Why Math and Reading Skills Usually (But Don’t Always) Go Hand-In-Hand

Image: Flickr/John Flannery cc license

In elementary school the kids in the “redbird” and “bluebird” reading groups tended to be grouped together for math too. Why is that? Why do math and reading ability go hand-in-hand? And why do some kids break this mold to excel in only one? Continue reading

‘Computer Coding’ — Programming for Young Coders Part II

Coding Feature

A few weeks back I wrote about a new book from DK Publishing that introduces programming concepts and the Scratch programming language. I reached out to DK to see if they had any other books related to programming, and they just sent me a copy of ‘Computer Coding: An Introduction to Computer Programming.’ Continue reading

Word Nerd: A Tint of Rogue


Today we have another one of those word pairs that gets mixed up more often than one might expect, and the mix-up seems to only go one way. “Vogue” rhymes with “rogue” and both are spelled with the same ending, but nobody ever spells it “vouge.” I suspect people see “rouge” and read it as “rogue.” Continue reading

‘Secret Coders’ — A Comic With a Mystery and Programming

Secret Coders Feature

If you’ve got a young student who is showing an interest in programming, the key is to encourage but not overwhelm. Sometimes you need to sneak something educational in under the radar, right? Continue reading

‘Sesame Street’ on HBO Brings Changes, Muppet Legs


There’s been a lot of talk about the dramatic changes coming to the upcoming 46th season of ‘Sesame Street.’ But now that I’ve seen the first two episodes (which premiere on HBO this Saturday, January 16), I feel like I’m in a better place to weigh in. Continue reading

A Lifelong Geek’s Experience With Sports Tiger Parenting


On his fourth attempt, Leif stood in a position of relative rest halfway through the climb and you could see the panic starting to set in as he looked at the next hold, still impossibly far away… Continue reading

‘Coding in Scratch: Games Workbook’ — Programming for Young Coders

Coding In Scratch: Games Workbook

Since teaching some basic programming camps over the last two summers, I’ve had requests from parents of younger children for a similar type of camp, but it won’t be happening in 2016. That said, in order to even consider the request, I’ve been examining various apps and books to see just how I might go about introducing programming concepts to a younger audience. I’ve been looking for something to recommend to parents as a simple way to gauge the interest of a child in programming without being overly complicated or lengthy. The solution I found came from DK Publishing. Continue reading

11 Rules for When Your Geeklet Starts Dating

Trekkie Dating

What dating advice can we take out of eleven geek culture quotes? Lots. The trick is limiting ourselves to just eleven. Continue reading

Going Back to School at 40 Is Surprisingly Scary


In the last quarter of 2015, I decided that 2016 would look like this: celebrate the new year, turn 40, and then go back to school two days after. At first, I was excited about this new challenge. Now, with the start of classes less than a week away, I’m surprisingly scared. Continue reading

Self-Education With ‘The Trivium’

Image: Paul Dry Books

What do you think of when I say “logic” or “grammar”? How about “rhetoric” or “syllogism”? Unless you’ve had a decent liberal arts education, you may be a little lost on the second two, and your definitions of the first two will vary. Though if you’re a classical homeschooling family, this is likely all familiar to you. Continue reading

Review: Smart Anatomy: Interactive Human Body


Smart Anatomy from Oregon Scientific is the perfect way to teach kids about human anatomy. Smart Anatomy is packed with tons of information and activities of various levels so that it can be a learning tool for children of all ages and will provide years of educational experience. Continue reading

Science Is For Girls: ‘Miles From Tomorrowland’ Spotlights Coding and Scientific Curiosity

MILES FROM TOMORROWLAND - "The Discovery Expedition" - Loretta uses her coding skills to discover a hidden planet. This episode of "Miles From Tomorrowland" premieres Friday, December 4 (10:30 AM - 11:00 AM ET/PT) on Disney Junior. (Disney Junior)

It’s no secret that we here at GeekDad are huge proponents of STEM education, scientific curiosity, and encouraging kids (especially girls) to pursue scientific career paths. Positive portrayals of scientifically minded girls who use their brains to save the day are something we can definitely get behind. Continue reading