Stack Overflow: Diversity Week

The Art of Home

My reads from last week include German teenagers with a dangerous secret, Asian-American superheroes, and an Italian-African-American girl who befriends an alien. It’s Diversity Week, apparently. Continue reading

Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone,’ 10 Years On: ‘Out From Boneville’ Tribute Edition


Technically, the Bone cousins first left Boneville a whopping 24 years ago, if you can believe it. Ten years ago, in 2005, they left Boneville again—in color—and Scholastic launched the Graphix imprint in the process, which has since become a wellspring of fantastic, kid-friendly graphic novels. Continue reading

Marvel and Sony Reach Spider-Man Deal

Avengers, Assembled

The biggest Marvel movie news since The Avengers was announced. Heck, it’s practically bigger than when Sony dropped the first Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man will reboot (hopefully for the last time) in the MCU, with MCU characters crossing over into Sony Spider-Man movies! Continue reading

Graphic Novels Get Awarded! Interview With Caldecott Honorees Jillian & Mariko Tamaki

ThisOneSummer-awards - Copy

Interview with Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki, writer and illustrator of This One Summer, the first graphic novel to be awarded with a Caldecott Honor and the second to win a Printz Honor. Continue reading

Comics to Unleash Your Inner Inventor: ‘Howtoons’ Artist Nick Dragotta


Interview with Nick Dragotta (East of West) about his work on Image Comics’ ‘Howtoons,’ getting kids interested in STEAM subjects, and how to make the world a better place. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Awarding Rewarding Books


Hey, I’m back—in less than a month, even! Today I’ll give a brief run-through of the books I’ve read this week, plus a couple other noteworthy titles. First, though, the awards! Continue reading

12 Comics for a 7-Year-Old Girl: A Response

Adventures of Superhero Girl

Have you seen the story about the guy who couldn’t find comics for his seven year old daughter? We want to help. Continue reading

Hulk Uses Smash – It’s Super Effective

Image by: Dylan Slavey, used with permission

Looking for a fun way to get your kids enthusiastic about programming? Create your own superhero battling program and answer the age old question “Who would win in a fight between Hulk and Thor?” (Spoiler: not the people who have to clean up afterwards) Continue reading

A.K.A. Jessica Jones Casts a Technicolor Doctor


For you Marvel fans who’ve been dying to ship the Marvel-verse with Doctor Who, I have some good news. David Tennant has been cast to play the Purple Man in A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Continue reading

Patreon Update: Even More New Rewards – Supporting GeekDad Is Easier Than Ever


We’re looking for your help. If you’ll pledge to help GeekDad grow, we’ll create even more stories and podcasts. Plus, we’ll send you rewards – and we’ve just added two more! Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Recent Reads

Stack Overflow

I had all these grand plans to write a weekly column starting this year about the books I’m reading. Then January happened. Continue reading

He Said/She Said: Gendered Genre in Arrow and The Flash


It’s supposed to be the golden era of geek television with The Flash and Arrow leading the mass audience to superheroes. But we have our issues with these shows. They’re decent but they could be so much better. Continue reading

Best Books of 2014

More to Life Than Books

“There’s more to life than books, you know. But not much.” So says the little Emily Martin print I bought for my wife for Christmas, which we now have hanging right near the doorway to our dining room/library. Yep, my family adores books, and so do a lot of us GeekDad contributors. Here are some of our favorite reads from 2014. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Careful, You Might Learn Something (Part 1)

Educational Picture books

Continuing on my not-a-year-end-list series… most of the books I read are fiction, whether they’re comics, adult fiction, picture books, stories I’m reading to my kids. I always have big plans to read more non-fiction, but it just doesn’t happen quite as much. Still, there are a lot of books that teach you something, and you can learn from fiction and non-fiction. With that in mind, I’ve got a lot of cool books that taught us something or made us think about a topic in a new way. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: The Best Medicine

Funny Picture Books

The problem with writing lists in December is that everyone assumes they’re year-end lists, best-of lists, or gift guides. But the fact is, I’ve got stacks and stacks of books (yes, you might say they’re overflowing) and I haven’t been keeping up. So, let’s all agree that this is a list of books that just happened to be written near the end of the year, not a year-end list. Okay? Continue reading