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OUYA Gaming System

Looking for the perfect gift for the Geek who has (almost) everything. Might I suggest a OUYA? This week, GeekDad is giving away a brand new OUYA gaming system to our readers. This scrappy little gaming system has over 500 games, all of which you can try for free. Plug it in, and you’ll be playing in just a few minutes.

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Yes, you can enter both ways to increase your chances of winning. Entries close at 11:59 PM EST Friday night (12/13). Good Luck!

Disclosure: GeekDad received a free OUYA Console to giveaway.

About Jason CranfordTeague

Jason spends his time playing video games with his wife and kids, designing web sites (like GeekDad), and writing books about the aforementioned topics. His most recent book is CSS3: Visual Quickstart available at finer book stores everywhere.

About Jason CranfordTeague

Jason spends his time playing video games with his wife and kids, designing web sites (like GeekDad), and writing books about the aforementioned topics. His most recent book is CSS3: Visual Quickstart available at finer book stores everywhere.

188 thoughts on “Win an OUYA Gaming System for the Holidays!

  1. My favorite games of all time are the Assassin’s Creed franchise. If I had to choose one out of the franchise, it would probably be the second, but I haven’t had a chance to play Black Flag yet. I love Assassin’s Creed because even after beating everything, I can just enjoy running around historical recreations of vast cityscapes. I get to learn about history while enjoying a great mythos filled with conspiracy theories. I loves me a solid single-player experience.

  2. Greatest Game Ever, has to be Mario. It got everything started for me. Or maybe Metal Gear Solid, which is the only reason I bought a PS3.

  3. Favorite ever is hard, but most memorable: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial on the NES. I was six, played for hours and hours, and never got anywhere. I don’t know why I even kept trying!?!

  4. Favorite game EVER? wow.. Doom, or Pitfall? Loved pitfall and those glorious 8 bit graphics of the 2600. Kind of miss those easy fun games that seemed so HUGE when I was young.

  5. Ocarina of Time will always be my favorite game. Being able to explore a huge, 3D world filled with so much to do was awe-inspiring at the time. Maybe it’s the nostalgia goggles, but the game still holds up when I replay it.

  6. I’m also going to say Super Mario is my all time favorite video game, ever! Each level had awesome graphics and was more challenging than the last. There was just something so addictive to the bleep, bleep, bloop, bloop sounds of Mario and Luigi running, jumping and hitting those blocks!!

  7. The game I have fondest memories of was 7th Guest… my wife (then fiancee) and I played it together, and I believe it was one of the first games that made her appreciate computer gaming.

  8. Duke Nukem! I am not sure what version but when I got my first computer, shortly after my husband and I were married and before we had kids, we got this game and spent many, many hours playing together. Nice bonding for newlyweds!

  9. I think I would have to vote for Portal. Or BioShock (original). Or Dragon Age: Origin. Or the original Legend of Zelda. Too many to choose from!


  10. I would have to say ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS. I could sit around for hours and destroy jason, zombies, and those crazy huge stomping babies. Plus its a classic Lucas Arts game which were always amazing.

  11. Castlevania Symphony of the Night for the PS1 was definately one of my favorites, i played that everynight when i came home from work till i went to bed until i finally finished both castles. It was way better than other versions like the Snes

  12. Knights of the Old Republic. The story really sucked me in, and I loved how a friend of mine and I were playing at the same time, but he was making light side choices and I was playing dark side ones…and we both ended up with immensely satisfying, but completely different, endings.

  13. Favorite game ever? Who didn’t love saving the Princess on Nintendo with the Mario Bro’s. I was always so excited when I would get to the top of the flag and get the 5000 points. #winning

  14. My favorite game ever would probably have to be pacman. I know that it’s a little random, but I seriously can play that game for hours on end and never get bored. Every time I go to an arcade, I head straight to pacman. I even have a copy on my computer because I enjoy it that much.

  15. My favourite game is easily Final Fantasy III (US) for the SNES. It had an engulfing story and lots of side items and quests that kept my inner completionist busy for hours. I no longer have the system, but still have the cart in my closet!

    I’m looking forward to getting this OUYA and being able to play it again, along with the awesome looking titles on the OUYA site!

  16. My favorite game ever was an old text adventure called Madness and the Minotaur on the TRS 80 Color Computer. I got the CoCo for Christmas ’82. The best Christmas ever! Spent hours trying to get out of the maze!

  17. I think my favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy 7. Many fond memories playing that one with a friend trying to complete every quest.

