Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding – Thinking Like a Programmer

Hello Ruby Title

As technology continues to intertwine our daily lives, it is more important than ever for kids to develop a basic understanding of how this technology functions. Learning to think like a programmer is the first step in both understanding our current world and creating the next, and Hello Ruby can help set kids on this path. Continue reading

Pick Up the Slack: Remember Handwriting?


Recently, several publishers and companies have tried to fill the penmanship void left by U.S. schools’ lack of explicit handwriting instruction. Cambridge University Press recently came out with a series of ‘Handwriting at Home’ books that are specifically designed for parents to use at home with their children. Continue reading

Word Nerd: Opening Gamut


Today’s Word Nerd topic is one that’s become so ubiquitous that it even turns up among political pundits. Last month, Chuck Todd of Meet the Press suggested to Senator Bernie Sanders that they should do an interview in which they could “do the gambit of issues,” and the nation’s English teachers wept. Continue reading

Kids Can Learn Geography and Culture and Train to Be International Spies

Image: Lonely Planet Kids

Playing pretend as a kid was one of my happiest memories. I’m not so good at it as an adult, but I still fully appreciate the wonder and magic that I see on my own kids’ faces when they pretend to be made-up characters or plan trips and pretend to take them. (I long since learned to check bags and backpacks when they were missing a toy or other item.) Continue reading

Study Shows Why Kids Sink or Swim in Math Education


Most kids who are good or bad at math in first grade are similarly good or bad at math as 15-year-olds. Most but not all. A few get better or worse and a new study shows what’s behind the migration of math ability. Continue reading

Megan Lee’s Gorgeous Nerdy Science Art and Flashcards

Image: Megan Lee Studio

I’ve had my eye on Megan Lee’s scientist art for quite some time. It’s the perfect mixture of simplicity, unity, and graphics, all with science history as the underlying theme. Most of the scientists she has profiled in art are at least somewhat known if not very well known. But for a few, I actually had to research who they were and what they have done. Continue reading

‘Compose Yourself’ and Compose a Masterpiece

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Music is often considered to be another language, and, if that’s the case, then our literacy in that language can be defined by our ability to read musical notes and piece together a composition. But we all have to start somewhere. And if Mozart is Shakespeare, then Compose Yourself is more like Dr. Seuss, helping kids discover and become aware of the sounds and patterns of the musical language. Continue reading

Anger, Sadness, Stereotype, and How to Argue With Your Kids


Imagine you’re driving through a crowded grocery store parking lot when a man on a cell phone walks out in front of you and holds up a hand toward you, palm out. What does he mean by this gesture? Studies show that your interpretation depends on your mood. Continue reading

Make Your Very Own Batman Story With ‘Rory’s Story Cubes: Batman’

Rory's Story Cubes: Batman. Image: Gamewright

Unless you write fanfiction or love to cosplay as someone from the Batman universe, you’ve probably not concocted your own Batman tales. Perhaps you would prefer a different origin story. Or maybe you think Batman should become one of the bad guys for once. Or you just want to solve custom crimes, chosen by you, with Batman at the helm. You can make these stories a reality with this new dice set. Continue reading

‘Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ on Your iOS Device


‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ is one of the few shows we actually let our toddler watch. It’s the direct heir to ‘Mister Roger’s Neighborhood’ featuring all the characters from the Land of Make Believe with plenty of educational programming. ‘Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ is the perfect extension of the show to mobile devices. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Save the World in ‘Eco – Global Survival Game’

ECO Logo

Kickstarting now, ‘Eco’ is a multiplayer global survival game. With the ultimate goal of saving the world from the impending destruction of the Earth by an incoming massive meteor, the game is part ecosystem simulation, part world survival, and much of your progress towards achieving the world-saving goal is dependent on group decisions. Continue reading

Don’t Delay Exploring the Science of Your Child’s Procrastination


Research is showing that procras­tination isn’t a defect in ability or personality but rather a disconnect between the demands of a task and what motivates the procrastinator. Continue reading

9 Ways to Make Back-to-School Fun for Your Geeklings

Bento boxes are a great way to show your kids you care. And it definitely doesn't need to be this fancy. Cat and Birdies Bento by Flickr user megan. CC by 2.0

Though much of the country has already had their first day of the school year, some school districts still don’t start until the day after Labor Day. But whether your kids have already started or will start soon, it’s never too late to make an effort to make back-to-school time fun for your geeklings of all ages. Continue reading

Review: Brackitz Allows Architectural Feats With Wooden Blocks


Brackitz is a new building block line of toys that allows children to take block building to a whole new level. Brackitz is labeled as being appropriate for ages 3 – 103 and helps kids begin to learn about engineering and architecture. Continue reading

Armchair Travel With Lonely Planet Kids’ ‘Adventures Around the Globe’

Image: Lonely Planet

Exposure to other cultures, languages, geography, and ways of life is vital for our kids to learn that they aren’t alone in this world. They inhabit our planet along with billions of others, most of whom don’t share a common language, diet, or sense of fashion. Lonely Planet Kids continues to put out enjoyable books for kids to broaden their horizons. Continue reading

Insight, Energy, Crickets, And the Science of the Snooze Button


Are the offsprings’ brains better off setting the alarm for 6:00am and hitting snooze for a blissful half an hour, or setting the alarm for 6:34am and sledding to breakfast on a piece of greased cardboard? The answer has to do with crickets… and brain waves… and insight. Continue reading