Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run


Shadowrun: Crossfire, a cooperative deck-building game set in the Shadowrun universe, is currently on a ship headed toward the US and should be in stores by the end of August. But here’s your chance to win an early copy that Catalyst Game Labs has sitting in their office now. Continue reading

Valley of the Kings: A Minimalist Deck-Building Game

Valley of the Kings setup

I love the deck-building mechanic. I know some people have gotten tired of it, but I really enjoy seeing the variations on the theme that people have come up with. Tom Cleaver’s Valley of the Kings is a particularly fascinating example of the genre—it involves the least building that I’ve seen in a deck-builder. Continue reading

Dead Panic: Fight Zombies … or Become One

Dead Panic

On reflection, it probably wasn’t a great idea to spend a weekend in an abandoned hunting cabin with a cop, a convict, and a priest. Talk about awkward conversations. And that was before the zombies started showing up. In Dead Panic, you’ll try to hold off the zombies long enough to assemble a radio so you can call for rescuers. Continue reading

Antimatter Matters: A Quantum Physics Boardgame

Antimatter Matters scientist meeples

How many board games do you know about quantum physics and subatomic particles? I’m guessing none—unless you’ve heard of Antimatter Matters. Scientists in the not-so-distant future are attempting to construct atoms from individually captured elementary particles—quarks, photons, gluons, and electrons. Continue reading

GeekDad’s Pokémon XY Flashfire Giveaway


This week we Americans will observe our nation’s independence, and July 4th is nigh synonymous with fireworks. That’s why this seemed like the perfect time to kick off the latest amazing GeekDad giveaway. In honor of our upcoming festive pyrotechnics and to celebrate the Pokémon CCG‘s latest expansion, we’ll be giving away a fantastic XY Flashfire prize pack to two lucky winners. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: The Captain Is Dead

All set to go! (prototype shown) Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The captain is dead, there’s an alien ship firing at us, and the jump core is offline. Let’s get that jump core repaired—but in the meantime, we need to keep hostile aliens from boarding us, and it’s probably a good idea to keep all our other systems online. The Captain Is Dead is a cooperative game for 2 to 7 players about running and maintaining a spaceship in the middle of a disaster. Continue reading