How Great Can This Day Be: Lori Henriques Makes Music for All Ages


When it comes to music, young children like simple rhythms, funny rhymes and repetition. A lot of repetition. They can listen to the same thing over and over forever. And they will. There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself listening to insipid drivel that will make you want to stab your eardrums with a pencil, unless you proactively seek out the good stuff. Lori Henriques writes the good stuff. Continue reading

Marian Call: Yippee Ki Yay


Marian Call, my favorite geek songstress, has released a new holiday EP titled Yippee Ki Yay. Like most of Marian’s catalog, this release is an eclectic mix of tracks, eight in all, that emphasize her voice and witty writing style. The album opens with Marian’s acapella rendition of Ave Maria which I’ve had the privilege of hearing live. What follows is a delightful path through the beauty and comedy of Marian’s work. Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Aether Cone, a Futuristic Intelligent Music Player

Aether Cone speaker is portable

I’m a big music geek, someone who follows technology closely and a guy with an appreciation for premium sound and industrial design. I’m the curator of an ever-increasing collection of speaker docks and wireless speakers — always in search of a great listening experience. You can bet I jumped at the opportunity when GeekDad sponsor Aether offered to send me one of its Aether Cone wireless speakers. The Cone is billed as an intelligent music player, one that not only takes your voice requests, but learns your preferences. It looks like nothing else out there, too. I spent a few weeks getting to know the Cone. If you’re a serious music fan, someone with a keen interest in technology or you appreciate interesting design, the Aether Cone should definitely be on your wireless speaker short list. Continue reading

Meze Headphones Review and Giveaway (No, Really, You’ll Want to Enter!)


I’m a fan of Meze Headphones, indeed a very big fan ever since Antonio Meze contacted us two-and-a-half years ago asking if we’d like to test his new line of high-quality and high-design headphones. Antonio has sent me four different sets now, and each one has been a winner, but the most recent are my favorite. Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Zipbuds Pro Mic Earbuds

Zipbuds are tangle-free earbuds

One of my kids is a music-loving, iPhone-toting teenager with a well-deserved reputation for burning through earbuds. Losing them isn’t the issue. Instead, she quickly tangles the cords into convoluted knots that inevitably end in the frayed cables snapping or being pulled out of the bud housing as the slack disappears. When Zipbuds offered to send “never tangle” Pro Mic earbuds to try out, I marched them straight up to Tasha’s room for the torture test. Continue reading

Wireless Vinyl: How I Got a Record Player Connected to Our AirPlay Music System


Vinyl is not dead, not by a longshot. Consider that you can, if you want, pre-order a version of the Guardians of the Galaxy sountrack (Awesome Mix Vol. 1) as an LP right now. But no one has put out record players with AirPlay compatibility. Continue reading