Mysterious Technology Found in ‘The Forgotten Room’ by Lincoln Child

Forgotten Room Image

I’m a huge fan of Lincoln Child, and have been since I first read ‘The Relic,’ which was co-authored with his long-term writing partner Douglas Preston back in 1995. ‘The Relic’ began a series of co-authored books by Preston and Child that introduced one of the most intriguing characters in fiction, FBI Special Agent Pendergast. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Skip to the End

Stack Overflow - The End

Sometimes you just gotta skip to the end—the end of the world, that is. All of the books in today’s Stack Overflow are about The End. We’ve got religious end-times, magical end-times, and some skills you might need once you get there. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 009: ‘Chutes and Ladders’


A long weekend! In this episode we sing “Three Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and then have a little tickle party. Then we break out Owen’s new ‘Marvel Chutes and Ladders Super Hero Squad’ that he got from his aunt Michelle and aunt Wendi. We sing the clean-up song when we’re all done, and then Owen asks to watch an episode of ‘Tabletop’ with Wil Wheaton. After watching the episode, we quickly added ‘Takenoko’ to our wish list. Continue reading

Hey You Geeks #43: A Trip Down ‘Fury Road’


This week on Hey You Geeks, we’re breaking down what we’re considering the best movie of 2015 thus far; ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ We talk about everything from ‘Fury Road’s’ storied production and feminist themes to box-office performance. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Fall of Magic’ Storytelling Epic


Our family really enjoys great storytelling games. ‘Fall of Magic’ not only has a novel and beautiful game mechanic but also brings a fresh yet familiar fantasy setting and theme to the storytelling genre that we thoroughly enjoyed. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Cunning Folk’ Keeps You Guessing

Cunning Folk

The village of Ipswich is overrun with witches, both good and evil—can you expose the witches? But be careful: if you’re caught lying, the townsfolk will suspect you’re a witch, too. Here’s a clever little game for ‘Cunning Folk.’ Continue reading

Passing the Test of Time: ‘Jurassic Park’ Books


With ‘Jurassic World’ ready for the big screen, I’m wondering whether the film will hold up to the agonizing fun the first movies represent to all of us, and, also, whether they will honor the books. Continue reading

New Vice Short Explores ‘The Mystical Universe of Magic: The Gathering’


When it comes to compelling documentary programming, Vice have really stepped up into the spotlight as one of the most interesting, thorough and investigative news sources out there. Now, they’re taking on geek culture with a look into the mystique of and obsession with Magic: The Gathering. Continue reading

Meet the ‘Tomorrowland’ Cast and Crew


The stars, writers and director of Tomorrowland assembled for a press conference in Beverly Hills two weeks ago, and GeekDad was there. Answering questions from the Moderator and audience were writers Jeff Jensen and Damon Lindelof, actors Tim McGraw, Britt Robertson, George Clooney and Raffey Cassidy, as well as director/co-writer/co-producer, Brad Bird. Continue reading