LEGO Super Friends! (Sort Of)


The newest direct-to-disc LEGO movie might just be the closest we get to a reboot of the classic Hanna Barbera ‘Super Friends’ series from the 70s. Yes, it’s got a somewhat cumbersome official name: ‘LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom!’ Despite the long name, this is an incredibly fun movie with every bit of humor and wit as you’ve come to expect from the LEGO movies. Continue reading

Find Your Despicable Side in ‘Nefarious’


They thought I was mad, but wait until they see the effects of my Death Ray! Too cliched? How about this Doomsday Machine? Still not impressed? Maybe my Universal Solvent will do the trick. Just you wait—the world will be mine soon! Or perhaps yours. It all depends on who is the most ‘Nefarious.’ Continue reading

Shanghai Disneyland in the Spotlight


Earlier this month at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA, the Walt Disney Imagineering booth shined a light on the newest Disney park in a big way. Set to open in 2016, Shanghai Disneyland will be the 12th Disney park worldwide, the 4th in Asia, and the 1st in Mainland China. It’s become clear that Shanghai Disneyland will indeed be, as Disney CEO Bob Iger proclaimed it, “both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.” Continue reading

10 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Super Mario Maker’

super mario maker

Launching next week, Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Maker’ is poised to make quite the impression on gamers young and old. With its blend of one of gaming’s most iconic properties and the sort of creative freedom usually only reserved for sandbox titles, it’s both a retro throwback and a new school virtual toolkit. But is it right for you and your family? Let’s see. Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Hackers’ 20th Anniversary Edition


In 1995, the internet was still exotic, Jonny Lee Miller still had hair, and movies about computer hackers were starting to become a thing. Twenty years later, when our phones have more processing power than any computer from that era, once-serious films about technology can become unintentionally hilarious. And so it is with Hackers, now enjoying its first Blu-Ray release to commemorate its 20th anniversary. Continue reading

Reminder: ‘HiLo’ Releases Today–Check Out the Video!

Hilo Feature

Judd Winick has a new intro video for the book that I didn’t have access to when I wrote the review, and it’s pretty cool to see his characters come to life on the paper. Check it out below, and be sure to grab a copy of the book if you’ve got a young reader in the house–the combination of superhero story, graphic novel, and fast-paced, humorous dialogue is sure to be a hit. My son REALLY wants Book 2 now. Draw faster, Mr. Winick! Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Avalanche at Yeti Mountain’

avalanche at yeti mountain

Time to test out your rocket-powered skis, and what better place than Yeti Mountain? Sure, you might think ‘Avalanche at Yeti Mountain’ teaches you about overreaching genius and unintended consequences–but (like ‘Age of Ultron’) it’s actually about outrunning your mistakes. And one cranky yeti. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘GemPacked Cards’ and App

GemPacked Cards

Digital and tabletop games are blending into each other more and more often, and this Kickstarter project from Eduardo Baraf is a good example of that. ‘GemPacked’ is a single-player puzzle game for iOS, and ‘GemPacked Cards’ is a card game based on the app, though with somewhat different gameplay. Continue reading

9 Ways to Make Back-to-School Fun for Your Geeklings

Bento boxes are a great way to show your kids you care. And it definitely doesn't need to be this fancy. Cat and Birdies Bento by Flickr user megan. CC by 2.0

Though much of the country has already had their first day of the school year, some school districts still don’t start until the day after Labor Day. But whether your kids have already started or will start soon, it’s never too late to make an effort to make back-to-school time fun for your geeklings of all ages. Continue reading

Make the Most of ‘Beautiful LEGO’ Series From Mike Doyle

LEGO Wild Coverfeat

I spend entirely too much time using LEGO bricks to funnel my creative energy. Recently, I started to feel like I’d reached the limits of my pieces. Of course, this made me want to go on a shopping spree. What can be better than buying a few thousand bricks? Luckily, a copy of ‘Beautiful LEGO Wild!’ found its way onto my desk. Continue reading

Reaping the Rewards: ‘Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age’

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age

In “Reaping the Rewards,” I take a look at a crowdfunded project in its final form. Today’s title is ‘Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age,’ a new version of Matt Leacock’s dice-rolling, civilization-building game. The game is similar to the original but has been beefed up, with new developments, warfare, and a Fate die. There’s also an included Mediterranean expansion that introduces exploration. Continue reading

The Truth Is Out There, and On Sale Today: The Complete X-Files for $75


Now that we know the show is coming back, isn’t it the perfect time to binge-watch every single episode and movie, just to get immersed in the mythology again? Well, here’s your chance: the complete series and both movies in one box set, totallying 54 discs, for just $75 today on Amazon. I want to believe! Continue reading