Giocomics: A Webcomic for Gamers


If you love tabletop games, here’s a webcomic worth checking out: Giocomics. Created by Alan D’Amico and Stefano Castelli, Giocomics runs on the Italian website Gionomicon, but is now available in an English translation as well. Continue reading

D&D Encounters DM Report — Sholla’s Dream Part I

Adventurers League

Wednesday nights are D&D Encounters sessions (for novice and veteran players) at Titan Games & Comics in Atlanta, GA (and at other locations around the globe), and for the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed my return to the role of Dungeon Master. Last week concluded a two-part adventure that had the players encountering a group of cultists hiding out in a cavern beneath a crypt where they were performing a dark ritual to strengthen a young black dragon. The players were successful in defeating the dragon and collapsing the only escape from the cavern after narrowly escaping a chase around a circular four-level ramp that led to the bottom of said cavern. RIP cultists.

This week, the players found themselves in the city of Elturel, hunting down Leosin, a monk who had given them an earlier mission to try and discover information on this new dragon cult. The players made their way into the city where they would need to find Leosin as well as the Order of the Gauntlet to receive the reward that was promised them when they defeated the black dragon and cultists. Continue reading

Prepping for D&D With Obsidian Portal Campaign Wiki

Obsidian Portal campaign wiki

Prepping for a roleplaying game doesn’t have to take hours. With the help of Obsidian Portal, I only spend about half an hour a week on mine. Here’s how to use campaign wikis to up your Dungeon Mastering game. Continue reading

Reaping the Rewards: A Year of Kickstarter Tabletop Games

Here are, as far as I can recall, all of the tabletop games I acquired in 2014 that were funded on Kickstarter. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Here’s a quick run-down of the Kickstarter-funded board games that I actually received in 2014. Some of them I’ve opened and played; some I’ve opened and looked at all the shiny bits; and some, sadly, are still in shrink wrap, waiting for the day when I don’t have a long queue of new prototypes to review. Continue reading

D&D Encounters DM Report — Running a Chase & The Road to Elturel Part II (Conclusion)

Adventurers League

Last night as I was setting up my table for the night’s game, I began to receive some fun and interesting comments about my 3D creation for running the second-half of my mini-adventure, The Road to Elturel. Our game night coordinator, Topher, continues to call me an over-achiever. I can live with that. I’ve always tried to push myself to give my players a memorable game; when I was younger, I would create props and sketches to hand out at different points in a game. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser (and have a debit card), I’m finding I have even more fun and interesting ideas to toss at my players… such as the situation where my players found themselves tonight. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: The Kingswood

The Kingswood

“A fantastic treasure has been found at the heart of The Kingswood.” Which, of course, means that you’re all competing for it. The Kingswood is a tile-laying game about building new roads (and paving over old ones) to connect your forts to the most valuable gates. Continue reading