My Summer 2014 Eclectic Reading List – Part 1


Now that summer has ended, I’m staring at a stack of books that I’ve finished at various times and need to share with GeekDad readers. I read a LOT more books this summer, but not all of them grabbed my attention or were even finished. One of the problems I have reviewing books for GeekDad is the sheer volume of books that show up in my box. I wish I had time to read them all. I wish all of them appealed to me. And I certainly wish I could devote lengthier discussions to all of them. But I’m a geek dad… meaning I have two boys who are now putting a much higher demand on my time. This means less time for me to read MY books, and even less time to write them up in a timely fashion. Continue reading

On Pelennor Fields: Taking a Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand

On Pelennor Fields

To many of us with geeky inclinations, you can’t think about New Zealand without thinking at least a little bit about the Lord of the Rings. So, when our family visited New Zealand, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a Lord of the Rings tour on Pelennor Fields. Continue reading

Four Ways Soulminder Confronts the Past and the Present (Sponsored)

soulminder cropped

Timothy Zahn’s Soulminder isn’t just a novel written across four decades – although that alone does make it a bit of an oddity – it also takes place across numerous eras, from the advent of the Soulminder technology through its societal normalization and beyond. Continue reading

Bounded Enthusiasm #5: B.J. Novak and The Book With No Pictures

BJ Novak - Book With No Pictures

Between a trip for my high school reunion and Gen Con, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to conduct any interviews, but Bounded Enthusiasm is back! Today’s episode is an interview with B.J. Novak about his brand-new picture book … with no pictures. Continue reading