Reaping the Rewards: ‘Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age’

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age

In “Reaping the Rewards,” I take a look at a crowdfunded project in its final form. Today’s title is ‘Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age,’ a new version of Matt Leacock’s dice-rolling, civilization-building game. The game is similar to the original but has been beefed up, with new developments, warfare, and a Fate die. There’s also an included Mediterranean expansion that introduces exploration. Continue reading

Reaping the Rewards: ‘Dead Man’s Draw’

Dead Man's Draw

In “Reaping the Rewards,” I take a look at a crowdfunded project in its final form. ‘Dead Man’s Draw’ is a fantastic press-your-luck card game with a pirate theme. The journey from idea to reality took a long time and had a few missteps. Was it worth the wait? Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Smash Up Munchkin


I don’t get to play ‘Munchkin’ as often as I’d like to, but I’m a big fan of the writing and artwork that goes into every version and expansion of the game. And since I’d never played AEG’s ‘Smash Up,’ the opportunity to play this year’s new combination of the two–‘Smash Up Munchkin’–was one of many Gen Con 2015 treats. Continue reading

Episode I – A Lost Hope

Imperial Assault - Ep 1 A Lost Hope

Not long ago in a living room approximately 7.2 miles away, four intrepid souls convened a secret meeting to form an alliance with the sole purpose of overthrowing the dark forces of the terrible, infamous Darth Beardicus. Under his iron rule, all strain had been leeched from the people of the Empire. Conflict had ended. There was, in fact, complete and utter peace. But our adventurers grew weary… Continue reading

Better Late Than Never? My Gen Con 2015 Photo Recap

Gen Con crowds

Right after Gen Con this year, I left for a two-week family reunion. It was a blast, but remind me not to plan anything so close to Gen Con in the future. I didn’t even have time to host a game night before leaving, so most of those games from Suitcase Tetris are still waiting to be played. So although I did already mention some of my favorite things about Gen Con 2015, here’s a closer look at all the other things that didn’t quite fit there. Continue reading

GeekDad and GeekMom at PAX Prime


PAX Prime is coming to Seattle in a couple of weeks, August 28-31, and and will be hosting a panel you won’t want to miss! Continue reading

Felicia Day’s New Book Lets Us All Be Weird Together


‘You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost),’ Felicia Day’s memoir, was released today and is the perfect book for every geek. Continue reading

Dragonflight 36 Gaming Convention, August 7-9 in Seattle


Dragonflight is a local, Seattle-based gaming convention that’s been happening since 1980. That’s right–this is their 36th convention! Dragonflight is also a not-for-profit community organization for promoting gaming in the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading