The GeekDad blog was started by Chris Anderson in late 2006 as a place for him and his friends to share the geeky projects they were doing with their kids with a wider audience. Not long after, due to his then-status as Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, Chris had GeekDad hosted on Wired.com where it would have a higher visibility. He then opened a call for new writers to help bolster the ranks.

In Spring, 2007 Ken Denmead joined GeekDad as a contributor, and went to town writing and building the blog. By October of 2007, Chris asked Ken to take over the blog and run it as he saw fit.

Since that time, GeekDad has grown has reached millions of people, and maintains a contributorship of over geeky parents from all walks of life and all over the world. It has spawned three popular books (including a New York Times bestseller), and a companion site: GeekMom.com.

In April 2013, GeekDad embarked on another big adventure.

The core mission of GeekDad remains: write about what we love as geeks and as parents.