Bounded Enthusiasm #16: Happy 10th Anniversary, First Second Books!

First Second-10th Anniversary

Today’s episode of Bounded Enthusiasm is a celebration of the tenth anniversary of First Second Books, one of my favorite publishers. Continue reading

Same Geek Channel: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Episode 1.03 “Blood Ties”


Still in 1975, Rip attempts to weaken Savage while Captain Cold leads his own mission to change history. Continue reading

Same Geek Channel: ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter,’ 2.4 “Smoke and Mirrors”

I want that blouse. And those sunglasses. Image via ABC/Disney

Besides the flashbacks, “Smoke and Mirrors” featured one murder, one interrogation scene, one tranquilized Jarvis, a romantic scene between Peggy and Wilkes, and Peggy being threatened with deportation. Not bad for a quieter episode. Continue reading

Same Geek Channel: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Episode 1.02 “Pilot, Part 2”


Break down the second half of the season premiere and talk about where you hope the show goes from here with us. Continue reading

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Thrives Despite a Winter Storm

Arrow panel at HVFF NY 2016.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest is a great, family-friendly event, and well worth attending. The team obviously put a lot of heart into planning and running the show, and they did a great job despite the weather adversity. Continue reading

DC Comics Brings Back Classic Saturday Morning Characters – But Different

Wait for it...
Source: Entertainment Weekly/DC Comics.

How come no-one does anything with the classic Hanna-Barbera characters, you ask? For good or ill, someone is. Continue reading

Same Geek Channel: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Episode 1.01 “Pilot, Part 1”


The CW finally launches the premiere of “Legends of Tomorrow”. Did it love up to your expectations? What your hopes for the new series? Continue reading

‘Secret Coders’ — A Comic With a Mystery and Programming

Secret Coders Feature

If you’ve got a young student who is showing an interest in programming, the key is to encourage but not overwhelm. Sometimes you need to sneak something educational in under the radar, right? Continue reading