2015 Holiday Gift Guide #10: Gift Card Liquidation


We all know that Black Friday is the name of the most frenzied shopping day of the year, but is there a name for the day everyone returns their gifts to exchange for something they actually wanted? As a family we’ve scaled way back on how much we spend for Christmas so there are no gifts for us to return, but we did end up with some cash and gift cards to liquidate. Read on for our suggestions of things that you most likely did not receive for the holidays, but may make your 2016 a little geekier than 2015. Continue reading

8 Things Parents Should Know About ‘The Hateful Eight’

The Hateful Eight

A bounty hunter and his prisoner are stranded in a cabin with six other people during a blizzard. None of these eight get along with each other well at all. What else should you know before you see the film? Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide #7: DIY and Makers


Artist, maker, electronics geek, DIY enthusiast, and builder are just some of the names we call ourselves, but, whatever your moniker, we all share a love for creating, building, and the warm sense of accomplishment. Recent advances in technology, and price of the technology, have been a boon to the maker and DIY movement. Below we list the tools, technologies, supplies, and projects that inspired us this year. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide #6: Gadgets Part 2


If I had a dollar for every gadget I’ve bought since Part 1 was published yesterday, I could buy four more gadgets! I’m almost done though. As we’ve grown GeekDad, so has the number of authors and the number of gadgets we collectively love. Here’s the next dozen gadgets we love, in no particular order. I’ll have a few stragglers to post tomorrow, so stay tuned.
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Holiday Gift Guide #6: Gadgets Part 1

Surface Pro 4: The Ultimate Tablet

If I had a dollar for every gadget I’ve bought, I could buy more gadgets! As geeks, we have a special place in our hearts for elegant, useful, or just plain cool gadgets. In fact, we love our gadgets so much this year that we will have to split this guide into two parts. Read on for the first dozen gadgets that we have grown to love and treasure this year. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #5 Geek Culture


Geek Culture is a many faceted thing with the term meaning different things to most geeks. This category highlights some of the things we feel define us as geeks. Music, movies, books, and games are all a part of the culture and here we try to celebrate that diversity. No matter the type of geek you are shopping for, there should be some great suggestions here. When shopping I always look for things that they would never buy themselves and this category if flush with them.
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Black Friday Deals


Hear ye, hear ye, the holiday season is upon us and shoppers everywhere are limbering up and staking out the best deals of the century. But are they really the best deals? Watch the fine print carefully for words that limit the quantity or duration of the deals. That amazingly cheap loss-leader TV might be limited to 5 or 10 per store, leaving your unsatisfied hunger for a new TV to chomp at a normally priced TV. Beware also of the trampling hordes and angry shoppers. Every year Black Friday inches closer and closer to in appearance to the running of the bulls.
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A Camera Called Light


The Light L16 camera is a novel approach to photography. Each press of the shutter fires up to 10 of the 16 cameras simultaneously capturing a range of exposures and focal lengths that are then processed into a perfectly exposed photo up to 52 megapixels. This gives the L16 many features we’d expect from an SLR camera, like depth of field, great low-light performance, and more pixels. The L16’s features can also produce stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) images where both bright spots and shadows reveal their details, something your DSLR will need 3 or more rapid exposures to accomplish. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #4 Video Games


Today we take a peek at our favorite video games of the year. These are the games we’ve reviewed, played, loved, and sometimes hated. The games that spoke to us and pulled us in and kept us engaged for many hours. Most of these titles are suitable for all ages, but there are a couple that you may want to reserve for the older kids or parents. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #3 Tabletop Games

MTG Arena of the Planeswalkers package (1)

Most, if not all, of us here at GeekDad love to play games of all sorts. Digital or physical matters little to most of us so we’re splitting the games gift guide up into two parts. Today we’re featuring the physical games, ones made of cardboard, paper, and plastic. Tomorrow will showcase our favorite video games of the year. Read on for a list of our favorite games of the year. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #2 Books

Art of Dave Seeley cover

As GeekDads we have spent countless hours reading for ourselves and our kids, and sometimes we like a book well enough to recommend it to our readers. Read on as we feature some of our favorite books that we’ve discovered this year. Many of these have been, or soon will be, reviewed on GeekDad or GeekMom.
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Holiday Gift Guide #1: Toys


Halloween is over, and it is once again time to turn our full attention to that which we call the Holiday Season! First up is a list of toys that we’ve played with, geeked out on, and raved about to our friends. Read on to see what we liked, why we liked it, and where you can pick one up! Continue reading

BattleBots Week 5 Recap – The Great Eight, Fire Flips, and the De-Icer


BattleBots Week 5 – aka the quarterfinals. As always, Anton Olsen and Kishore Hari are here to breakdown the best bouts, worst moments, and everything in between. Spoilers galore, so just watch the embed bouts before reading the commentary. Continue reading

BattleBots Week 3 Recap – Ice, Stingers, and Flying Art Installations


BattleBots is back for their third episode with the round of 16 and GeekDad will be doing weekly breakdowns of the competition. This week, we have Anton Olsen and Kishore Hari doing breakdowns of the best bouts. Spoilers galore, so beware if you did not watch. Continue reading

3D Printing Tips and Tricks: PLA vs Humidity


I haven’t used my 3D printers much since February, so most of my filament has been sitting on the shelf since. This has not been an issue in recent years as this part of Texas is reasonably dry, and unusually so the last 5 years. This winter and spring, however, have conspired to teach me a lesson about the proper treatment and storage of PLA printer filament. Continue reading

Marian Call at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas


Once again the lovely and talented Marian Call will be performing at Poor David’s in Dallas. If you are in the area this Sunday evening I encourage you to join us. Doors are at 6:30. In past years the show was finished by 9 or 9:30 so it’s not too terribly late to bring the kids. Poor David’s is a great little listening room with a modest bar a bit south if I-30 on South Lamar Street. Continue reading

Summer Camp for Gamers: The Game Experience, Part 1 — A Holistic Approach


Are your kids into videogames, and do they want to learn more about making them? Then The Game Experience may be the perfect summer camp for them. All this week, we’ll be exploring different aspects of the Barely Noticeable summer video game development immersion program offered by our sponsor, Experience America. Continue reading