Worlds Collide as Johnny Boo Meets Dragon Puncher!

Johnny Boo Meets Dragon Puncher cover design - Copy

If you’ve got young kids and you’re not familiar with James Kochalka’s fantastic kids series, you should fix that right away. To date, there are six Johnny Boo books and two Dragon Puncher titles. All are quirky, cute, imaginative, and endlessly re-readable. Now, his two series collide in ‘Johnny Boo Meets Dragon Puncher!’ and sees the most fearsome robot-kitty-warrior teams up with the best little ghost in the world to take on a terrifying Ice Dragon! Continue reading

Unboxing the ’80s With Wil Wheaton and


As luck would have it, my Quarterly Co. Wil Wheaton box was delivered the day I went out of town last week, so, as soon as I got home yesterday, I tore into it to see what magical wonders of the ’80s awaited me. I was pretty happy with the first box and was very hopeful for this second, much larger box. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Geeky Coffee Tables


This week’s Stack Overflow includes a few recent (and a couple not-so-recent) oversized, coffee table art books that cover a range of geeky interests. Lock up your wallet if you have as little self-control as I do. Continue reading

Octonauts at Ease! Captain Barnacles at the Seattle Aquarium


My son is in love with undersea creatures so we maintain an annual pass at the Seattle Aquarium and go frequently. Recently, the Seattle Aquarium had a special event with an ‘Octonauts’ story time and a chance to meet Captain Barnacles. Since my son is also a huge ‘Octonauts’ fan, we made sure to take a special father-son trip to the aquarium for the event. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Game On

Stack Overflow Game On

Insert quarter, press start! Today’s Stack Overflow is all about videogames—they’ve long since left behind their humble beginnings and are now a multi-billion dollar industry with opening weekends that leave movies in the dust. So it’s no wonder they inspire a lot of writing. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Library at Mount Char’ by Scott Hawkins


I love books that sneak up on you when you’re not looking. I especially enjoy it when it’s from a new author with a debut novel that offers up something unique. Scott Hawkins’ has done this with ‘The Library at Mount Char,’ a mind-bending tale that delivers a contemporary fantasy story complete with its own mythology and rules for how the world works. Continue reading

Bounded Enthusiasm #12: Exploring the ‘Realms’ of Tony DiTerlizzi’s Imagination

Bounded Enthusiasm Podcast Logo

Today’s Bounded Enthusiasm episode is an interview with Tony DiTerlizzi, one of my favorite author-illustrators and a semi-regular guest on the podcast. We talk about his new book of RPG art and his upcoming picture book with Mo Willems. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Production Quality

Photo Jun 14, 11 50 28 PM - Copy

Let’s pause for a moment to talk about production quality in children’s books. I’m talking about books that go above and beyond the call of duty. Books that scream “Look at me!” when you open them up and turn the pages. Books that impress both you and your kids as you read. Continue reading

It’s Time to Get Things Started With a Most Sensational Humble Comics Bundle


This week’s Humble Comics Bundle is, thanks to fine folks at Boom! and Archaia, chock full of Jim Henson-inspired greatness. Humble Bundles are usually fantastic deals, but this week is something special indeed. Continue reading

Announcing ‘The Art of World of Warcraft’ 2015

Image: Blizzard

Following the 20th anniversary of the Warcraft universe, Blizzard is releasing ‘The Art of World of Warcraft.’ Hitting the shelves on June 16th, this collection includes hundreds of sketches, concept drawings, and articles discussing the Warcraft universe. Continue reading

‘The Great Detective': Interview With Author Zach Dundas

In just the past five years, Sherlock has once again become a worldwide sensation

Explore the history and cultural influences of the Holmes and Watson in Zach Dundas’ new novel ‘The Great Detective: The Amazing Rise and Immortal Life of Sherlock Holmes’. Continue reading

GeekDad Exclusive: Sneak Peek of Upcoming ‘Medieval LEGO’ Book


No Starch Press, publishers of many great geek books, has a new book coming out that I am super excited about–‘Medieval LEGO’. GeekDad was lucky enough to have been given access to several exclusive spreads from the book. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 010: ‘Hobgoblin Farts’


Double Digits! In this episode we start off playing with Owen’s latest toy–‘Tiggly Shapes.’ Then we read his favorite new book, ‘Monster ABC,’ by Kyle and Derek Sullivan, currently featured on Kickstarter. After I read it to Owen, he wanted to read it to me (with a little help). Finally, we sign off by singing happy birthday to Owen’s Oma Lennie. Continue reading