  18. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Great childhood memories playing over at my friends house and I really think it’s one of the greatest top-down RPGs ever made.

  19. While it’s a bit of a tough decision – I adore Link to the Past, am constantly drawn back to various Mega Men (especially 2), and seem to be the only one on the planet who enjoyed 2600 E.T. more than movie E.T. – I have to give the all time title to Contra, a game that represents so many firsts in my lifelong gaming experience.
    It was the first game I experienced that wasn’t just one repeated level, first game with drastically different bosses requiring different strategies. First game my parents asked me for help on, and not the other way around. First to expose me to the hidden world of Easter eggs and cheat codes, in particular a code seared into our collective consciousness like a cattle brand, the secret handshake of a generation. First game I eventually memorized, backwards, forwards, inside and out; I passed the first level working the controller with my toes at a slumber party when I was 13. I can actually *play* the game inside my mind, in the manner one might mentally play a song on the piano.
    I’d call that a lasting impression.

  20. NASCAR Racing 2003 has to be my favourite game of all time. I don’t play much lately, but it definitely gave me the most hours of enjoyment by far. Great community support and is still pretty popular today with so many mods and current seasons still being developed by fans.

  21. I have loved many video games over the years, so I’ll choose one from a specific point in my life. Back when my Atari 800 ruled the living room, my favorite game was Miner 2049er. My friends and I played the crap out of that game.

  22. That is a really hard question to answer. To make it easy I’ll define it as the single game in which I’ve spent the most time. And that would be World of Warcraft. So many others are great for so many reasons, but WoW has been the most engaging, diverse, and social.

  23. So many games, but I think that Adventure Construction Set on the C64 was it for me. Up until that point, I had been writing (and copying out of magazines) BASIC Zork-like text adventure games, but those did not really have the same impact on me as did the games I made with Adventure Construction Set. It really got me thinking about making games, programming, etc. Plus, it was super fun.

    I recently had the opportunity to boot this up for my son, who loves anything that has a level editor (be it any of the many SMB editors, making platform levels in Multimedia Fusion 2, Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet, etc.). I thought he would be pretty impressed, but as the *minutes* rolled off during booting up, he got bored and moved onto something else. How the times have changed!

  24. Final Fantasy 4. I remember the wonderful music that accompanied the story. I still get the same feelings today listening to the music that I had back then.

  25. I used to play Castle Wolfenstein on my dad’s Apple II, back in the day. Then, it was a turn-based text game. I like that better than it’s current incarnation.

  26. For me, it would have to be Dragon Warrior 4 for NES. I got the free copy of Dragon Warrior 1 from Nintendo Power and became a lifelong fan of RPGs but when I got to play DW4, it was a whole new experience. The chapter based story line kept the story interesting throughout the game, the characters were all interesting and enjoyable and the DW monster selection was as good as ever. The perfect RPG and my favorite game.

  27. I still remember when my brother brought home FFIII (US) for the SNES. I had to beg for game time and a save space (not fun when they were the younger brothers, too), but I loved that game! Started my love of rpgs, though I just don’t have time for them anymore, that love is still there.

    And the memories of playing Bubble Bobble on the NES with my mom…

  28. Favorite video game of all time is the original arcade version of Ninja Gaiden. I spent countless hours in the arcade at my home towns bowling alley playing it, and one day I finally beat it. Not the only game I have ever completed/beat in an arcade, but easily my favorite!!!!! @thedevgeek

  29. All-time favorite game? Tough question, but I’d probably have to say the Mass Effect series. It had such a great story that really pulled you in and gave you some tough decisions to make, knowing they may come back to haunt you 50 hours later. The characters were memorable, believable, and among the best in any game I’ve ever played. Sure, Skyrim probably gave me more hours of entertainment, but the Mass Effect series was definitely higher quality in terms of storytelling.

  30. Being a gamer, especially now, 11 years into being a geek dad (and 32 years into being a gamer since I got my first computer at age 10), it’s so difficult to pick an all time favorite video game. I mean, do I go really old school and pick Bruce Lee on the Commodore 64? Or maybe the fun RTS game, Dune that I would play all night long on the Sega Genesis. I guess, for pure fun, storyline, graphics and re-play value, I have to go with the Half Life series. Moreso Half Life 2, but both had amazing stories that really immersed you. I have played and replayed both probably a dozen or so times over the years. In fact, it might be time to start it up again. =) Thanks for a great giveaway! I missed getting in on the Kickstarter when the Ouya was on there, but I hope it continues to do well.

