Fight to the Last Man — Interview With the Creative Team Behind ‘The Stranger’


Here’s an interview with the creative team behind ‘Last Man': Balak, Michaël Sanlaville, and Bastien Vivès. The first book in the series, ‘The Stranger,’ focuses on a gladiatorial contest–the Games–in what seems to be a medieval world in which magic is not only possible but also the very soul of the Games. Teams compete and wield elemental powers against one another in the ring (think ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ meets Ultimate Fighting). Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Spring Break

All the Wrong Questions

This past week was spring break for my kids, so between that and GameStorm the weekend before, I’ve had not much reading time (and even less writing time). But, hey, doesn’t mean I can’t tell you about a few great reads. Continue reading

There’s a Vulcan in My Tolkien

A Vulcan in my Tolkien

Last month I found myself spiraling down an internet hobbit hole. Leonard Nimoy had passed (LLAP), and I was surfing the web reminiscing about a man that was aptly described in a tweet as “every geek’s grandfather.” But what does this have to do with hobbits? Continue reading

The Little Book – ‘The Elements of Style’

Image: Grammar, Inc.

The English language is a convoluted warren of rules and exceptions. Fortunately, there is a simple way for writers to improve their copy with under 2oz. of resource materials: ‘The Elements of Style.’ Continue reading

Stack Overflow: More Funny Pages


This week, I’m wading through my big stacks of picture books. Today I’ll introduce you to some of the funny ones, which are always my favorites. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 004: Happy Birthday


In today’s episode we talk about Captain Owen and Sebastian’s second birthday party, robots, the aquarium, Octonauts (again), Captain Owen’s new baby doll – Baby Sam, his birthday dinner at Cafe Flora, an abbreviated reading of ‘The Gruffalo,’ the ABC song, Daniel Tiger, and the Oh, David! books. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Time for Bed!


A quick Stack Overflow this week. No time to dilly-dally; need to get the kids to bed! Therefore, let’s focus on a few recent picture books about bedtime that are great for bedtime! Continue reading

‘Part-Time Princesses': Mean Girls With a Paycheck

Part-Time Princesses

‘Part-Time Princesses’ follows four high school seniors who work part-time as costumed princesses at Enchanted Park, their town’s local run-down amusement park. When their childhood dreams for post-graduation plans fall through, they decide to pull together and organize to save the park. Continue reading

Study and Dream With ‘American Homes’

Image: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

The new book ‘American Homes: The Landmark Illustrated Encyclopedia of Domestic Architecture’ is a feast for the eyes and the brain. It is filled with over 1,000 illustrations, home elevations, and floor plans. There are dozens of home styles, ranging from the Longhouse to the Saltbox to the German Colonial to the A-Frame to the Passive Solar. Continue reading

‘Comic Book People 2′ Kickstarter Campaign


Last year, a successful Kickstarter campaign resulted in the book ‘Comic Book People: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s,’ a well-received visual history of the first two decades of San Diego’s Comic-Con International. Now, author/photographer Jackie Estrada, administrator of the annual Will Eisner Awards (who is also, with her husband Batton Lash, the co-publisher of Exhibit A Press, which publishes Lash’s comic, ‘Supernatural Law’), has compiled a second volume covering the 1990s. Continue reading

‘This Is…’ Art

Image: Laurence King Publishing

Art history need not be dry and boring. Homeschoolers and autodidacts alike have some marvelous resources at their fingertips. Gone are the days when one needed a guided tour of a museum or a thick coffee table book from the library to dig deeply into an artist’s works and life. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Touch’ by Claire North

Touch Feature

Anyone who read last year’s surprise hit, ‘The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August,’ by Claire North has probably been eagerly awaiting her next story. Released last week, ‘Touch’ is a similar-style story in that it focuses on a special group of individuals who have a unique talent. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Mort(e)’ by Robert Repino


Here’s the setup — the ants have had enough of humans. Over thousands of years, one particular colony has grown in size and intelligence, and the Queen has finally decided to take back the Earth. I know just enough about ants to understand how they communicate and I’ve read here and there (and watched a few video snippets) about their hierarchy and how they declare war on other colonies. This Queen is very intelligent, and she has managed to gain sufficient knowledge of chemistry to grow car-sized Alphas to act as soldier. Oh, and she’s also figured out how to grant intelligence and self-awareness in most every animal type on the planet including pig, dog, bear, raccoon, and cat. Continue reading