Spend the Long Weekend Playing Free Games


There are only four days of voting left in the 2015 Children’s Game Print and Play Design Contest and with 25 games available, that is a lot of printing and playing to be had, but, hopefully, you have a long weekend in front of you with your family. What better way to spend it than playing free, original, made for kids games? Continue reading

Dungeon Casting Part 2: Creating Custom Molds

Custom sarcophagus

In my prior post, Dungeon Casting Part 1: Creating Dungeons With Hirst Arts Molds, I showed you how to create the crypt from ‘Pathfinder’s Crypt of the Everflame’ game module. The key feature of the crypt is Kessen’s sarcophagus. This sarcophagus lid is cast from a custom mold that was surprisingly simple to create. In this post, I will show you how to create your own molds that can be used to cast your own pieces similar, or identical, to Hirst Arts stones. One reason you may want to do this is to create a custom piece otherwise not available, such as this sarcophagus lid. Continue reading

Reaping the Rewards: ‘Between Two Cities’

Between Two Cities

“Reaping the Rewards” is a series about crowdfunded projects after they’ve come to fruition. Today I look at the finished version of ‘Between Two Cities,’ which was funded in March 2015 and shipped to most backers in October (a little bit early!). Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #3 Tabletop Games

MTG Arena of the Planeswalkers package (1)

Most, if not all, of us here at GeekDad love to play games of all sorts. Digital or physical matters little to most of us so we’re splitting the games gift guide up into two parts. Today we’re featuring the physical games, ones made of cardboard, paper, and plastic. Tomorrow will showcase our favorite video games of the year. Read on for a list of our favorite games of the year. Continue reading

Young Kids Will Scream ‘Me Want Cookies!’

Me Want Cookies Feature

But my 5-year-old… alas… we’re just not finding too many games right now that grab his attention and give him a real sense of satisfaction when he wins. To be fair, he’s often got the attention span of a chair, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped looking. Continue reading

New Kickstarter Boardgame Preview – ‘Tavarua’ Surfing Competition

Tavarua 1

A prototype copy of ‘Tavarua’ recently arrived in my mailbox; the game revolves around surfing, of which I know almost zero. Given that the real Tavarua has a beach that’s useful to beginners learning to surf, it seems appropriate that, since I can’t be in Fiji right now, I can at least try and get stoked as I catch some cardboard waves and give the game a spin. Continue reading