‘Welcome to Night Vale’ Novel Brings the Podcast to Your Bookshelf

WTNV Cover logo

There is a small town, in the middle of a vast desert. That town has a Community Radio Station to tell you all of the day’s mundane disasters. It is a town where everything is slightly wrong, but it makes the whole just right. Welcome to Night Vale. Continue reading

Ahmet Zappa Brings the ‘Star Darlings’ to Life


Behold the ‘Star Darlings,’ the newest multiplatform franchise property from Disney. Initially conceived by designer Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa, ‘Star Darlings’ was inspired by their daughter. I caught up with Ahmet Zappa (yes, he’s the son of Frank Zappa) to chat about the new series, where it came from, how it’s unique from existing Disney properties, and what we can expect to see down the line. Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2015: A Day-By-Day Planning Guide


This Thursday marks the beginning of New York Comic Con, the biggest pop culture convention on the East Coast, rivaling even San Diego Comic Con in size. With more than 150,000 guests to contend with and a beastly, albeit incredible schedule of panels, events, signings, and booths to consider, NYCC can be a daunting undertaking without the proper planning. Continue reading

GeekDad Reviews ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer’

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There are few title characters of a series who die within the first 50 pages of their first book, but when you are the son of a Norse god, a ride to Valhalla with an angry teenage Valkyrie is just the beginning of your adventures. Continue reading

Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding – Thinking Like a Programmer

Hello Ruby Title

As technology continues to intertwine our daily lives, it is more important than ever for kids to develop a basic understanding of how this technology functions. Learning to think like a programmer is the first step in both understanding our current world and creating the next, and Hello Ruby can help set kids on this path. Continue reading

This Fall: Interactive Fiction Galore

Fall has brought a fresh harvest of interactive fiction. The annual IFComp (Interactive Fiction Competition) offers 54 games (parser-based as well as hypertext-based) for your consideration, many of them ready to play directly in your browser. If, on the other hand, you are more into chose-your-own-adventure books, there is the 2015 Windhammer Prize for short game-book fiction, offering 16 PDFs for download. Continue reading

GeekDad Interviews Rick Riordan, Author of ‘Magnus Chase’

Magnus Chase jacket

GeekDad chats with Rick Riordan about the first book in his upcoming series, ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 1: The Sword of Summer,’ and the challenges of sharing with middle readers legends that can make even the most stout-hearted warrior a little weak in the knees. Continue reading

Pick Up the Slack: Remember Handwriting?


Recently, several publishers and companies have tried to fill the penmanship void left by U.S. schools’ lack of explicit handwriting instruction. Cambridge University Press recently came out with a series of ‘Handwriting at Home’ books that are specifically designed for parents to use at home with their children. Continue reading

‘DC Super Hero Girls’ First Look


Today Warner Bros and DC Entertainment released the first look at the upcoming ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ with an exclusive animated clip, ‘Welcome to Super Hero High’, and photos of some of the figures. Continue reading

Adventure Scents Will Add Another Level of Realism to Your Next RPG Campaign, Board Game, Book, or Movie


If you’re like most gamers, you’ve been waiting patiently for a way to make your game room smell like a fetid swamp or a moldy crypt. Well, good news, gamers–the long wait is finally over. Read on to find out about a way to add environmental smells (both good and bad) to your next campaign. Continue reading

Kids Can Learn Geography and Culture and Train to Be International Spies

Image: Lonely Planet Kids

Playing pretend as a kid was one of my happiest memories. I’m not so good at it as an adult, but I still fully appreciate the wonder and magic that I see on my own kids’ faces when they pretend to be made-up characters or plan trips and pretend to take them. (I long since learned to check bags and backpacks when they were missing a toy or other item.) Continue reading

Stack Overflow: A New Spin on Old Stories

Stack Overflow Spin

I love seeing new takes on familiar stories: sometimes a little tweak or twist on an old tale can give us a fresh perspective on the whole thing. Or, sometimes, it’s just funny to flip everything on its head. I’ve seen this done in many formats, from picture books to adult fiction and everything in between. Today, I’ll take a look at several picture books (and some comics) that put a new spin on things. Continue reading

‘Sherlock Chronicles’ Delivers the Details on the BBC Hit Show

Feature Sherlock Chron

This will be an easy decision to continue reading or not–if you’re a fan of the BBC show ‘Sherlock,’ then do keep reading. If you’re not a fan (of the show or Sherlock Holmes in general), then this book will be of little interest to you. And finally, if you’re not sure because you haven’t watched the show (or have only watched a few of the nine 1.5-hour episodes spread over three seasons), this book AND review are full of spoilers. Continue reading

‘The Silent End’ Pits Geek Friends Versus Deadly Monsters

Feature Silent End

With Halloween approaching, I once again find myself hunting down spooky books and movies as entertainment as I prepare for one of my favorite holidays. Usually I have to go on the hunt for just the right book, but not this time. Back in 2013, I had the good fortune to discover author Samuel Sattin and his novel ‘League of Somebodies.’ Since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting his next tale, and it’s now here… ‘The Silent End’ is a tale perfect for Halloween and geeks. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: STEAM-Powered Kids


Today’s Stack Overflow is a little different—instead of just books, I’ve thrown in some games, toys, and even apps. In light of last week’s news, I think it’s even more important to encourage kids to keep tinkering and exploring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). It’s pretty awesome, really, that there are so many ways to get kids thinking scientifically and encouraging them to experiment. Sometimes it’s just about presenting characters that demonstrate engineering skills or critical thinking, showing kids that it’s okay to be a geek. Continue reading

Exclusive: Drew Weing’s ‘The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo’ Lands at First Second


First Second Books recently acquired Drew Weing’s amazing ‘The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo’ (which updates weekly online) for a series of books, and the first is scheduled to come out in September 2016. We recently caught up with Drew to chat about his process, taking ‘Margo’ to First Second, and monster hunters. Continue reading

DragonCon 2015 Newbie Recap and Cosplay Roundup


I was expecting to be overwhelmed and overjoyed going to my first DragonCon, and boy did DragonCon deliver! DragonCon has been nicknamed NerdiGras, and it is certainly a name they’ve earned. But DragonCon is also one of the most family friendly cons (before 8pm). Continue reading

Exclusive and Giveaway: Watch ‘What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night’


Many of us geek parents have heard about and seen what parents Refe and Susan Tuma do every year for their kids–a “real” version of ‘Toy Story’ featuring what their plastic dinosaurs did in the night, usually involving quite a mess. Continue reading