10 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’


Following directly out of the events of ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,’ the fifth installment of the franchise is a fast-moving popcorn-muncher of a film, full of incredible stunts and elaborate double- and triple-crosses from agents whose allegiances are always in question. Continue reading

Day One at GenCon: The Big Picture


GenCon is big. Whether you count in attendance (more than 120,000 people), events (more than 11,000), or dollars (more than 50,000,000), it’s the largest annual consumer fantasy, electronic, sci-fi and adventure game convention in North America. Continue reading

Fun Dungeon Crawling and Building With ‘Guild of Dungeoneering’


Gambrinous recently released ‘Guild of Dungeoneering,’ a PC and Mac game that combines dungeon crawling, dungeon building, and roguelike elements in a fun, light-hearted way with a unique, hand-drawn look and feel. Continue reading

Sandman Slim Returns in ‘Killing Pretty’

Killing Pretty Featured Image

I am absolutely, positively, insanely jealous over anyone who has not yet discovered Richard Kadrey’s urban fantasy series that features James Stark, aka Sandman Slim. Kadrey’s seventh book in the series, ‘Killing Pretty,’ just hit the stands… and it is outstanding. Continue reading

Massive ‘Splatoon’ Update Arrives Next Month

splatoon slosher

If the Wii U’s exclusive, ink-covered shooter ‘Splatoon’ isn’t my 2015 game of the year… well, I’ll be surprised. Since its launch back in May, Nintendo has released a steady stream of new maps, weapons, events, and even a new game type (the “Tower Control” Ranked mode) at regular intervals to keep me and all the other squid-kids properly occupied. But next month’s update promises even more! Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: ‘Evolutionary Tales': A Child’s First Book on Evolution


‘Evolutionary Tales’ is a new book by Matt Cubberly with beautiful illustrations from May Villani that just launched on Kickstarter. ‘Evolutionary Tales’ showcases ten very different animals and how they evolved and is a great introduction to evolution for young children. Continue reading