Stack Overflow: Graphic Novels for Grown-Ups

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Graphic novels are a wonderful medium for creators to explore more serious themes. This is hardly a new development, and there have been “adult-oriented” graphic novels for almost as long as there have been comics. This week, we’ve rounded up some recent releases that graphically deal with some mature themes. Continue reading

Tour Every ‘Lego Dimension’ Open World

If you are having a job decided which of the LEGO Dimension open world expansions to purchase, this list of videos offers a guided tour of each in turn. Doctor Who world has just been added with Wave 2: Continue reading

We’re Giving Away 4 Pairs of NJ Comic Expo Tickets!


We have four more pairs of tickets for New Jersey’s big comic show. Here’s your chance to get a pair of those for yourself. Continue reading

Writer Ryan North Talks New ‘Squirrel Girl #1’

Squirrel Girl and Ryan North

Before giving Squirrel Girl new life, writer Ryan North enjoyed success writing ‘Dinosaur Comics,’ a creative collaboration with William Shakespeare in ‘To Be or Not To Be,’ and the ‘Adventure Time’ comic book series. Ryan was a natural fit for an all-ages, humorous side to the Marvel Universe. He sat down with GeekDad to talk about this series, and life as a writer. Continue reading

GeekGirlCon 2015 Recap


GeekGirlCon just held their fifth annual convention here in Seattle, WA. GeekGirlCon is all about celebrating women and their contributions across the sciences, technology, arts, and gaming. Continue reading

New Jersey Comic Expo – Discount Ticket Offer!


New York Comic Con just wrapped up, and GeekDad was there. Tri-State area geeks now have to wait a full year for a major con with A-level guests, right? WRONG! Meet the New Jersey Comic Expo. Information (and savings!) inside. Continue reading