GeekDad Review: Zipbuds Pro Mic Earbuds

Zipbuds are tangle-free earbuds

One of my kids is a music-loving, iPhone-toting teenager with a well-deserved reputation for burning through earbuds. Losing them isn’t the issue. Instead, she quickly tangles the cords into convoluted knots that inevitably end in the frayed cables snapping or being pulled out of the bud housing as the slack disappears. When Zipbuds offered to send “never tangle” Pro Mic earbuds to try out, I marched them straight up to Tasha’s room for the torture test. Continue reading

Wireless Vinyl: How I Got a Record Player Connected to Our AirPlay Music System


Vinyl is not dead, not by a longshot. Consider that you can, if you want, pre-order a version of the Guardians of the Galaxy sountrack (Awesome Mix Vol. 1) as an LP right now. But no one has put out record players with AirPlay compatibility. Continue reading

Top Reasons This GeekDad Loves His Bluesound HiFi Audio System


The latest contender in the high-fidelity audio market is Bluesound. They are using the latest in embedded-computing, wifi, mobile apps, and streaming audio integrations to offer products that look and sound amazing. Continue reading

All in the Family: GeekDad Interviews Hip Hop Family Tree‘s Ed Piskor

hip hop family tree - afrika

Three of my favorite things are comic books, documentaries and hip hop music, so when I discovered Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree I was in heaven. In anticipation of the upcoming HHFT box set, Ed was nice enough to talk with me via email about the project itself and the unique kinship between comics and rap that it represents. Continue reading

Amazing Old School Rotoscope Video!

Wesley Stace

I know a lot of geek dads are going to enjoy this one — an artist (and writer) I enjoy, Stefan Bucher, is probably best known for his 100 Days of Monsters, but he’s recently put his talents to a music video for Wesley Stace. (It took Bucher to remind me where I’d heard Stace before — the High Fidelity soundtrack.) Bucher has not only created one seriously eye-catching video but he’s also fully documented the details for how he did it. I love the video and song, but honestly… I love the How-This-Came-About article even better. Continue reading