Gravlander Episode 9, a New Serial Story by Erik Wecks


Episode 9! Episode 9! Only one episode is left in Erik Weck’s 10-part serial, Gravlander!

Have you enjoyed the story? Have you anxiously awaited the next episode… and the next… as Erik left us wondering just what would happen next? Well, things are wrapping up fast, and you’ve got to wonder just how Erik is going to finish up Jo’s adventure! The good news is we’ve only got one week left to find out. The bad news… we’ve only got one week until Gravlander is completed. Continue reading

Five Gift Ideas for the Geek Who Has Everything


You are currently down to the proverbial wire. You’re in a gift-shopping crunch, and likely the folks remaining on your list aren’t still they’re because they’re your least favorite; they’re likely just difficult to shop for. With that in mind, here are a handful of helpful suggestions. Continue reading

New Book on Super Mario Bros. 2, the “Black Sheep” of the Mario Bros. Franchise


If you’ve read the 33 1/3 book series about record albums, but you love video games, then Boss Fight Books just might be for you. The sixth title in their series is about the “black sheep” of the Mario Bros. franchise, ntitled Super Mario Bros. 2. An excerpt from the book follows this Q&A. Continue reading

Winter Break Activity Alert: Learn Javascript

Javascript for Kids by Nick Morgan

I’ve fallen in love with a book. Like fallen head-over-heels, carry-it-all-around-town, sneak-in-pages-whenever-I-can in love. The real deal.

The book that is the object of my affection?

Uh… it’s Nick Morgan’s Javascript for Kids. Continue reading

A TL;DR Book Review –Supernatural Enhancements


This may very well be one of the shortest book reviews I’ve ever written. And, technically, it’s not a book review because I honestly can’t say much about it without risking ruining any number of surprises and secrets. I’m always on the lookout for books that are “different.” And Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero qualified for that list. With a capital Q. Continue reading

A Very Lord of the Rings Christmas

Image: idreamlikecrazy via Flickr

A few years ago, we dreamed up our own December tradition: Rings Day. Starting on the 25th and running until the 31st, we watch all three Lord of the Rings films back-to-back. We start at Bilbo’s 111th birthday party and try to get Frodo’s trip to Valinor to unfold on New Year’s Eve. It gives the kids our own December tradition to look forward to and occupies us when all the stores and restaurants are closed and our friends are ensconced in Christmas activities. Continue reading

Book Review: Chicks Dig Gaming


I’m a huge fan of the sharing of memories with fellow enthusiasts of geeky stuff. If you’ve got recollections of getting lost in a maze of twisty passages, all alike, I dig that. Or if you never got all the sand out of Kenner Luke’s hollow arm after recreating his Tatooine adventures; or if you can vividly remember the real-world setting in which you finally reached the words, “Well, I’m back,” he said. for the first time, then you’ve got a story I want to hear. Continue reading

Gravlander Episode 8, a New Serial Story by Erik Wecks


A fast post tonight — straight to the good stuff. I cannot believe we’re already up to Episode 8 of Erik Weck’s 10-part serial story, Gravlander. Episode 8!

If you’re just finding this, below you’ll find some links to the first seven episodes… get to reading, because things are getting GOOD! Once you’ve caught up, keep reading because here’s Episode 8… and Jo’s current predicament is resolved! Continue reading

Project Superhero Is a Book That Entertains, Educates Tween Girls


Tween girls get a great story (and role model) in this fun, illustrated book that promotes science, learning, and superheroes. Continue reading

Gravlander Episode 7, a New Serial Story by Erik Wecks


Welcome to Episode 7 of Erik Weck’s 10-part serial story, Gravlander. Yes, we are now seven episodes in, and it’s hard to believe it’s been almost two months since Erik released Episode 1. I mentioned back in the first episode post that I love serial stories, those great old-school tales where the hero or heroine always ended up in trouble just as the episode was finishing up — will he survive? Will she escape? Those kinds of questions are great for writers because if the story is done well, readers are anxious to see how the next episode plays out. Well, Erik’s doing a fine job because last week’s Episode 6 ended so abruptly that I thought it was a mistake. I was scrolling down the document Erik emailed me, reading and reading and reading and then BOOM. End of episode. Wait… WHAT just happened?
Continue reading

All You Need for Christmas Are the GeekDad Books

Geek Dad 3 Books

One of the most important things we can do with our kids is spend time with them, playing games and building projects together. Sharing experiences, especially ones where everyone discovers and learns, is the most rewarding thing we can do as parents. Continue reading

GeekDad’s Celebrate #Rudolph50 Giveaway (Sponsored by Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group)


Celebrate Rudolph’s 50th Anniversary with six new books, a special hashtag and a GeekDad giveaway! Continue reading

Gravlander Episode 6, a New Serial Story by Erik Wecks


We’ve crested the hill and are on the downslope… Erik Wecks has submitted Episode 6 of his 10-part serial story, Gravlander, and the action isn’t letting up as you’ll soon be reading. It’s hard to believe the story is almost complete, with only four episodes left… and if you’re like me, you’ve got to be wondering just how in the world this story is going to end?

Erik and I spoke yesterday about the story in Episode 18 of Novel Ideas (our webcast discussion on all things related to writing), and I’m happy to report that Erik intends to take this serial story and expand on it and flesh it out. It could easily stand on its own as a novella, but I really enjoy Erik’s Pax Imperium universe, so I won’t say no to more storytelling. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: More Is More

Stack Overflow: More Is More

I like big books and I cannot lie. You might like your little digital book device that holds an entire library in your pocket, but there are some things that just aren’t meant to be shrunk down to that size. Here are some great examples of books that are just better in full size—all of them are bigger than your iPad’s screen. Sometimes, more is more. Continue reading