  31. Fallout 3 renewed my love of video games. I’ve spent a couple hundred hours on this and New Vegas. The size of the world, the story; everything is amazing. I was really hoping that the survivor2299 site was not a hoax. Oh well, Fallout 4 will be out eventually, right?

  32. I’ve had some amazing gaming experiences, with friends, with my parents, with my husband, and with my kids. I’m grateful for the Saturdays/Sundays with my dad playing Twin Kingdom Valley, painstakingly mapping the caverns and being defeated again and again by the witch. I will never forget the LANs and social nights playing StarCraft, building maps and bases and sharing strategy.
    Now Minecraft has given us a whole world to share with my kids and I really couldn’t be more blessed… If only I could find the time to catch up on Final Fantasy.

  33. While many games of the SNES deserved our attention, my brother, sister and I spent many, many hours playing Dr. Mario in round-robin style competitions. It may not be the most sophisticated, but 20 odd years later, I can still here the theme playing in my head!

  34. Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy text adventure, because it made me work for each little payoff. No cutesy graphics, but man. I still love that game.

  35. My favorite game would have to be dragon age… Its not the one I’ve spent the most time with (oblivion) but it’s one of the only games that I honestly and deeply engaged with the characters and agonized over even minor decisions.

  36. My favorite game of all time would have to be Final Fantasy IV (II in the US) for the SNES. Being my first introduction to JRPGs, which is my favorite genre of game by far, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Final Fantasy VI (III US) holds a very close second.

  37. I have always loved CronoTrigger, When I was a teenager, my brother and I played it for hours and hours to see every possible iteration of the ending, It was the first game I played that had multiple versions of an ending. I’ve since downloaded the ROM to play it now and it’s almost as much fun. A Link to the Past is a very close second.

  38. Hands down, A Link To The Past. It has everything: good story, music that never fails to get stuck in your head, interesting mechanics, memorable characters, and grand adventure.

  39. Red Dead Redemption – I don’t recall ever getting drawn into a gaming world like I did with that game, and it had a great story to boot. I love westerns, and it was awesome being able to play one.

  40. I had two favorites that i used to play religously SWOTL (Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffa) and MOOII (Masters of Orion 2). SWOTL was a very good WWII air combat game and MOO for the strategy none are like it now.

  41. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite game has to be Chrono Trigger. The excellent (and heartwarming) storyline, the beautiful art, the timeless characters and the MASSIVE replayabilty…I can’t opine enough about this game! And, in the past year, was lucky enough to be able to pass this experience down to my son. So, not only is this my favorite game for it’s all encompassing awesomeness, but it is also my favorite for allowing me to connect and bond with my son.

  42. I just recently played through To the Moon, and holy cow, what an emotional ride! There was just enough game play to keep it engaging, but the story really carried the whole thing. There are a lot a great turns in there, highly recommended.

  43. I would have to say Mario Kart, not on the basis of game play, but because it’s a game that my whole family loves. There is nothing better than sitting in the living room with my husband and kids playing Mario Kart. No matter who wins or loses we all have fun doing it.

  44. Limbo. At a time when games are insanely graphics dependent and complex, Limbo emerged and captured my interest. It didn’t become useless to me, once I finished it either. I’ve enjoyed playing it through several times, on different devices.

  45. I’ll never be able to pick a favorite, but I can list a few early addictions.

    Dune 2 – This was the first RTS game I played (and was the RTS that led to command and conquer, warcraft, starcraft, etc.). I spent hours playing it. There was no group select back then, so you clicked on a unit and gave it a command. The balance of tech upgrades, unit strategy, and resource management in real time, had me completely addicted. I used to map out the best arrangement of unit movement for the best results when resources forced me to stop castling and go offensive. Environmental elements like terrain and worms eating your harvesters just added to the fun.

    MechWarrior Mercenaries – This is the game that forced me to buy a joystick. It was based on the MechWarrior 3 engine, but you were a freelance mercenary, able to take jobs as you chose (and this slowly revealed a larger story). It was a great balance of “choices in equipment gave you more options in battle and success or failure in battle gave you your options in equipment”. If you screwed up, you would have to take a bunch of low paying jobs to buy back things your broke in a failed mission. It was great fun.

    Honorable mention: Lemmings. I played way too much Lemmings.

  46. The Fallout franchise is my all time favorite setting, with Fallout 3 being my favorite game. I’ve played a lot of MMOs but I find myself coming back to Fallout 3 over and over again. The combination of pulpy grittiness and retro-futuristic apocalypse draws me in.

