns are up. In some instances I’ve gotten a demo to try out, and in others I’ve just been following along with the campaign. Here’s a list of a few worth looking into, and I may follow up with full reviews as time allows. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Mine, All Mine

Mine, All Mine

You’re in charge of a fleet of ships headed out to some faraway planets to mine valuable minerals there. Maybe it’s unobtainium? Oh, except there aren’t any pesky natives to worry about—at least as far as you’re concerned. There are, however, other fleets with the same idea—balance your speed, firepower, and cargo space. Continue reading

What’s He Building in There?—A Game of Evil Geniuses

What's He Building in There

It’s the late 1800s. You’ve got your Evil Doctorate and you’re ready to start working on your Doomsday Machine. Obviously, London is the place to be—plenty of henchmen to be hired, resources to acquire, not to mention a great place to move up in society. There are other evil doctors there, of course, but they don’t know the brilliant ideas you have up your sleeve. You can hear them asking: “What’s He Building in There?” Continue reading

2 Games for Polite Society

Marrying Mr. Darcy and Lords & Ladies

There are some themes that are pretty common in board games: fighting (zombies or monsters or just other people), magic, farming, animals. I haven’t played many games that focus on, say, attracting a suitable husband in the early 1800s or the intricacies of societal norms in the early 20th century. But—lo and behold—here are two games about polite (or sometimes not-so-polite) society: Marrying Mr. Darcy and Lords & Ladies. Continue reading

Pandemic: Contagion—Mutate, Incubate, Infect


Just last month, Z-Man Games released the latest title in the Pandemic line, Pandemic: Contagion. This time, however, you’re not trying to eradicate infectious diseases. You are the diseases, working to wipe out as much of the world’s population as possible. With Ebola and Enterovirus constantly in the news, you’d think we’re on the verge of being wiped out by infectious diseases. As it turns out, that’s not as easy as the media makes it out to be—at least in this game. Continue reading