Kickstarter: The Dreamland Chronicles Digital Trading Card Game

Cover Flow - Seraphopolis Centurion_scale

What the Dreamland Chronicles trading card game intends to do is provide a fun, and safe environment for kids to play online with the Dreamland characters. Game rules are simplified and while there is combat, the battles are sanitized with no actual gore. The game rules are geared for 6 to 12 year old kids, but seem like they could keep an adult interested if you want to play a round or two with your kids. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion!


One of my favorite actors, and a man of many talents, Nathan Fillion, celebrates another year in the verse. Most of you are familiar with his roles as Rick Castle or Captain Mal, but I encourage you to explore some of his lesser known characters. My recent favorite is Constable Dogberry in Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. Continue reading

The Art of Titanfall


Today marks the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year. Titanfall was crafted by a co-creator of the Call of Duty franchise along with many key developers. The game has been under development for almost three years and is promising to stir up the first person shooter genre. Continue reading

Skylanders: Springtime Trigger Happy

Photo by Anton Olsen

Just in time for spring time, Skylanders introduces a special Springtime Trigger Happy. This variant is styled after the Big Bang Trigger Happy, who was in turn styled after Major “King” Kong riding an H-bomb to his sure death in Kubric’s Dr. Stangelove. Continue reading

Skylanders 4 Toy Fair News: Mega Blocks Leak


GeekDad Andy Robertson brings us a little more news of from toy Fair 2014. This time it’s a little speculation about Skylanders 4, a brief description of the Mega Blocks leak, and his speculation on the new game. If Andy is right about the direction and timing of the new game it could be a great way to grow the franchise to keep up with the fans as they age. Continue reading

Skylanders, Still Hot and Still Growing


The Skylanders franchise has just passed the $2 Billion mark: that’s double where they were a year ago. This year marks a lot of milestones for the game as they break into the top 20 video game franchises of all time. This month they passed the 175 million toy mark and there is no end in site. Continue reading

The Twig Gets an Update: Meet the Torso


I’ve known Jason Hilbourne for many years, and have always been impressed with his simple yet functional designs. I’ve invested in most of his Kickstarter campaigns, and enjoying all of the products I’ve received. This new campaign, the Torso, is an updated version of the Twig.
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Mooshimeter: Funny Name, Cool Product


A few different friends pointed me at this Dragon Innovate project last week and I had to check it out. Mooshimeter seems like a silly name, but the product behind it promises to change the way we diagnose electrical problems. Equipped with a dual channel circuit tester, Bluetooth, and your smart phone, you can use this meter to measure voltage and current up to 30 feet away. Continue reading

T.A.B.L.E.- Tabletop and Boardgame Learning Expo


The Tabletop and Boardgame Learning Expo (T.A.B.L.E.), first pitched on Kickstarter last summer, is becoming a reality in just two and a half months. On March 29-30, 2014, the Westin hotel in Irving, Texas, will be overrun by geeks of many sorts, but mainly those of the board and tabletop variety. Continue reading

Build Blitz: Six Weeks in 72 Hours


Tomorrow morning high school kids, teachers, and mentors all around the world will be glued to NASA TV for the FRC 2014 Kickoff. The FRC (FIRST Robotics Competiton) season starts at Kickoff and runs exactly 6 weeks. Teams will need to build their competition robot and seal it up for shipment to the regional events. Most of the teams will take all of that time, working late nights and long weekends to produce a competition worthy robot.
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