  47. My favorite video game ever was X-Wing vs TIE Fighter for the PC. Why they haven’t made another one of those I can’t fathom. Hours and hours diving and rolling in a TIE Interceptor FTW!!

  48. My fav game ever has got to be the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I’ve beat every single one and I wish they’d never end, Black Flag was so fun!

  49. So many great games come to mind – Super Mario 3, Super Smash Brothers, Tetris… But I think my favorite game of all time is Legend of Zelda; A Link to the Past for the SNES. I played the crap out that on both the Super Nintendo and then again on the Gameboy Advance. d

  50. Wow, so hard to pick just one, but I’d have to say, I really loved the hell out of Counter Strike. Even long after the game was incredibly dated, engine-wise, I still enjoyed playing.

  51. I spent a ton of time playing Rogue Leader on the GameCube. Still looking for another Star Wars game that was that much fun. Really made me feel like part of the Star Wars story.

  52. OH gosh.. I LOVED the Dead Space 1 & 2.. hey have a great startle factor and neat story, nothing like thinking you are insane, but Left for Dead was an amazing story with an unsettling and yet totally understandable end that left me neglecting food to play… too hard to decide!!!

  53. My favorite game all around is Super Metroid for the SNES. The large environment, seemingly non-linear plot, and great graphics (at the time) drew me in but the spooky boss intros and item discovery kept me playing again and again and again.

  54. My family and I absolutely love MarioKart Wii, but I still remember the time when I was struggling with a level on Lego Indiana Jones and my wife offered to drop in and help me. We eventually finished it together and we still have fond memories about that game.

  55. Portal is one of my top favorites for the delicious puzzles. Though I did pour a lot of hours into ADOM, a rogue-like, back in the day…

  56. Defender @ Ravensworth Shopping Center’s 7-11. It was the first game I could get hours of enjoyment for a single quarter. I remember the incremental accomplishment when I would return each time and spend less and play more. Awesome fun!

  57. I remember loving Myst. It felt more like actually being transported to another world than any other game I’ve played.

    I admit to getting totally hooked on Animal Crossing, though.

  58. I’ve gamed since the 2600 days on just about every system, whether a fullblown console or handheld. While I had a special place in my heart for the NES (playing an arcade perfect Super Mario Bros was sublime), I was ready to move on to 16-bit and enjoyed that generation’s incredible run. Being a classic gamer I have a particular fondness for simple and elegant game design – a 2D action/adventure platformer will do me just fine. Games like Bionic Commando, the Mega Man and Castlevania series, Metroid, Strider, Ninja Gaiden, and even the brutally difficult Ghouls N’ Ghosts are all favorites of mine, but the one game that perfected the formula, combining “Metroidvania” level advancement and awesome boss fights with an incredible orchestral score was Castlevania: Symphony of Night. That game to me is the pinnacle of what makes a game compelling. It may be the nostalgia influencing my decision, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with that!

  59. My favorite game ever is probably Knights of the Old Republic. It scratched that perfect itch of D&D-like RPG and Star Wars with a deep storyline.

  60. My favorite video game has to be LittleBigPlanet 2. The creativity and charm are great, the millions of custom levels are fun, but the best part is playing it with my daughter. She’s a real gamer today because she cut her teeth on that game with her dad. Being able to share my love of video games with her and have grow to appreciate them like I do has been an awesome experience.

  61. My favorite game ever has to be Super Tecmo Bowl for the NES.

    My brother and I would play that game for hours and hours and was the last game my dad could compete with us…past that, the technology got too advanced and the controllers had too many buttons for him. :)

    Such a great game.

  62. My favorite game of all time was Everquest.

    I’d been playing muliplayer all the way back to the days of modems and BBS doors….even hosted quarterly LAN parties at my house. But there was something special about EQ. I don’t know if it was having groups of friends online playing cooperatively or maybe it was the US against THEM aspect of playing in a truly unforgiving world..

  63. It’s a tie between Chrono Trigger, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. TLoZ was my introduction to RPG’s, and i still go back to play it every few years. Chrono Trigger was the first to make me worry about the choices i made.

  64. Kind of hard to pick just one. Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid, Castlevania. When the Nintendo was the system to have, I had all of these and would play them religiously. Lunch, no, dinner, no, just kept going on and on and on. If I didn’t have to go to school back then I would have stayed home. If I really had to pick one, Super Mario. Even if Luigi was cooler. People consider these new systems to be the golden age, I think it was right when the NES gave birth to it’s competition in Sega.

