MoonBots 2015 Challenge Begins with Call for Explorers, Adventurers and Dreamers


The 2015 MOONBOTS Challenge launches today and its a great way for kids to learn about space, robotics, and pick up some STEM skills at the same time. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Wundercub Educational Temporary Tattoos


My two-year-old son loves temporary tattoos. The fact that my wife and I both have several tattoos probably doesn’t hurt, but a love of temporary skin art seems to be almost universal with kids. Wundercub will make kids’ love of temporary tattoos into a learning tool. Continue reading

Understanding How Things Work From the Inside With ‘Explain 3D’


Do you remember books like “The Way Things Work” or “How things work”? These books were best-sellers and helped a lot of people understand how things work. They sold millions of copies and taught countless people. Now, ‘Explain 3D’ brings those kinds of books to your mobile devices, and delivers the future of learning how things work. Continue reading

GeekDad: The Formative Years III


Continuing in our ongoing series in which the GeekDads reveal the influences that transformed them into geeks, here are the Secret Origins of Jim MacQuarrie and Roger Mullins. I get to go first because I’m older. Continue reading

‘Tiny Stitches’ Gets Your Kids Crafting

Here's my attempt at one of the projects in the book. I think it turned out well. Photo: Jenny Bristol

Embroidery is a great project for kids because they can make it how they like, following a pattern, drawing their own design, or making it up as they go. It’s also incredibly portable, needing only fabric, embroidery hoop, needle, embroidery floss, and scissors to do basic projects. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Evolution’ Expansion Takes ‘Flight’

Evolution: Flight

It’s getting crowded down here on the ground: not only are there carnivores trying to hunt you down, but there’s so much competition for plant food that it’s getting pretty scarce. Maybe it’s time to take to the skies, with ‘Evolution: Flight.’ Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Careful, You Might Learn Something (Part 3)

Stack Overflow

I know, it’s only the middle of the week, but our stacks are really overflowing, so it’s time for another stack of non-fiction(ish) books for kids! Not all of these are strictly non-fiction, but all of them include some educational elements. Continue reading

The Little Book – ‘The Elements of Style’

Image: Grammar, Inc.

The English language is a convoluted warren of rules and exceptions. Fortunately, there is a simple way for writers to improve their copy with under 2oz. of resource materials: ‘The Elements of Style.’ Continue reading

Kids Read Mean Tweets: Bullying Is Different But Still the Same

Amelia Wells
December 9, 2009
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

One doesn’t need to grow up as a geek in order to have been bullied, but it certainly helped. My parents and older brothers helped me cope with being bullied, as they had gone through the same experience. As a parent, I should feel confident that I can help my son through such inevitable tough times, but the landscape of bullying has changed. With the internet came anonymity, a comfortable distance from targets, and a much more public voice. Bullying in the 21st century is quite different from what I experienced as a child. A new viral video campaign from the Canadian Safe School Network seeks to help start the discussion. Continue reading

Calling All Makers: Be a Part of the Denver Mini Maker Faire


Fire up your soldering irons and sharpen up your scissors. The 2015 Mini Maker Faire is returning to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science June 13-14, and they want you. Continue reading

News Websites for Kids

Common Sense Media logo

Parents don’t always want their kids to watch unfiltered news because of vulgarity, violence, and other inappropriate content. Here are some tools to help you get your kids engaged with the news while paying attention to which articles they see. Continue reading

Word Nerd: Vice Grip


Today’s pair of words is uniquely American; the British are sensible enough to spell both words the same way. We have vice and vise, but in England, it’s vice and vice. If you’re British, you can ignore this week’s installment if you like. Continue reading

Geek’s Guide to National Parks

NPS Featured Image

The U.S. National Park Service is turning 100 – its the perfect time to geek out at your park with this comprehensive guide of citizen science, astronomy, adventure, and even LARP programs and events in parks. Continue reading

The Dress and the Opportunity for the Scientific Method

The Dress

In a world where you might think there is nothing more to say about this topic I wanted to raise the important opportunity it represents and still represents to us parents: it is a unique event to teach the scientific method. Continue reading

Spelling ‘General Grievous': Making Orthography Fun


It was with a bit of trepidation that I observed my kid’s first brushes with orthography in grammar school. When it became apparent that something had to be done in the way of regular spelling exercises, my first thought was daily dictations, such as I had been subjected to by my parents. I had hated them (the dictations, not the parents), but spelling could never be fun, it seemed. Continue reading