Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity at The New York Hall of Science

Photo Courtesy of The New York Hall of Science

Photo Courtesy of The New York Hall of Science

July 10th is celebrated around the world as Nikola Tesla day to honor the Serbian inventor who’s influence on the modern world is immeasurable. Tesla held over 300 patents in 26 countries and his inventions have made possible many of the technologies we take for granted. Wireless communications, fluorescent lighting, and most notably alternating current are just a small number of his contributions to our modern lifestyle.

The New York Hall of Science celebrates Tesla and his work in a new exhibit entitled Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity. The exhibit will run until October 10th and features models of his facilities and several of his inventions. Included are his facility in Colorado Springs, the Tesla coil, and a model of his vertical take off airplane that he patented in 1928. Displays include photos, documents and awards chronicling the life of this visionary thinker.

The exhibit is free with admission to the New York Hall of Science, which includes many other exhibits and many hands on activities for children and adults. To plan your visit check out The New York Hall of Science website. For more information about the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla you can check The NikolaTesla Museum, which collaborated on this exhibit.

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