  65. Final Fantasy III for SNES, Secret of Mana for SNES, Final Fantasy VII for Playstation and Kingdom Hearts for Playstation. So, basically games with stories and depth.

  66. My favourite game EVER has to be Metal Slug, which has occupied countless hours of pure enjoyment while blasting hordes of bad guys with the help of a badass jumping tank :-D

  67. Never a game got me tricked like Half-Life ever… Everything was new to me. IA that kills tou really, cinematics that let you walk around..uh…I don’t really have to explain anything : Hilf-Life!

    • I so agree. The original was the best and scariest. That mansion was awesome. I played all the way through it when I first joined the Army. One of the best games!!

  68. I’d have to say that my favorite is Star Ocean for Playstation 1. One of the only games that I stayed up nearly all night playing, even though I had class the next morning. That game really had a great mix of engaging story, great characters, awesome soundtrack and the best implementation of battle mechanics in a RPG.

  69. My all time Favorite game ever has been and will always be Final Fantasy VI. The storyline to this is just so spectacular along with the soundtrack for a 16bit game it is just AMAZING.

  70. Oddworld Abe’s Exoddus. It’s a fun game, with creative characters and races, and really addictive. It has a good difficult curve if you just want to have fun, but gets screwed if you want to complete it 100%. EXPLOSIVE FARTS.

  71. My favorite game ever is probably Chrono Trigger !! The storyline is epic, the graphism (for this era) is totally amazing… 10/10

  72. I’d say Ys book 1&2. It was included with the turbografx turbo duo, a system i picked up when i was about 11. My dad (who is now more or less passed) and I played through the whole and it was one of my first experiences with the ever satisfying final cutscene and credits. We later played through Ys book 3 when it came out and the game will always represent falling in love with video games and priceless memories with my father!

  73. My favorite game of all time would have to be Streets of Rage 2. It was to me the best combination of a great story line with 2d action fighting. Just thinking about playing it brings back awesome memories of many laughs I had teaming up with friends to beat the game.

    Favorite Char: Skate
    Favorite Boss: Fat Mario Guy

  74. My favorite game would have to be Tetris Attack for the SNES (got to love the classics). Growing up as a kid I played this game for hours with all my brothers.

  75. Oh man I would have to say my favorite game of all time based on time played would of course be World of Warcraft. What what vanilla wow players! I think right now though it would have to go to Starbound. This game blows me away and we are only in beta (early beta at that). <3

  76. My favourite game is bastion. It’s one of the increasingly rare games which realises that the marriage of story, aesthetics, music, and character, is what builds a life-changing bit of software, instead of hyper-realism and beefed-out graphics. What’s more is it’s a game I would have never bought and played, were it not in the humble bundle. Now whenever I get the chance I encourage people to give it a go. It’s quite frankly a masterpiece. Especially the music. The music is legend-tier.

  77. So many… but of ALL TIME would have to be “Sundog: The Frozen Legacy.”
    Sundog was the first open-ended (at least for me) space trading game I ever played. To this day, it’s hard to recapture the excitement of entering a new system with new warehouses to explore. Fun times.

  78. Sonic the Hedgehog is definitely my favorite game. The speed and breathtaking graphics made it like none other at its time. Also the soundtrack was really catchy.

    My parents were rudely awoken one Saturday morning because of Sonic. I was 3 years old and I figured out how to turn on the Genesis and the TV. I even proceeded to turn up the volume to maximum. Needless to say I was hooked on video games and video games have become a major part of my life.

  79. Best game of all time has been shifting around, but Deus Ex the original from June of 2000. It incorporated all the deep story with RPG Elements into the 1st person shooter. It was beautiful, and Human Revolutions is climbing it’s way into the top for me as well.

  80. Greatest video game ever? Wow. Part of me wants to say Final Fantasy I on the NES for being the first nintendo game that took me six months to play and beat (most games only lasted a month), but I think I have to give the ultimate nod to Betrayal at Krondor a truly innovative DOS-era RPG that was the first to show me how you could have an immersive go-anywhere anywhen world and a rich engaging storyline, and a set of very clever mechanics for character progression, combat, and magic.

  81. My favorite game ever would have to be Gran Turismo 2 for the Playstation one. My dad played it when he was my age, and still has fun racing me around the track. It’s fun because even though we both race somewhere around the same skill level, I tend to race more conservatively while he goes for drifts that can fail as spectacularly as they can succeed.

  82. My favorite video game of all time is of course Half Life. The science fiction theme the story I just love everything from that game. And I like the complete saga of course, including Portal and Portal II and I cant wait for that Ep. 3 to come out :D… Someday :p I know it will.

  83. This will date me, but I once played astrosmash on the intellivision for a full day. You had to start it on slow mo mode to make it playable for more than 8 hours. Lol

  84. My favorite game of all time.. That’s hard. I would say it a split between the command and conquer tiberian sun and unreal tournament. Sure the good old super mario and zelda games were very cool too, but tibsun and ut99 are the games that I play till today. I love the atmosphere of the dark tiberium world and the fast combat on deck16][.

  85. Favorite video game would be a toss-up between the original Mario-Kart (soooo many hours of racing my friends in my childhood) and Final Fantasy VII, not only because of fond memories of playing through it with my future husband, but because it was one of the few stories that has stuck in my incredibly-terrible memory for a number of years.

  86. It definitely has to be Uplink for me. I don’t think I ever had such a rush playing a game as I did while playing that one ages ago.

    And I used to be armed with a pen and paper no less! (Can’t remember all those bank account numbers…)

  87. one of my fav would be TF2. I would aways come back to school and play all the time. I liked the characters, game modes and weapons in the game.

  88. Grand Theft Auto 3. First open world experience. Tearing through the streets, swapping vehicles as you go. A morality free treat.

  89. My favourite game ever is Final Fantasy IX

    I’m a big fan of RPG’s but for me Final Fantasy IX is the perfect adventure, my head completely blew away with the story, the characters, the music, the whole atmosphere it evoked on me, the side-quests, the length of the game, I found it to be a beautiful piece of art which touched emotional fibres on me, that’s something I haven’t be able to find in other games, not even close, even on current generation games, which instead I find them to be bland or devoid of any imagination. This is also the reason why I want an OUYA. To find games which aren’t too loaded graphically but are full with imagination and real artistic work.

    Final Fantasy IX is a game made with imagination, soul and heart, and it blows my mind every time I fire up my PlayStation.

  90. One of my favorite games of all time would have to be Super-Mario 64. As a kid in kindergarten, there was nothing as great as going home on a Friday and buckling down for an hour or more on the N-64 when my brothers were playing outside. My brothers and I played through it and explored the worlds so much that we would only see blue stars for almost months at a time. (We were too proud to erase our save data)

  91. I’ve got to go with Donkey Kong. I loved it as a kid, with all the different levels and challenges, and have been playing it through adulthood, even building a couple of MAME setups to keep playing it.

  92. I can’t pick just one! Sid Meir’s early years were amazing…Masters of Orion and Civilization were the best. These are tied with Sierra early games with the Police Quest and Space Quest series.

  93. My favorite game of all time is Metal Gear from the NES. Some friends and I would rent it and spend hours every night during the weekends trying to beat the game. This was before the internet so we had to map everything out and actually solve the puzzles. I would love it if they made a new one that wasn’t 3d, go back to the third person overhead puzzle game that it was meant to be.

  94. My favorite game of all time is Doom 2. The first Doom is already a stellar game, with its moody atmosphere, visceral weapons, and horrific monsters. Doom 2 expands on this with more monsters, and even more weapons and surreal locations to slaughter them in. There’s a high degree of polish to Doom 2, with straightforward mechanics that are immediately accessible and endlessly satisfying. The first Doom just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and I’m sure the series will be enjoyed well beyond another 20.

  95. This is a hard question to answer indeed. But I think my favorite game of all times is Little Big Planet. I love to come home after work and my wife ask me to play it with her. We bought a PS3 just because this game and it was so much fun to play together. So I will stick with LBP. BTW, marriage is a great game too! :)

  96. My favourite recent ‘ish game (1-2 years or so) has to be Kingdoms of Alumar: Reckoning. This game has to be one of the finest role playing games with amazing lore and beautiful landscapes aside the obvious others (Elder scrolls etc..). It’s just an absolute shame the situation they had themselves in where they released it early because of funding as well as other things and consequently released an unfinished/unpolished game :(. I would seriously love to see more of those type of games though.

  97. Firepower for the Amiga. This was my first introduction to multiplayer online play. (use of a 1200bps modems) It was a super fun, but simple, capture the flag/blast your opponent tank game.

  98. My favorite game ever would have to be The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind! It’s the game that got me into gaming! There was just so many things to do, so many special weapons and side quests, and the story was pretty awesome. I loved how you make your own decisions as well. It was the closest thing to a perfect game that I’ve ever played!

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